Do you know what is the most satisfying thing after missing a flight at Southwest? You must have been wondering how to answer this question. Don’t stress too much because the answer is Southwest Flight Delay Compensation.

Southwest Airlines offers guaranteed compensation for delayed flights when they disrupt your itinerary. The prime airline of the USA provides an incredible travel experience by taking care of you at critical moments. They take pride in being the airline that offers services cherished from the bottom of the heart.

This article gives you a clear spectacle of their compensation policies, flight disruption causes, refund policies, delay rules, and much more. So, jump into the texts immediately instead of hovering between the headlines.

What is the Delayed Compensation Policy at Southwest Airlines?

Look at the delay compensation policy at Southwest Airlines when the flight gets delayed. It is the inseparable companion of you in this critical time. It enlists ‘to dos’ for you after your flight ends with a delayed arrival or departure. At Southwest, not only are you entitled to receive compensation but timely compensation. The airline can offer you compensation in the form of flight rebooking, hotels, and food during the delay due to the inconvenience. Refer to the texts below for more specific information.

2-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

Some minor issues cause flight delays approaching two hours or less. The airline may inform you of the delay & provide compensation as listed in the table below.

  • The airline will provide snacks and drinking water to make your waiting time comfortable.
  • Arline will rebook the next flight with seats to your ticketed destination.

4-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

Some circumstances could lead you to wait for 6 hours or more. It includes any uncontrollable circumstances such as weather, gate-space limitations, visibility, airport conditions, mechanical problems, ATC requirements, etc. Read the below compensation policies that deal with this kind of situation.

  • You can get a transferable voucher worth $75 for future travels with the airline.
  • If a situation arises that keeps you waiting for 6 hours or staying overnight, the airline will arrange accommodation and transportation at no extra cost.
  • You can use the provided transportation to reach the place and stay overnight.

Refund Policy on Flight Delay at Southwest Airlines

The airline offers you a refund if the airline disrupts your flight. The disruption might be because of controllable events for example mechanical issues, staff unavailability, air traffic control problems, etc.

Read the Below Refund Policy at Southwest Airlines.

  • You are eligible for a complete or partial refund If Southwest is responsible for delaying your flight.
  • Add-on expenses that you purchased while booking are not eligible for a refund.
  • The refund processing time can vary depending on the mode of payment. Take reference to the below table.
Payment Mode Refund Processing Time
Credit Card 7 Days
Cash 20 Days


Southwest Flight Delay Compensation Phone Number

Southwest Airlines is committed to its customers. They provide quality customer services with utmost customer satisfaction. The given phone number for delay compensation at Southwest is (1-800-435-9792). You can speak with the representative here to raise your voice for compensation. They will try to compensate you in terms of credits, snacks, or accommodation.

How to Contact Southwest Customer Service for Delayed Flight Compensation ?

Stuck in grave trouble or worried about your flights? Get in touch with Southwest airlines customer service through multiple channels. You can access the customer service through Live Chat, E-mail, or in person. Each of the methods is as effective and convenient. Read the texts below to learn about each channel in detail.

Live Chat:

The airline allows you to connect with a virtual agent in their Chatbot. The virtual assistant in their chat support system can respond to your queries instantly. Here are the quick steps, following which, you can connect with the live person for delay compensation.

  • Head to the Southwest contact page or click the link
  • Click on the chat icon or box displaying the message ‘Chat with us’.
  • Choose your category or areas of concern.
  • Explore the options to initiate a chat.
  • Request to connect with a live person if needed.


This is the most preferred method to submit a reimbursement request for disrupted travel. Craft an interactive email and pour into the words the bad experience you felt because of disruption. The airline also encourages the fliers to engage with them through emails for Name changes and flight disruption.

Through Desk Manager

At the airport, you can reach the customer service desk and request the desk manager for delay compensation. This is a more direct method than email or phone. Get the current status of the flight and ask for compensation accordingly.

How Does Southwest Notify on Flight Delays?

Southwest Airlines notified of flight delays within 30 minutes of being aware of such changes. You can get the delayed information also on the screen at the airport. However, the airline tries its best to prevent any inconvenience to you. You can also connect with a representative to know more about such delays. Apply the following tips to get timely notifications and necessary updates on flight delays or changes.

  • Subscribe to the Southwest email notification for regular updates on your flight or other flights.
  • Download the Southwest airlines mobile app to receive important notifications and timely updates.
  • Speak with the representative before leaving your place to get the current status of your flight.
  • Pay focus on the display screen at the airport, as vital notifications can appear on the screen.
  • You can also get the current status of your flight by being attentive to voice messages aired at the Airport.


In the end, Southwest airlines excels in providing reliable air services with compensation for delays. The features of convenient compensation policies, refund policies, communication channels, and timely updates make it a preferred choice for travel. Speak with the representative to book a hassle-free journey at Southwest or to get heartful assistance for Southwest flight delay compensation