Are you wondering how to select your favorite seat with Air Transat? If yes, then you are at the right place. Air Transat offers options such as advanced seat selection for greater flexibility and to enhance your travel experience. Depending on the ticket class, Airlines offers a variety of upgrade possibilities to passengers. These include free meals throughout the journey and access to lavish lounges at airports. The Air Transat seat selection procedure for choosing your preferred seat with Air Transat are clearly explained in this article.

Air Transat Seat Selection Policy:

The information about Air Transat seat selection policies is important to know because it will tell you if you may pick the seat without paying any cost or whether you must pay the price to select a seat. If you’re looking for information about Air Transat’s seat selection regulations, you can quickly go through the pointers below.

  • You can choose your seat without paying any fees from when you buy your ticket until you check in.
  • If you are travelling with any handicapped individuals who require a designated seat.
  • In that instance, the airlines will demand medical documentation, and you are free to choose any seat.
  • According to Air Transat’s seat selection policy, passengers with medical or physical concerns are not permitted to pick seats near the emergency exit or in the first row of the cabin.
  • You can only choose one of the available seats.
  • If you choose your seat at check-in, Air Transat will automatically assign it; however, costs will apply if you want to change your seat.

How to Reserve Seat on Air Transat Online?

  • Look up the Air Transat Airlines official website.
  • After that, open the managed booking page, and enter your last name and the reference number in the details field.
  • Then, your reservations will show up.
  • Decide the seat you wish to select as your seat.
  • Additionally, you must select a seat from the available alternatives after opening the seat selection tab.
  • After that, save the adjustments, and if any charges are due, use your card to pay for them.
  • Lastly, a seat selection email will be sent to you.

How to Choose Seat on Air Transat by Phone?

If you need help choosing a seat for a flight. You may also have trouble doing it online or have questions about selecting a suitable seat, you can contact the staff for assistance. Air Transat offers a number of methods for choosing a seat, but calling is the quickest way to connect.

  • Firstly, dial 1 (877) 872-6728 / 1-860-370-4608 to reserve a seat with Air Transat, and then pick your preferred connecting language.
  • After that, adhere to the IVR’s instructions listed below.
  • For inquiries regarding new flight reservations, select 1.
  • To learn more about Air Transat’s baggage policy, select option 4.
  • Choose option 7 to access the missing baggage complaint information.
  • To choose a seat, select 9.
  • To contact the Air Transat representatives, select *.
  • Finally, an expert will connect with you to assist you with seat selection.

Air Transat Seating Options

It’s important to book seats that fit your budget and meet your needs if you want to travel pleasantly. The Air Transat seat assignment policy gives you access to various choices. The two primary cabin categories from which you can select these options are Economy Class and Club Class.

There are other categories further separating the Economy Class:

Standard Seat:

Standard Seat selection has the lowest price in the Economy Cabin. The given services are standard. The chairs are incredibly cozy and soft because they are made entirely of leather. They have individual touch screens, according to the Air Transat seating diagram. Through these screens, you can access several shows and games.

You can also use these entertainment services on your phone by connecting your mobile device to the screen. There may also be USB ports available for charging your personal devices. Traditional menu items and drinks are offered as dining services. In summary, flying in this cabin can be a great option for travelers looking to cut money.

Two by Two Seats:

The seats that can be selected in pairs. If you need more room, you may also reserve Two by Two seats on Air Transat. The occupants have enough room to stretch out thanks to the seat space, which is just over 31 inches. In this cabin, your privacy is assured.

Private screens may be available as part of the onboard entertainment options. You may enjoy games, interesting shows, and music here. You can utilize USB ports to work or charge your devices. Comparatively speaking, these seats offer more features than those in Standard Economy.

Front Cabin Seats:

As the name implies, these seats are close to the front and departure of the airplane. They enable the passengers to exit the airplane earlier when it takes off. Here travelers can experience less motor noise. This can lessen the disruption it causes and make it easier to unwind or focus on your work.

