Perfect journey always starts with a comfortable seat and  joyful companions. Therefore, Lufthansa airlines made it possible for their passengers. Every passenger has a different need and to cater that Lufthansa airlines offers customized seat selection options to its passengers.

Further, Lufthansa offers the best seat selection policy to ensure a comfortable journey for its passengers. Keeping this in mind Lufthansa provides multiple seat options including standard seats, excellent leg space, premium economy and business class seats.

Lufthansa airlines aims to serve their passengers best by offering services that match with their requirements. No matter what your purpose of travel is, Lufthansa always ensure an unforgettable journey for its passengers.

On the other hand, it offers freedom to passengers to choose a seat as per their comfort and budget.

What is Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy?

Lufthansa comes on top when it comes to offering a comfortable journey to its passengers. Keeping this in mind, Lufthansa offers the passengers freedom to choose from multiple seating options which includes Economy, Premium economy, Business and First class.  Each class offers its own features  and benefits.

Hence booking a perfect seat matching your travel needs is no more a dream with Lufthansa. No matter if you are going on a business trip or planning a holiday with your family or friends, Lufthansa seat selection options always ensure a rejuvenating holiday.

Undoubtedly, booking a seat with Lufthansa airlines gives you adequate leg space, comfortable seat and relaxation throughout the journey.  Apart from that, here are some points that helps the passenger in you need Apart from that, several points helps with a stress free seat selection:

  • Passengers need not to pay any charges for seat selection if it is made within 24 hrs of booking the flight ticket.
  • According to the Lufthansa seat selection policy, passengers can book a seat for free by using miles, deals, or offers.
  • However, if you book a flight after 24 hours, passengers need to pay the applicable fee.
  • Moreover, if the passengers want to change their seats after 24 hours of booking the flight, they must pay the required charges.
  • But it will depend on the time left for the boarding date & date when you want to change seats.
  • Passengers need not pay any charges, if a medical condition arises after getting confirmed seats.
  • Besides this, they need to submit supporting documents for their medical emergency.

How Do I Choose My Seat on Lufthansa?

Booking a seat with Lufthansa that matches the passenger’s needs is a simple process. However, you may need some help regarding the steps to follow. So, here are the steps for a seamless seat selection process.

  • Visit Lufthansa official website.
  • On the homepage click on my booking and scroll down to manage bookings.
  • Enter essential information like last name & the booking reference number.
  • On the next page, you can find the reservation details.
  • Mark or select the booking where you need to choose the seats.
  • However, open the seat selection tab & choose from the remaining seats.

How do I select seats with Lufthansa at Airport?

If you cannot book the seats online, you can do the seat selection with Lufthansa at the airport. You can try to do it at the airport check-in counter & below are the different steps that can help you get the seats at the airport:

Check-in flight: The passengers can check in for the flight at the airport by visiting the check-in counter to get their desired seats.

Inform the check-in agent: You can inform the check-in agent about the preferred seat selection. However, they will provide the details about the available seats so that you can get the better seats.

Pay the charges: The airline may charge some fees for the seat selection, depending on the fare class and other essential factors.

Get your boarding pass: Once you select the seat, the check-in official will provide a boarding pass to assign you the preferred seats.

How to Reserve Seat after Booking Lufthansa flight?

Passengers get an option to reserve a seat after booking a flight ticket. Therefore, airlines give you multiple options to choose your preferred seat. No matter if you are booking it for the first time or a frequent flyer, Lufthansa airlines kept the seat selection process easy and simple. Here are some steps that passenger need to follow :

  • Visit Lufthansa official website.
  • On the home page click on my booking.
  • Enter booking details, such as the booking code, first & the last name etc. find your reservation.
  • Click on  “choose seat” that will provide you access to the flight seat map.
  • On the other hand, you can select the preferred seat through the seat map.
  • Passengers can choose the standard extra legroom seats and the seat at a preferred location.
  • Lastly,  review the seat selection & confirm it.

How much is the Lufthansa seat selection fee?

