Sun Country is one of the fabulous cost saver airlines. And if you love budget-friendly travel opportunities, you must have booked a Sun Country flight. What if you are all set to fly but find out your seats differ from what you would like to be seated on? You can imagine this upsetting scenario which can almost ruin your comfort onboard. But you don’t have to struggle anymore to get your comfy seats. Here, we will discuss everything you need about Sun Country Seat selection, including the policy, procedure, cost, etc. This blog also contains some delightful tricks to escape seat selection or change costs on low-cost carriers. So, stay tuned till the end of this article.

What is the Sun Country Seat Selection Policy?

Sun Country passengers have the absolute right to reserve their seats in advance during bookings or post reservations. Many times passengers need clarification about how and when to make the reservations. Therefore, Sun Country has set rules and regulations for passengers to ensure that all requirements are met with mutual understanding between the airlines and passengers without hassle. Hence, it’s important to go through Sun Country Airline Seat selection policy before you make seat reservations on your Sun Country flight bookings. You will learn the procedure for all fares of Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country Seat Selection Policy – Choose Preferred Seats

Sun Country offers a good variety of facilities to meet the different needs of all passengers. And one such facility is Sun Country Airlines preferred seats. As the name suggests, preferred seating on Sun country airlines has ample benefits to make your flight experience feel like home. So, ‘Can I assign myself a Preferred seat on a Sun Country flight? Yes! You can easily give the preferred seats with extra legroom in advance, either during bookings or after your reservations.

However, it’s important to note that Sun Country will charge a seat selection cost if you choose to select the seats. And the seat selection fees surge as the departure date gets close. If you completely skipped the seat selection process, don’t assign yourself a chair; the airline’s executive will give you a random seat on a flight. Now, let’s look at the procedure to maintain travel comfort.

Step by Step Procedure to Reserve a Seat on Sun Country?

After learning about preferred seating, you must be excited to know the Sun Country seat selection procedure. When booking and even afterward, you can easily select your seats on the low-cost carrier, Sun Country Airlines. Take a look at the step-by-step guide below:

At Booking

  • Visit and proceed to book your flights by providing the necessary information.
  • As you confirm every detail on your flight, proceed further.
  • You will get the option “Select seats’ or a similar phrase.
  • Check the Sun Country Seat map and choose your preferred seat among your aircraft’s available seats.
  • Now, the seat selection fee will be added to the final list of payments for your flight bookings.
  • At last, make the necessary payment and finalize everything.

After Booking

  • Visit the official site and look for ‘Manage trips’ or a similar option.
  • Navigate to the page where you can fill in your flight details.
  • Ensure your credentials are accurate, as the system tracks your flight bookings.
  • Now, you may select your desired Sun Country flight seats.
  • Follow the prompts and make the final payment.

Seat Selection Before Departure

  • Contact Sun Country Airlines by visiting the official site or getting face-to-face assistance at the airport counter.
  • You can follow the procedure above if you select seats via a website.
  • However, while seeking assistance from the airport executive at the helpdesk counter, provide all the necessary details of your flight.
  • Then, let the airline representative know you are willing to get a Sun country seat assignment.
  • Please select your preferred seats and continue to book them by finalizing payments.
  • After the procedure, you will get immediate confirmation of updated tickets over your registered email.

How Much Does It Cost to Select Seats in Sun Country?

The updated Sun Country seat selection fee rates range from $2 to $35, depending on the seat chosen. Passengers are subject to nominal seat selection charges if seats are selected after making a flight reservation.

If you pick a seat within 24 hours of booking your flight, you can reserve your preferred seats for free. However, you still have to pay to choose a space. This procedure is described as Sun Country airline’s 24-hour seat selection policy. The airline assigns seats based on several variables, such as airline type, time of departure, and seating options.

How to Choose the Best Seat on Sun Country Airlines?

Are you searching for the best seats in economy class for Sun Country Airlines? You will get ample opportunities in Sun Country. Have a look at the below ways to get the best seats:

  • Book your flights well in advance.
  • Suppose you book your flight before 24 hours of departure. You will get very limited options that restrict you from choosing the best seats that suit you.
  • Be sure to complete the seat selection process.
  • Sun Country provides passengers with ample flexibility to assign themselves seats. However, passengers who
  • skip the seat selection process during booking lose the ability to choose from a wide range.
  • Book flights that depart on weekdays
  • Weekdays are the time when very few passengers look for flight bookings. That means you get ample options to get the best seats.
  • Request seats at the time of boarding.
  • If you travel with family or friends, you can ask the airlines to make the necessary arrangements.

In Summary

You can take advantage of Sun Country’s seat selection policy by selecting your preferred seat. Still, if you have any questions or concerns related to choosing seats & upgrade seats, you may also speak to our travel expert by calling customer service, which is available around the clock.


Can you pick your seat in Sun Country?

Absolutely! You can pick your Sun Country Airlines seats while booking tickets, post-flight reservations, and even when boarding. However, remember that you won’t be charged extra to select the seats at the time of booking and within 24 hours.

How much are the sun country seat fees?

Sun Country seat assignments cost passengers around 2 to 35 USD. Also, these fees depend on your type of fare, timings of seat selection, and mode of the seat selection procedure.

How can I choose my Sun Country seat on a flight?

While boarding, you can use the website to sign in to your Sun Country account or talk to an airline expert to make your seat reservations by paying a nominal fee.

Can Sun Country Airlines passengers choose seats for free?

Yes! Sun Country Airlines allows all passengers, regardless of the fare type, to make the required seat reservations at the time or within 24 hours of flight bookings for free. Yet, passengers need to pay the cost of the seat they book.

How early can you make Sun Country seat selection?

The earliest a passenger can select a seat is during flight bookings. It’s the best way to save any extra cost while selecting seats.

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