Planning a Trip to your dream Destination and not getting your desired seat can disappoint you, but when planning your travel with American Airlines, there is no need to worry. The Airline has a flexible Seat Selection Policy. This American Airlines Seat Selection policy allows you to select the seats as per your comfort. You can do one thing, which is choose your seats and pay for them.  

As per the seat Selection Policy of American Airlines, once you plan to select a seat, you will see the Seat Map; the Map allows you to select your seats, so if you are wondering how you can select your seat, keep reading, this guide, we will walk you through the detailed descriptions regarding the seat selection with American Airlines. 

What is the Seat Selection Policy of American Airlines?

Before diving into the seat selection policy, it is better to know the seat selection policy devised for it; this seat selection policy helps the passengers select a seat according to the rules. Here are a few things you need to understand: 

  • The seat selection on American Airlines is not free.
  • Seat selection fee varies based on the fare class or the chosen destination. 
  • If the passengers want to cancel their flights, the Airline will charge the cancellation fee.
  • According to the policy, the passenger can also select their seats during check-in.
  • If the passenger doesn’t purchase the preferred seats, in such cases, they can get the fee seat selection. 
  • When checking in, if any of the seats are not available, the airline will assign the seats to the passenger before boarding. 

Thus, if you still need more Assistance, you can contact a customer service representative. 

How can I Check My Seat Selection Availability with American Airlines?

If you are looking to know American Airlines select seat Availability, select your seats when planning to travel with American Airlines. Here are simple steps to check: 

  • First, log in to your Account. 
  • Then select the type of class you have booked with.
  • Check the Seat Map 
  • Select your seat seat
  • Enter the required details of the ticket.
  • Lastly, check the availability and complete the Payment. 

To learn more about seat selection availability, you can contact the airline’s customer service. 

How Can I Select/Choose Seats on American Airlines?

As we get through the seat selection policy and the availability, now comes the part about the American Airlines Selection, How to select seats on American Airlines, and what the Process is. To select a seat, American Airlines provides two methods, online and offline; let’s look into both ways.

Through Online Method

  • First Visit the American Airlines site
  • In the very next step, search Flight According to Preferences.
  • Enter the required details, such as your name, reservation number, etc.
  • Then click on the “ Pick Your Seat” from the seat Map.
  • Pay the fee if applicable.

After completing all the steps mentioned above, the Airline will Provide you a confirmation email about the seat selection. 

Through The Offline Method

If the online method fails and you are not happy with this, you can select an offline method. For that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Dial the contact number that will be available on the AA official website. 
  • After dialing the number, listen to the IVR options
  • Once you get connected with a live person, inform them about the seat selection requirement.
  • Please provide them with the details of your booking.
  • According to preferences, If the seats are available, they will book the seat.
  • Make the Payment for it. 

Thus, these are the two easy and simple steps to use while selecting your seats with American Airlines. 

American Airlines Seat Selection Fee/Cost

When You are planning to select seats with American Airlines, the American Airlines Seat Selection Fee is there, and it can vary according to the seat preferences. 

  • If you have selected your seat on the Premium one, then the passenger has to pay the extra amount, and if they select basic economy seats, then you can pay the lesser amount. 
  • The seat selection fee of American Airlines is between $100 and $700; again, it depends on the preferences. 
  • If the passenger has selected windows or aisle seats, then they have to pay the extra amount. 

Additionally, If the passenger avoids selecting a seat, they will be provided with the seats and don’t have to pay the amount for that. 

What is American Airlines Basic Economy Seat Selection Fee?

Book a Basic Economy seat to get the lowest fares. If you have selected your seats in Basic Economy, you may face some restrictions there, but still, you will enjoy the best seats in the main Cabin. 

If selecting American Airlines, then it will charge you some American Airlines Basic Economy Seat Selection Fee, no matter what type of seat you have selected. The fee for basic economy varies from $9 to $24, again, and depends on the seats you have selected. 