Lufthansa offers a free seat selection option, only if passengers fulfil the conditions. However, if the time period extends, passengers need to bear a fee which depends on various factors  like route, fare type, cabin class and

Hence, passengers need to consider all the factors while choosing the seat.

Economy Class:

Price Zone                             1 Zone         2 Zone     3 Zone  4 Zone       5 Zone

Standard seats                       13 $              16 $          27 $     32 $            37 $

Seats in preferred seating       18 $            21 $           42 $      48 $           59 $


Extra legroom seats                27 $           43$             64 $     80 $          107 $


Premium Economy:                Zone 3   Zone 4     Zone 5

Standard seats                           32         43              54

What is the Best time to choose the seats with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa offers different time frames for choosing a seat for domestic and international travel. For travelling within the country, passengers can select a seat between 48 hours from flight booking to 24 hours before flight departure. On the other hand, for international travel, the seat selection process starts within 24 hours of booking to 12 hours before flight departure.

If a passenger wants to reserve a seat after the mentioned time frame, then it is possible to reach the airport.

Apart from this, once the check-in process begins, passengers can still choose a seat for free within 23 hours before departure. However, it is possible only if fare conditions allow and passengers may get the limited choice.

Types of Seats Available on Lufthansa Airlines

The airline offers the passengers a wide range of seats that depend on the different cabin classes. So, below are the different seating options to enjoy your trip:

  • Economy class:

It’s a standard seating option on the Lufthansa flights that offers comfort, adjustable headrests, legroom & more. The passengers can enjoy delicious meals & personal entertainment systems.

  • Premium Economy class:

This class offers you more leg room & wider seats compared to the economy class. However, these passengers are also provided with an upgraded meal service & much more benefits while flying to the desired destination.

  • Business Class:

The flyers get a fully flat bed and a large seat arrangement compared to an economy & premium economy class. The passengers get access to dedicated check-in and business-class lounges.

What is the Preferred seating on the Lufthansa?

Preferred seating is an option where passengers get the chance to choose a seat from the front section of economy class which comes near an emergency exit. Therefore, passenger who choose preferred seating get a chance to deboard first.

However, this facility is not available for passengers who booked tickets in business or premium class.


Choosing a comfortable seat is always a matter of concern for passengers. Therefore Lufthansa airlines resolves this concern by offering seating options that match the passenger requirement. Follow the instructions mentioned above and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday with Lufthansa airlines. If you still need guidance on how to select a seat with Lufthansa, please contact its customer service number. Also you can fill a feedback form and the concerned person will immediately get back to you as soon as possible. However, it may take up to 2 weeks.

People Asked Questions:-

Q1. Does Lufthansa let you choose seats?

Lufthansa airlines let passengers choose/pick a seat at the time of booking. In case you skip the seat selection procedure, login into Lufthansa and manage booking using your flight details to assign yourself a seat.

Q2. How to get better seats on Lufthansa?

It’s always better to select seats at the time of booking for a better seat option as it helps to choose from ample seats options available for booking.

Q3. Can you select seats on Lufthansa Premium Economy?

Lufthansa offers seat selection for all classes, including Premium Economy. You can reserve your preferred seat during the booking process or later using the “My Bookings” feature on the Lufthansa website.

Q4. How much does Lufthansa premium economy upgrade cost?

Lufthansa’s premium economy upgrade costs around $400, and the cheapest upgrade is from economy to premium economy, which costs around $268 per flight. The price can vary based on route, flight duration, and seat availability.

Q5. Does Lufthansa let you bid for an upgrade?

Yes, Lufthansa allows passengers to bid for an upgrade to a higher class through the official website or mobile app. Passengers can bid within a certain range for the upgrade and if the bid is accepted, Lufthansa will notify the passenger and charge the amount.

Q6. Do you need to reserve the seats on Lufthansa Airlines?

Yes, if you make an advance or an early seat reservation, there are higher chances of getting the best seats. Moreover, you can avoid the long queue at the seat selection counter.

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