Along with charging stations, a free power source is available. This cabin serves meals more quickly, including snacks and drinks. Air Transat seat selection options are available for an additional fee with the payment. These choices may be appropriate for both short-haul and family-flight customers.

Extra Legroom Seats:

When on a long-distance flight, having extra legroom can be really helpful. The Extra Legroom seats will be ideal if you’re searching for such a choice. Compared to the Standard Seats, they provide more space. Additionally, this class of flyers receives a comfort package.

Custom-made wooden earphones, USB ports, and other comforts are available as in-flight services. In this cabin, you are free to choose your meals from the menu. The Air Transat seat upgrade option is also available. The seats are among the best in Economy Class since they provide various services at reasonable costs.

The Club Class offers the following features:

Club Class Seats:

  • The facilities & seats in this class are upgraded.
  • Seats can recline & are more lavish.
  • The six-way footrest and headrest on Club Class Seats let travelers relax comfortably.
  • As part of its luggage policy, this class allows passengers a maximum of one carry-on bag and two checked bags.
  • You can take advantage of priority check-in and boarding to board the plane first.
  • There are a variety of gourmet foods and international cuisines available.
  • Additional requests for wine, beverages, and treats are accepted.

Is Air Transat seat selection free?

One can select seat on Air Transat by paying a nominal fee. But, it’s not mandatory to assign yourself a seat. If you don’t want to pay for seat selection, you can select seats before 24 hours of your flight departure. The airline will assign you a free seat from the availability list. The only disadvantage of Air Transat free seat selection is, you will have limited or no options for seat selection.

Passengers who assign themselves a seat at the time of booking have ample options to choose their seats. So, you can either have a seat of your choice or save money selecting seats last minute.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Air Transat allows passengers to choose seats at the time of booking. But, in case you have already skipped the process, you can still manage to get yourself a seat. 

  • Visit the official site of Air Transat and go to the ‘Manage Bookings’ section. 
  • Now, fill in all your flight details and submit the information.
  • The system will track your flight booking and will enable you to choose a seat. 
  • Check the Air Transat seat map to see all the available seats to choose from.
  • Select the seat that suits you and pay the seat selection fee.

What happens if you don’t select a seat on Air Transat?

If you don’t select a seat on Air Transat, the airline will choose a seat for you. So, once you reach the airport for your scheduled departure, you will be required to check in. At the check in counter, the airline staff will see if you have reserved yourself a seat or not. If you haven’t completed the seat selection process, the airline will provide you with the available options. From there, you can get a seat without paying any extra cost. After completing the check in process, your seat number will be mentioned on your boarding pass. 

Air Transat assigns standard seats for free to children aged 12 and under and their caretakers on the same booking. Air Transat will ensure everyone can sit together and enjoy their flight. Please remember that Air Transat will only assign standard seats, depending on availability. The system automatically generates standard seat assignments if your family includes 5 passengers or less. 

People Asked Questions:-

Q. How can I select my Air Transat seat for free?

If you don’t want to pay for a preferred seat, you can always choose any free seat offered, or you will be given a free seat at airport check-in.

Q. What is Standard Seat Selection on Air Transat?

The standard seat option includes the ability to choose your seat in advance for the Economy cabin. They can choose it using the same process as any other seat. To have a comfortable journey, you can select them in advance. Additionally, this facilitates your travel.

Q. How much is seat selection on Air Transat?

This airline may charge a different cost depending on a number of factors. Typically, the selection fee starts at $25. Sometimes, the fee may be higher, especially in cases of great demand. If you wish to reduce this price, try choosing your seats well in advance.

Q. How can I book Air Transat Club Class seats?

Although Air Transat provides free seat reservations for Club class customers, because of limitations on space, you should choose your seats in advance. Passengers may choose and confirm seats 24 hours before the airplane’s scheduled departure by mail or using a mobile app.