Types of AA Seats Available

American Airlines has different types of seats that passenger can choose when booking or later booking according to their Preferences, and these are as follows: 

  • Flagship First: Offers the most exclusive experience for long-distance travelers. 
  • Flagship Business: Provides unique amenities and in-flight Entertainment for long-distance travelers
  • Premium Economy: Provides the best in-flight Services for short-distance travel on international Flights.  
  • Main Cabin Extra:  Provides More Legroom For Premium Economy class. 
  • Main Cabin: Provides More legroom and free Entertainment. 
  • Basic Economy:  Basic Economy is known as the lowest main cabin fare with some restrictions. 

How Can I Avoid Seat Selection Fees With American Airlines?

To select a Seat Without paying a fee, you must have an Elite Status or get it through partner Airlines, British Airways and Alaska Airlines. Additionally, there is another way you can redeem the AAdvantage Miles by paying the seat selection fee. 

American Airlines provides various seating options, and the fee varies according to the seat class. Let’s see how you can avoid the fee for an easy class. 

Preferred Seating

All the members of the AAdvantage Program get complimentary access to their preferred seats. That ensures you will get free seat selection when you are an elite member. 

Similarly, those who have a membership of Oneworld Alliance partner airlines will get the fee access. 

Main Cabin Extra

For those who are looking for extra legroom, Main Cabin Extra seats provide early access while boarding and in-flight entertainment, snacks, and drinks. 

Those who are the Members of AAdvantage Platinum. Executives Platinum elites get free access to the Main Cabin and free seat selection within 24 hours.  

AAdvantage Miles

When you are unable to use the elite status for selecting your American Airlines without paying for the seat selection, you can redeem the AAdvantage miles to redeem them. These costs depend upon factors such as the time and location of the seats in the Cabin. 

Important: The redemption of seat selection fee is around 1 cent per mile. You have to have enough AAdvantage Miles to recover your selection Fee. 

How Do I Book Complimentary Preferred Seating on AA?

American Airlines provides Complimentary preferred seating for those who are members of the AAdvantage Program, and to select your complimentary seats, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Select Your Preferred Seats through Website

  • Visit the American Airlines 
  • Could you click on the Manage My Booking Option?
  • Fill in the required details and find the Seat Map.
  • Select your seat with the American Airlines Map. 

Select Your Preferred Seats through American Airlines App

  • Open the American Airlines official App 
  • Select the Find My Trip
  • Then, add your customer information
  • Select the seat using the seat Map.

That’s how simple it is to select the Complimentary Preferred Seats with American Airlines. 

How Can You Select American Airlines After Booking?

When you were unable to select your seats while booking a flight, no worries. You can do that after booking, and there are simple steps you need to follow: 

  • Visit the website, and login into your Account.
  • Go to the Manage My Trip section. 
  • Provide the required details and access the booking details.
  • Click on the Seat Map.
  • See your preferred seat and select it from the Map.
  • Pay the seat selection Amount. 

Once you have completed all the steps, you will get the confirmation details on seat selection. 

What are the American Airlines Main Cabin Seats on?

The main cabin seats are one of the best seats. The American Airlines Main Cabin seats Provide flight entertainment to the passengers. If planning to choose the main cabin seats, you will get the best amenities, such as extra legroom seats, Entertainment, wifi, and free feast.

To avail of all the benefits, go to the airport as early as possible and complete the check-in process on time. If you are looking for more legroom, then you pay the fee for it. That fee changes according to the requirements, but it starts from $20. 

Moreover, the booking process is very simple for Main Cabin, and this can be done by visiting the official website. 


American Airlines seat selection can be done while booking or after the booking of the Flight. However, passengers have to pay the basic economy fares for the complimentary seat selection, and you may get the extra legroom if you have elite status. Moreover, if you still have any queries regarding American Airlines Seat selection, call customer service. The team representative will help you without waiting a minute and will provide you with a solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Pick my seats on American Airlines?

This can be done by visiting the website, logging in to the Account, and providing the details. You will find the Select or Manage booking option. Tap on that and complete the Process. 

How much is the Fee to Select a seat on American Airlines?

The seat selection fee on American Airlines is between $100 and $700, and it depends on the preferences. 

Can you pick your seats for free on American Airlines?

Yes, AAdvantage Members can select their seats free of cost. The complimentary seats are based on status.

Can you pick seats in American Airlines main Cabin?

Yes, Main cabin Passengers can select the standard seats free of cost. If you are unable to get the main cabin seat at the time of booking, you can do that at check-in time.