Have you slept through your alarm, or is there a delay in your plans? If you have missed your flight or there is a sudden change in your goals due to a medical emergency. If you made your reservation with Latam, you can easily change your flight. This blog give us all the details regarding Latam airlines flight change policy that would enable you to modify your flight.

Latam Airlines Change Flight Policy:

Latam Airlines gives travelers flexibility if they need to change their departure date or destination. However, the passengers are required to follow a set of rules and regulations.

  • The changes can only be made to flights reserved via the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • The passenger can change their flight up to an hour before departure for domestic flights.
  • Booking modifications for international destinations are permitted up to 100 minutes before departure.
  • If you change the flight with Latam Airlines within a day of booking, no fees are involved.
  • If you change a flight after 24 hours of booking, LATAM will cost $30. And it may rise depending on the route and destination.
  • You can alter your trip without paying a fee if your flight is delayed by more than three hours or is canceled.

How Can I Change My LATAM Flight?

Online Procedure to change LATAM flight:

Before the flight’s departure, customers can request that LATAM Airlines change the flight date. The passengers must follow these instructions to complete the LATAM Change Flight Booking Procedure.

  • First, the passenger should go to the official website.
  • Then submit the login information.
  • Further, the customer must choose the reservations update by clicking the “My Trip” link on the homepage.
  • Then enter the passenger’s last name and booking reference number.
  • A confirmation email send to address to the provided email address.
  • The Latam Cancellation Policy allows customers to change or cancel their flight reservations in case of uncertainty.

Offline Procedure To Change Flight

Additionally, Latam Airlines offers offline alternatives for changing Latam flights. The Passengers who need help changing their flight through the website can also call the Latam Phone Number 1 888 235 9826 to change their flights. Passengers can submit requests for adjustments to Latam Flights, and the staff will provide all available information and support up until the point at which you are completely satisfied. Besides, if you have any other travel-related queries, the agents will assist you in resolving your issue.

Can I change My Latam flight via Mobile Application?

Passengers can also make changes via the LATAM Airlines mobile application. Install the official Latam app from the App Store. Then, launch the application and log in using your credentials. Retrieve your flight information by going to the “My Trips” section. Verify the updated information in the mail.

LATAM Airlines Same Day Flight Change:

If you are wondering whether your reservation is eligible for Latam same-day flight change, then you can refer to the points mentioned below:

  • Due to its same-day adjustment policy, this airline allows customers to change their reservations on departure dates.
  • Your ticket price category determines the eligibility for a same-day flight change.
  • Eligibility also depends on the destination nation.
  • The passenger must keep the departure and arrival points in the new reservation.
  • Same-day flight change will be accessible starting at midnight on the departure day.
  • You can only confirm flight change if there is availability.
  • Same-day flight changes are not free for passengers.

How Can I Change My Latam Flight for Free?

You can change your Latam flight for free within 24 hours of booking a ticket.

There are no additional fees for changing a Latam flight if the passenger changes their reservation within 24 hours. The scheduled departure must be up to a week from the ticket purchase date to be eligible for this service. Refundable and non-refundable flight tickets are subject to the 24-hour policy on flight changes.

How much does it charge to change a Flight on LATAM?

Within 24 hours after the reservation, all changes are free of charge. The price to modify a Latam ticket after the 24-hour grace period is $30. If latest flight is more costly than the old one, you must also pay the price difference. Depending on the adjustment, same-day flight changes might cost a higher fee.

Booking adjustments are simple with Latam Airlines. Customers can call the airline’s phone number and ask a representative to make modifications for them on the same day. Customers should be familiar with the policies and processes of Change Latam Flight before making the necessary adjustments to their reservations. You can visit the Latam website or contact the customer service line for additional details.

Latam Airlines Date Change on Flight Tickets

Latam Airlines provides its customers with a flexible date change policy for their convenience. Here is the outline of the steps for changing your flight ticket dates.

  • The first step is going to Latam Airlines’ official website.
  • The second step is to select “Manage Bookings.”
  • Now provide the login information.
  • After that, you can have an overview of your flight booking history.
  • Then, select the Continue option.
  • Choose the “Modify” option after choosing your booking.
  • After that, you can modify your flight reservation information and select an alternative date.
  • Now, pay the Latam Airlines change date fee.
  • Moreover, check your mail to confirm your reservation.

Can I change the Passenger name on LATAM ticket?

The Latam Airlines name change policy lets customers fix misspelled names or make modifications necessary to comply with legal requirements. If you change your name, it will cost a name change fee. The request must be submitted up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. Supporting identity documents must be provided for a legal name change. Name changes are only allowed in confirmed reservations.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I change flights on LATAM?

Yes, You can change the date, destination, or cabin. If you cannot make the modifications on the day of your trip, you may reschedule it Since your ticket is still valid.

How do I contact Latam Airlines for a flight change?

You can request a flight change through LATAM official website or call live person.

How much does it cost to customize seat on Latam flight?

LATAM Airlines will charge you an additional fee if you change your flight. The cost of changing a flight starts at $30 and varies depending on the destination and type of route.

Can I change my Latama flight after booking?

Yes, you can change a Latam flight after booking. However, depending on the ticket you purchase, you must pay a change of flight fee.