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March 7, 2024

Whether you are supposed to go on a family holiday or you want to join your friends for a destination wedding, a group ticket is always the best option. Moreover, all kinds of tours, like office, religious, and educational, are possible when you fulfil the group travel requirements of Alaska. Want to book a group ticket with Alaska airlines? However, you may have trouble finding low fares. Thanks to Alaska airlines group travel policy that helps you to book discounted tickets for ten or more passengers under a single reservation.

So, let us understand in detail the different options available in group travel booking process.

Alaska Airlines Different Group Travel Options

Do you have specific needs for a group trip? Then leave all worries. Choose from the different group travel options available in Alaska.

Travel Separately

You can choose this option when you have 20 or more passengers in your group. Under this, Alaska offers you an exclusive discount along with the cheapest fare. Therefore, you can get this discount code by calling Alaska Airlines group desk number.

Further, you can apply the code before making payment for group bookings on the website.

  • What you get with travel separately
  • Freedom to use the discount code on the website
  • You can also use this option through a travel agent
  • Flexibility to change your travel to three days prior to or later than the actual travel date.
  • Freedom to select flight timings
  • Opportunity to earn tour conductor credits.

Travel Together

It is an ideal option when you want to book Alaska airlines group travel for more than nine passengers at a discount. Get a reduced flight ticket by connecting with the airlines agent.

What You Get with Travel Together

  • Book a group ticket without submitting a deposit
  • Special agreement to offer you a guaranteed set base fare.
  • Endless name changes without any cost, three days before departure.
  • Freedom to change name within three days prior to departure but for a fee.
  • No need to bear a ticketing charge
  • Option to get a seat in advance
  • Leave worries of minimum stay conditions
  • Flexibility to earn tour conductor credit

Charter A Flight

You can choose this option when you have a large group. Under this, you have the freedom to plan your journey depending on

  • Particular plans
  • Flight schedule
  • Destinations within US/Mexico/Canada

What You Get with Charter a Flight

  • A private space booked for your group
  • Flexibility to complete the journey in your schedule
  • Option to fly from standard airport terminal or
  • Through a private terminal.
  • Opportunity to lock in a price. It includes pricing for Ticket, Fuel, Meals and beverages, etc.

Tour Conductor Credits – How it Works for Group Ticket at Alaska?

Tour Conductor credits are travel credits that you earn depending on the flight tickets you purchase for a group. That too, Alaska provides two categories, which are the following.


Traveling Separately: You earn tour conductor credits equal to one round-trip ticket when you book tickets for 40 passengers using a group code.

Category 2

Traveling Together: You earn tour conductor credits equal to one round-trip ticket when you reserve tickets for 30 passengers under a single booking.

Alaska Airlines Group Travel Requirements

  • You need to keep the below requirements in mind before Alaska Airlines group travel hassle-free booking.
  • Alaska Airlines may provide you with reduced group fares.
  • Similarly, group tickets (one-way/round trip) are available only when a group has ten or more passengers.
  • All the passengers in a group have a common destination.
  • Further, you can reserve a ticket up to 11 months in advance.
  • You can avail the benefit of the base fare
  • Next, guaranteed fares are available when you
  • Meet all the conditions for group booking and
  • Do not make changes to the reservation
  • Similarly, Alaska gives you freedom to replace a passenger with another.
  • Further, you can make changes in name for free 72 hours prior to the flight.
  • After that, you need to pay a fee for every name change.
  • Airline allow ticketing is available last by 60 days before flight: For a journey inside Alaska /Canada lower 48 states 90 days before flight: For a journey between Hawaii, Central America, Mexico, etc.
  • The airline does not provide a refund after the ticketing due date.
  • However, you can get travel credit for the value of your ticket.
  • Travel credit may expire within 1 year.

How to Purchase Group Trip at Alaska Airlines?

If you are planning to book Alaska Airlines group travel for more than nine passengers, then follow the simple steps below

alaska airlines group travel

  • Visit Alaska Airlines website
  • Scroll to “group travel”
  • Then, tap on “ book” option
  • Enter the further details
  • Similarly, click on “ Find Flights.”
  • Choose from the available options
  • Add the additional services
  • Apply the Alaska discount code
  • Make the final payment and
  • Receive the updated details in your mail.

Further, you can use Alaska Airlines to manage group reservations and handle your bookings.

Through Nearest Airport: You can also request for group ticket booking by visiting a nearest airport. You just need to provide the required information and documents to the executive and finally make the payment.

Further, the airline will send you the confirmation.

Last but not the least, Alaska Airlines has a help desk that helps you to book a group ticket easily. So, you can call the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number(1-800-445-4435) and find the answer for any query.

Tips to Book Alaska Airlines Group Reservations

Booking group tickets is no doubt a benefit for you. However, keeping the below tips in mind can help you save extra.

  • Try to book your tickets as early as possible
  • Check Alaska group rates for various
    Travel dates,
  • Similarly, booking tickets on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Saturdays can help you grab the exclusive discounts on Alaska tickets.
  • Choose destinations where multiple flights fly on a daily basis.
  • Skip booking group tickets on days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Further, avoid booking group trips in off season. You can also consider shoulder season that falls between peak and off season for appropriate fares.


So, flying to the best places in Alaska is now at your fingertips. You can use the above information to get the best discount on Alaska Airlines group travel tickets. Choose from the different options that Alaska provides for an unforgettable journey. However, you can connect with its agent if you are unable to decide the right group option for you.

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