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March 5, 2024

Booking a flight ticket for a journey takes time and energy. However, sometimes you may miss your flight because of unpredictable situations. Therefore, understanding Allegiant missed flight policy can save you from losing the full or partial value of your flight ticket.

The possible reasons behind missing the flight can be anything from

  • Reaching the airport late due to heavy traffic
  • Medical emergencies or
  • Missing a boarding call.

Therefore, the airline gives you different options like rebooking in next flight or refund when you fulfil the conditions for it. The below article will help you learn more about the

  • Above options,
  • Rebooking fees,
  • Refund policy, etc.

What Happens If I Miss My Allegiant Flight?

Missing a flight is not an expected situation for any passengers. Therefore, the following consequences can occur when you miss your flight with Allegiant.

The airline requires you to notify its agent when you miss a flight. Otherwise, the airline will declare you a no-show. Further, airlines give you the option to rebook or refund if you satisfy its terms and conditions.

So, you need to consider the below policies for Allegiant missed flight before rebooking a flight.

Allegiant No-Show Policy

Under this policy, the airline sees you as a no-show for not reporting to the airline for a missed flight and not showing up at the airport. Further, the airline forfeits the full ticket amount and revokes the connecting flights.
However, it may rebook you on another flight when you inform the airline of missing a flight. But, it is subject to seat availability.

  • Further, the airline may issue a travel credit equal to the ticket amount if you succeed in producing a satisfying reason.
  • Similarly, passengers may need to pay an Allegiant rebooking fee depending on the fare class.
  • The allegiant will not refund the ticket amount when no seat is available on the next flight.
  • You can avoid the rebooking charges when you fail to catch the flight because of the airline.

Note : Visit the Allegiant website for more information about the missed flight policies.

How to Rebook a Allegiant Air Tickets?

Looking to rebook a flight at Allegiant? The airline does not offer rebooking options online. So, you have only two options: through phone number or by reaching the airport. So, let us understand them in detail.

Rebooking through Phone Number

You can directly call Allegiant Air phone number((702) 505-8888). Further, you can communicate your problem with a representative when rebooking a flight. The agent will do its best to help you.

Therefore, you can use the points below to immediately rebook yourself on another available flight.

  • Dial the Allegiant hotline ((702) 505-8888)
  • Carefully listen to the IVR commands.
  • Then, choose the appropriate key.
  • Further, an agent will take your call.
  • Share your reason for missing the flight and want to rebook
  • Next, the agent will tell you the possible consequences.
  • Further, the representative will provide the rebooking options.
  • Share the passengers details and other travel details
  • Finally, proceed with the payment if applicable.
  • Check your registered email for an updated ticket.

Rebooking Flight Ticket At the Airport

You can also rebook an Allegiant missed flight on reaching the airport. Further, follow the below step-by-step process:

  • Go to the Allegiant help desk.
  • Further, provide the mandatory documents for the previous flight.
  • Provide information for rebooking on the next flight.
  • Then, provide the card details for payment if applicable
  • You will get the confirmation after successful payment.

Does Allegiant Charge a Rebooking Fee?

Yes. The airline can ask for a fee to rebook a new flight. The fee depends on the fare class you select for the new flight. Also, the airline will charge you the difference in fares, if any.

Further, you can easily review the fee once you come to the payment page while rebooking an Allegiant flight. However, you can skip this fee when you miss the flight because of an airline fault.

Note: You can check out the latest rebooking fee on the Allegiant website. Also, you can call its customer service team.

Does Allegiant Allow Refunds for Missed Flight?

Normally, Allegiant does not allow refunds for not catching the flight. However, as per Allegiant missed flight refund policy, you can qualify for a refund in certain situations:

  • When you miss your flight because of airline mistake
  • When you had a medical emergency
  • Death of a close relative
  • Death of a travel companion
  • However, the airline will take over the full ticket price for a no-show.

What are Allegiant Air Customer Service Number Hours?

You can call Allegiant Air customer service anytime in a week. So, you can dial (1-702-505-8888) to connect with an agent. Further, the airline lets you ask any questions associated with reservations.


So, Allegiant helps you to reach your destination without losing valuable money. However, you have to follow the Allegiant missed flight policy mentioned above. The airline may entitle you a refund in the form of travel credit in some situations. You can use the missed flight credit for future travel.

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