Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy : Do you think of a refund when canceling your Asiana Airlines Flight? Refund and cancellation, are the two sides of the same coin, interlinked to each other. Asiana Airlines has distinguished these two well to save you from the whirlwind of policies. 

Asiana Airlines is a full-service South Korean airline,  infamous for its ideology of ‘Maximum safety and customer satisfaction through service’. A proud member of Star Alliance serves flights to 21 countries through its International hub at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. Founded in 1988, it has developed into a global airline because of its high-quality customer service approach

This article is an attempt to give you a clear insight into the Mayhem of policies. You will learn here the brief of Asiana Airlines cancellation policies, refund policies, how to apply for a refund, how to cancel a ticket, etc. So be patient and dive into the journey of policies through this article.

How to Cancel a Ticket at Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines offers online and offline methods to cancel the flight for your Itinerary. But, it is a reminder to you that you must go with the refund policies before booking. However, if you missed those at that time, we have covered it for you in this brief article. Let’s have a look at the simple cancellation process. 

Process 1: Cancel Online

  • Visit the website: Go to the home page of Asiana Airlines official site.
  • Find Your Trip: You can find your trip either by entering details such as Booking Number, Boarding Date, Departure arrival city, etc., or, just by logging into your airline account. 
  • Select Your Flight: After you are done entering the above details, click on the search button. It will display your trip, just select one that you want to cancel. 
  • Cancel Your Flight: Explore the option to cancel your flight. If you are sure to cancel your flight, confirm the cancelation request. You are done!
  • Receive the Email: You will receive an email, containing your flight cancellation details. Keep it safe for future reference or to claim a refund. 

Process 2 : Cancel Offline

  • Connect with Airline: Make a call to Asiana Airlines customer service at  + 1-800-235-9262 or +1-877-335-8488.
  • Follow IVR: If an IVR applies to the process. Follow the instructions carefully, given by it. It is crucial to better communicate with the representative.
  • Lodge your Request: Once connected, submit your request to cancel your reservation for the specific flight.
  • Add details: Provide them with the flight details against which you are seeking cancellation.
  • Confirm your cancelation: Finally, re-confirm that you are sure to cancel your ticket. The representative will cancel the ticket immediately.

Cancellation & Refund Policies at Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines offers tickets in two categories – Refundable and Non-refundable. You can not claim a refund if your flight ticket is Non-refundable. However, You are eligible to claim a refund for refundable tickets on cancellation adhering to the cancellation and refund policies of the airlines. Here we have discussed the various categories of cancellation policies and refund policies. Take a tour of the below lines.

24-hour Cancellation Policies

  • If you can cancel your flight within 24 hours from the ticket purchase time. 
  • You are able to cancel your ticket within 24 hours claiming full refund irrespective of ticket type (refundable/non-refundable).
  • If you have booked a group travel at Asiana Airlines, you might need to pay some cancellation charges.
  • Even, if you cancel it within 24 hours of the time of its purchase. 
  • You can claim for cancellation without charges only when you book a ticket 7 days or more before the scheduled departure of your flight and cancel within 24 hours. 

Free Cancellation Policies

  • Cancel your ticket without any charges within 24 hours of its purchase provided that the ticket should be booked one week before or longer of the flight departure. 
  • Eligible to cancel your ticket without penalty If you have a legitimate reason to give for such as injury, accident, or any other.
  • You will not be penalized in any case if the airline is responsible for flight delays. 
  • You will not have to bear any cancellation charges if you have purchased a ticket with Asiana Airlines’ Travel Protection.

Asiana Airlines Refund Policy

  • Asiana Airlines says that you are eligible for a refund if the ticket is booked before one week and canceled within 24 hours of its purchase time. 
  • You will get your refund amount credited to your airline account as soon as the refund request gets approved. 
  • A ticket purchased through a credit card might involve a longer refund period depending on the company’s processing cycle.
  • The airline will not provide any refund amount in cash in any circumstances. 
  • If booked a ticket for international travel, you can apply for a refund up to 30 days after the ticket’s expiration date. Whereas the domestic ticket the time limit for applying a refund is only up to the expiry date of the ticket. 

Asiana Airlines Cancellation Fees

In case, you do not meet the above criteria of free cancellation, you will have to bear the penalty charges. If you fail to inform the airline then the airline may put your ticket in the ‘No Show’ category.

A ‘No Show’ is the stage in which you fail to onboard on your flight without informing them. In that circumstance, you incur additional currency loss. Not only this, you may also have to pay the penalty. Look at the table that features the penalty charges for a ‘No Show’ ticket.

Class Flights 
Domestic ((per one-way)) International
First  KRW 10,000 USD 300.00
Business KRW 10,000 USD 300.00
Economic KRW 10,000 USD 120.00

Asiana Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

Award tickets or the Mileage Ticket in terms of Asiana Airlines, are the featured tickets that you can book by redeeming your miles. Miles are the appreciation points that Airlines offer to the fliers on booking a flight. It gets credited to your airline account and you can use it to purchase a ticket by logging in to your account. 

At Asiana Airlines, they allow booking an unoccupied seat at the point of departure or in advance. When you book these, they are termed as Award Tickets or Mileage Tickets. The airlines manage these tickets separately from the regular tickets. 

Asiana allows you to cancel your Award Tickets and claim for refund. Therefore, they have separate cancelation policies for Award Tickets, discussed in the below lines.

  • With an Award Ticket, You are also eligible to cancel your ticket and for compensation for flight delays.
  • As you book a flight ticket through miles you earned, you can not ask for refunds as cash when canceling an Award Ticket. 
  • You might need to pay some cancellation charges or refund fees fixed by the airline on canceling your Award Ticket. 

Asiana Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Fee

There is a different cancellation or refund fee on the Award Ticket than the regular ticket. You can compare the fees of both tickets with the help of the statistics listed below.

Flights Cancellation Policy Refund Fee No Show Fee
Domestic NA 500 miles or KRW5,000 500 miles or


Refunds made within 12 months of Ticket issuance 10,000 miles or USD 100 per passenger (per ticket) 
International Refunds made before 91 days from the departure date Waived USD50 or

5,000 miles

Refunds made within 90 days from the departure date USD30 or 3,000 miles
Refunds made within 12 months of Ticket issuance 10,000 miles or USD 100 per passenger (per ticket) 



Asiana Airlines provides you with an easy and seamless cancellation process. But, you must understand the different terms and conditions regarding the cancellation and refund. You can avoid the penalties for regular or Award tickets with timely cancellation. However, if you feel stuck in the mayhem of policies, speak with the Asiana Customer Service at their dedicated numbers at +1-800-235-9262 or +1-860-370-4608. As they take pride in providing customer service from the bottom of their heart, they will be able to resolve your concern best.