Emirates Airlines, one of the most admired airlines in the world. Also, Emirates is well known for its comfortable amenities onboard and offboard. But, do Emirates allow passengers to select their seats to have a comfortable inflight experience? Knowing what options a passenger gets on Emirates seat selection is difficult. While some airlines provide open seating, Emirates allow passengers to pick a seat of their choice. The airline offers good options to all the passengers who are willing to assign themselves seats. The charges completely depend on the seat and fare class you chose to travel. The airline has the following classes of service available on its flight:

  • Economy class
  • Business Class
  • First Class
  • Private Jet suits

It’s a basic thing about Emirates Seat Selection, and we certainly miss many important things to know. Keep on reading so you will get to learn more.

Emirates Available Class Options

Emirates, the Dubai-Based airline, offers a range of class options for passengers to choose from depending on their budget and travel requirements. Here are some available options for emirates airlines seat selection:

Economy Class

  • Available in rows 1-4 and rows 25-28(exit row seats)
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Personal Entertainment screens
  • Complimentary meals and beverages
  • Passengers can also purchase extra legroom or preferred seats for an additional fee.

Business Class:

  • Lie-Flat seats (Aisle seats)
  • Gourmet dining options
  • Access to the airline’s airport lounges
  • Range of entertainment options, including noise-canceling headphones
  • Personal 23-inch screen

First Class:

  • Private suits with sliding doors,
  • Personal mini bars
  • 32-inch entertainment screen
  • Onboard shower spa
  • Dine on gourmet cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.

Premium Class (recent changes):

  • Ample spacious Seat with extra legroom and a footrest
  • Larger entertainment screen
  • Enhanced dining options.

Can we change the Emirates seat selection?

Absolutely! In fact it’s free to select seats in First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus and Premium Economy. No charges are applicable whether you want an additional legroom, aisle seat, or a window view. You can do this easily via the Manage booking option. However, fixed charges for the Emirates airline seat selection type are available. Refer to below for details on the kinds of seats onboard.

Types of Seats Available on Emirates:

Passengers can choose their seats based on their needs using the Emirates seat selection policy. You can select the Seat at check-in for free up to two days before departure if you wish to sit in the front or the back. Make a choice from the following:

  • Normal Seats: For comfort, these seats, often referred to as standard seats, are located in the economy cabin class.
  • Twin Seats: Aisle and window seats are arranged in rows with twin seats.
  • Preferred Seats: Because these seats are located towards the front of the aircraft, travelers can swiftly disembark.
  • More Legroom: These seats offer more passenger space in the exit rows.

Along with state seats, passengers can choose between lower and upper deck seats.

When Does Emirates Seat Selection Open?

Emirates Airlines automatically assigns seats in Basic Economy for no additional cost. You are not permitted to alter or substitute those seats either. You have the option to select your seats at the time of booking, after purchasing your ticket, and at check-in.

Undoubtedly, based on the fare type of your booking, Seats can be chosen by paying a specific fee.

How does Emirates Airlines Seat Selection work?

The choice of Seat is based on the availability at the time an Emirates Airlines flight is booked. Due to some operational security concerns, Emirates Air does not offer the option of seat selection on all booking classes. Before purchasing your flight with Emirates, be sure to check their baggage rules.

Specific seating arrangements must be made for those with disabilities. So they can request a suitable seat in advance and get in touch with Emirates Customer Care Service. Also, once paid, seat selection fees are not refundable.

Emirates Seat Selection at the time of Booking

The online procedure for booking your preferred Seat for flights tickets is as follows:

  • Select a seat on the official Emirate Airlines website.
  • Then, sign in to your account using your credentials.
  • Choose a suitable flight and provide all the necessary passenger information.
  • Examine and choose by referring to the Emirates Seat Map.
  • Get the payment done to secure your Emirates Airlines ticket reservation.

Follow the steps below to reserve your desired Seat when purchasing airline tickets offline:

  • Call +1-888-526-4112 to reach Emirates Airlines customer service.
  • The automated voice menu or IVR will be audible.
  • Your call will get connected to an Emirates customer service representative in real-time.
  • Tell them about your preferred seats and ask for a reservation.
  • Confirm your flight booking by providing all the necessary information and selecting a payment method.

 Emirates Seat Selection After Booking

Consider using the following step to change seat selection online with Emirates Airlines:

  • Get on Emirates Airlines official website.
  • Access your account.
  • Select “Manage Booking.
  • To locate your flight booking, enter your ticket number and relevant information.
  • Click Edit, then click Seat.
  • If necessary for your booking class, pay for selecting seats.

Below are steps that should be taken to make seat selection changes offline:

  • First, call the customer service representative at +1-888-526-4112 on the Emirates network.
  • Get connected to a live assistant on call.
  • State your query about changing flight seats.
  • Share your booking information and then indicate the preferred seats that you wish to obtain
  • .Make the payment to purchase the selected Seat.
  • Last but not least, Emirates Airlines will send you a message with information about your reservation.

Ensure to keep all the required information handy before calling customer service at Emirates Airlines.

How much does Emirates seat selection cost?

There is a standard Emirates seat selection fee for each type of Seat available on their aircraft, as shown below:

  • The cost of an Emirates Airlines ordinary seat ranges from USD 15 to USD 35.
  • For Emirates Airlines preferred seats, the price ranges from USD 25 to USD 80.
  • The airline will assess a fee of USD 55 to USD 205 if you have reserved seats with additional legroom.
  • Similar to that, you will spend $35 to 125 if you have selected two or more tickets.


Emirates airlines allows passengers to select their favorite seats to add in the reservations. You can easily choose seats using the seat map of your aircraft. All Emirates seats are mostly categorized as standard, business class, first class and premium. To know more information about Emirates and other airlines, check other blogs on www.flyfaresky.com.

People Asked Questions:-

Q. Can I choose my seat on Emirates economy?

Emirates airlines allow all the passengers to choose/pick their favorite seats and charge a nominal fee. Passengers can also get a free seat depending on the timing of flight bookings, and the flight route. 

Q. How to choose seats online in Emirates?

You can easily choose seats on Emirates airlines by logging into your flight account on Emirates. Use the seat map available on the seat selection page of your flight bookings and pay the charges.

Q. How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Passengers who skip the seat selection process at the time of booking can login using flight details and assign themselves a seat online. Emirates Website and mobile app help passengers to add, remove or select seats after flight bookings. You can also pick a seat at the time of check in at the airport.

Q. What are Emirates economy seats like?
Emirates economy seats are basic standard seats until you board the flight and experience the leather cushions around the headrest. The seats do not recline but give complete comfort with flexible panels on the side and some ergonomic features.
Q. Which seat is best for Economy Emirates?

The best seats on Emirates Airbus A380s are A in row 68 and K in row 80. Passengers will not sacrifice any storage space and have more legroom when selecting seats in row 68 to 80.

Q. What is the size of Emirates economy seats?

Emirates economy seats of Airbus A380 are 18 inch in width and 32 inches in pitch. The seat is very comfortable and provides good space for storage.

Q. Why does Emirates not have seat I?

As I (capital i) is often confused with the lowercase letter L and numerical 1, Emirates decides to remove i or I from the seating list.