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February 28, 2024

Do you have a list of long-awaited vacations and want to see them with your group? Booking an Ethiopian Airlines group travel is the ideal option. You can secure a group ticket when you want to go on a holiday with ten or more people.

It is a cost-friendly way to travel when you desire to have fun with your favorite companions. But the budget is becoming a concern for you. So, group travel offers a wonderful time to develop a stronger bond with your companions.  

So, Ethiopian Airlines booking offers the best flight deals when you want a holiday with your family/friends/colleagues. However, you need to meet certain requirements for a group.

You can easily book a group trip through the Airlines website. Also, you can get guidance by calling its customer service at 1 (800) 445-2733. 

Therefore, going further in this article will help you learn more about all the requirements of group reservations.  

Ethiopian Airlines Group Travel Guidelines

Every passenger needs to meet Ethiopian Airlines group travel requirements before booking. Please check out the points below for detailed information. 

  • You must be traveling with a group of 10 or more people.
  • All the passengers must have the same itinerary. 
  • Further, the airline allows a single price for all passengers in a group.
  • Passengers can change names for free but only up to 30 days prior to flight.
  • Similarly, passengers do not need to make the entire payment for seat selection at the time of booking.
  • They can make the partial payment at the time of selection and the final payment at a later date. 
  • Group booking does not require separate tickets for each passenger. 
  • Passengers can make the group booking and provide the passenger details at a later date. 
  • The airline requires a deposit of $40 per person in 7 days of reservation if departure is after 60 days.
  • Otherwise, passengers need to make the full payment at the time of ticket reservation. 
  • The airline does not allow cancellation for a single booking. 

Note: You can visit the Ethiopian Airlines website to learn about the above guidelines in detail. 

Benefits of Booking Group Travel With Ethiopian Airlines

You must have understood the guidelines to make a group reservation. However, knowing its benefits will help you make the right decision. 

Immediate Response to Your Queries: The airline provides dedicated customer service for passengers who book group tickets. 

User-friendly Process: Passengers can easily ask for quotes and provide passenger details 

Best Dashboard: The airline provides a dashboard that helps the passengers manage their group reservations.

Flexibility to Name Change: Passengers can easily change their name at a later date, 30 days prior to the scheduled flight. 

Saves Time: Passengers do not need separate tickets for each passenger. Additionally they do not need check-in for individual passengers. 

How to Book a Group Ticket with Ethiopian Airlines?

You can select from the online and offline methods once you qualify for group booking. For reservation through the website, follow the below steps:

  • Visit Ethiopian Airlines website: https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/
  • Scroll to the “Contact Us” option.
  • Then, a help page will open.
  • Further, search for “group travel” option
  • Open the group reservation form and enter the details 
  • Finally, click on submit.
  • The airline will offer you a quote that may take up to a few three working days. 
  • Finally, you can pay fully or partially if you accept the quotation. 

Do you still wonder how to book an Ethiopian Airlines group travel through a call? You need to understand that the airline does not provide quotes on call. You need to submit the group travel form online.

Further, airline representatives can help you make the booking once you accept the quote. 

For How Long Does Online Check-in Last for Group Travel?

Passengers can complete the Ethiopian Airlines online check-in 72 to 2 hours before the flight. It is applicable on both domestic and international flights. 

Is Ethiopian Airlines Good to Travel?

Yes. Ethiopian Airlines is the most acceptable airline for various Western destinations, such as 

  • London,
  • Frankfurt, 
  • Washington, 
  • Dublin
  • Addis Ababa

Is Group Travel More Expensive?

No. Group travel is a cost-effective option when you want to travel with 10 or more passengers. 


So, Passengers can easily book Ethiopian Airlines group travel through the airline website. The airline does not provide a price quote on call. So, use the quotation form on its website. Booking a group trip is a huge benefit whether you plan a holiday with your loved ones or colleagues. 

Further, the airline gives you flexibility in many things when you reserve a group ticket. So, you can book it without thinking twice. However, you can call airline phone number 1-860-370-4608 if you still need help. 

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