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March 6, 2024

Do you love to go on a holiday with your group? However, is it an expensive flight ticket leaving you stuck with that dream? Booking Allegiant group travel can help you get more affordable airfare.

Therefore, you can consider booking a group ticket when you have 10 or more passengers in your group. The airline takes care of the needs of every traveler. So, whether you are looking for a holiday with your family, friends, or colleagues, group flights are always an ideal option.

So, you can learn more about Allegiant travel policy and the process to reserve group tickets in this article.

Allegiant Group Travel Policy

If you are planning an amazing group journey with Allegiant, then you must understand its policies first. Therefore, before booking Allegiant flights, consider the following policies:

  • You must have a group of 10 or more passengers.
  • The airline allows you to submit payment up to 40 % in advance.
  • Pay the remaining amount up to 21 days prior to flight.
  • Allegiant air allows name changes till 10 days before the flight.
  • Further, you can email Allegiant for group travel to let them make the arrangement.
  • You can make individual reservations when you have a large group.
  • Check the Allegiant airlines mail for group travel quotes, terms and conditions, and validity.
  • Similarly, you can provide all the passengers listed before the date mentioned in the email.
  • The airline does not refund for group tickets revoked in seven days prior to the flight.
  • However, you can skip this if you have purchased a Trip Flex ticket.

Note: Check the airline website to learn about the Allegiant group travel policies in detail.

How to Book A Group Ticket With Allegiant?

Allegiant air allows you to book a group ticket using several options. Therefore, you can use any of the following.

Method 1: Through Website

  • Visit Allegiant website
  • Go to the “ Group Travel” section.
  • Then, a group travel request form will open.
  • Fill details to request a price quotation.
  • Provide all the details like journey date, destinations & number of passengers.
  • Then, choose the travel class and other things.
  • Further, enter any special requirements.
  • Suggest a price quotation for your group ticket
  • Then, click on the “submit” option.
  • Further, the airline agent will contact you with the quotation for group travel.

Note: You can directly book a group travel through the Allegiant website without requesting a quote. Simply, look out for the group ticket option, follow the guided process, & make payment.

Method 2: Call Allegiant Customer Service

You can also use Allegiant air phone number (1 (702) 505-8888) to connect with its agent. Further, request the agent to book a group ticket for you. Allegiant airlines offers anytime customer service to its passengers. So, you can reach out to its agent whenever you have any query regarding group tickets.

Method 3: At the Airport

The airline gives you the option to reserve a group ticket through the ticket counter at the Airport.

  • Request for Allegiant group booking to the representative.
  • Further, provide the requested information for your group.
  • Finally, make the payment.
  • Get the final ticket in your email.

Method 4 Request a Quote through Email

You can send an email to Allegiant at [email protected]. Quote a price for your group while you compose the mail and send it.

Why Select Allegiant Air for a Group Trip?

Allegiant has a lot to offer you when it comes to group travel reservations. Therefore, let us have a look at those benefits as it will help you make decisions faster:

Reduced Group Rates : Allegiant provides heavy discounts on group flight tickets. Therefore, you can save a big amount even by traveling with your family and friends.

Customized Trip : Allegiant Air understands the needs of every passenger. Therefore, it gives you the freedom to plan a customized itinerary. So, you can experiment with destinations, in-flight services etc., and create a journey as you like.

Time Savvy : Allegiant group travel does not require you to reserve separate tickets for each passenger, you save your time. Also, you get group check-in that lets you be free early at the airport.

Excellent Customer Service : Allegiant dedicated team is always there to take care of the needs of every passenger in your group. Therefore, you can travel freely with your loved ones or colleagues.

Chance to Sit Together : The airline does its best to make you sit together with your group. So, the joy of the journey gets doubled when you have a corner of the plane reserved for your group.

Does Allegiant Air Have Special Rates for Group Travel?

Yes. Allegiant Air provides special rates when you travel with a group of ten or more people. So, if you are looking for a group trip in your budget, Allegiant group travel tickets never lets you down.

Will Allegiant seat Families Together in a Group Trip?

Allegiant does not guarantee to seat families together. However, the airline does its best to make you sit as close as possible.

Therefore, you should book the seats in advance whenever you plan a group holiday with family. The airline allows you to select a seat while booking the ticket, after booking, or checking in.

Sum Up!

Hopefully, you got all the information that you want to know about Allegiant group ticket. Keep the above conditions in mind before booking a group travel with Allegiant. However, you can contact Allegiant group travel phone number( (702) 505-8888) if you still have any questions.

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