If you want to enjoy a peaceful journey with Spirit, select a seat at your comfort. Many times it happens that we get irritated during the whole journey because of less comfortable seats. Not only does it create havoc for us but it also spoils our journey. Therefore, Spirit Airlines allows you to choose your seats by just spending a few bucks. You can choose a window seat or an aisle, a seat in the exit row, or even better The great Big Front Seat. However, what if you don’t know about Spirit Airlines Seat Selection policy, process, seating types, or fees as per your seat preference? Don’t get afraid, from here you can learn the types of seats available, the process of selecting seats, and how much they might cost. So, go through the texts below and have a quick tour. 

What is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection?>

If you’re not that picky and don’t care much about seating, the airline may assign you a random seat. For this, you do not have to pay any extra fee.

But the airline understands that you might need something different, so it also gives you the option to choose your seat. At Spirit Airlines you can see the seat pricing during booking and can choose according to your budget and comfort. 

How to Choose/Select a seats at Spirit Airlines? 

Spirit Airlines provides easy methods to book your seat online and offline. If you wish, You can book it through Spirit’s website or by phone call seamlessly. Moreover, if you forget to select a seat during booking you can do it later also. Below is the complete description of ‘how to’ for each method.

  • Online Method: In the online method, you can select your seat through the official website or app. For this, the webpage displays the seat configuration during the booking with available seats along with their prices. So that you can easily choose the seat as per your budget and comfort. The Big Front Seats are usually available at higher prices but with greater comfort.
  • Offline Method: If you cannot book a seat online for any reason, go offline. The offline method consists of booking through a phone number or at the Airport.  
  • At the Airport: Find the ticket counter in person at the airport. Here, you can get the relevant information about seat prices and then submit the seat priority during booking. 
  • Through Phone Number: Contact the airline at 855-728-3555 to enquire about available seats. If you want, you can tell them your budget so that they can suggest a better seat selection. 

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • Spirit Airlines does not guarantee to offer free seats next to each other when traveling with friends or family. 
  • The seat price can vary according to flying routes and seat location in the airlines.
  • For instance, the price for exit row seats is higher than deluxe seats. 
  • A bundle of service does not include Big Front Seats in seat selection. 

Reasons for why should you pick a seat at Spirit?

  • You would not like to be separated from your family or friends. Therefore you must reserve your seats when booking.
  • You might need extra comfort and leg space as the normal seats at Spirit don’t have that much leg space and cushion. 
  • You want the VIP treatment while traveling in the same class.
  • Spirit provides free food and drinks on Big Front Seats. Also, the curtain separates you from the passengers in the coach.

Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment for Elite Members

Spirit Airlines offers elite status to fliers who earn a specific credit or points through their engagement at Spirit. The different kinds of elite status are Silver and Gold Elite Status. 

The elite status can win you many benefits from spirits and seat selection is one of them. The members with silver elite status can choose their seats at the time of check-in while the Gold elite members can choose their seats during booking.

Spirit Airlines Seating Option

Spirit Airlines offers different types of seats to meet your comfort. You can choose a wider one or one with extra legroom. Also, the window seat is an add-on to all these. Have a look at different types of seats that you can select for yourself for Spirit airlines reservations

Big Front Seat: Big front seats are located in the first rows of the plane and provide more legroom than the Deluxe Leather Seats. They are wider and do not adjust with middle seats between them. It costs a little bit higher but can give you unmatched comfort. 

Deluxe Leather Seat: These are the regular seats with a leg space of about 28 inches. It includes a small tray table also to give a platform for your stuff. The Deluxe seats contribute a larger portion of the seating configuration.

Priority Seat: Priority Seats are designated for people who need special assistance such as persons with disabilities, elders, or passengers with infants. The seats contain extra legroom for their comfort and are placed in such a location that can give easier exits to them. 

How much does Spirit charge for seat choice?

If you want to select a seat of your choice then you can get them at the expense of a few dollars. It can cost you from $1 to $900 depending on the seat type, location, and your status at the airline. See the seat pricing chart in the below table. 

Seat Type Cost
Assigned by Spirit Airline $0
Regular Seats $1 to $200
Big Front Seats booked in advance $12 to $900
Upgrade to Big Front Seats $25 to $250

Spirit Saver Club

If you are a proud member of Spirit Saver Club, you can get a seat of your choice at a discount. Not only this, you can avail of other benefits and can save even more money with the premium membership. The Spirit Saver Club membership comes for just $69.95 for one year with unlimited discounts and offers. 

Can you pick your seats on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows you to pick your seat. Although it is not compulsory, you can skip picking off a seat for later. However, in that case, the airline will provide you with a random seat at no cost. Go through the different seat-picking methods described in the below lines. 

  • You can pick a seat while booking or at a later time till check-in. 
  • If you wish you can bundle other services such as baggage, personal items, seat selection, and pay collectively.

How do I add seats to my reservation?

Do you want to add seats to your reservation after booking but don’t know how to do it? Then, no worries, as the airline allows you to add seats up to 90 minutes before flight departure. Learn the process to add seats even after skipping them during booking. 

Add Online: You can add seats online if adding a seat more than 24 hours before departure of your original flight. For this, you need to follow the below simple steps.

Find your reservation on the ‘My Trip’ page or simply log into your Spirit Airline account. 

As soon as you log in, click on the link to add seats or modify seats to your reservation. 

Complete the form to add seats and pay an additional fee for the seat if needed. 

Add through Online Check-in: This is an option when you are late enough but hope to add seats within 24 hours before departure. In this case, you can add seats only through the online check-in up to 90 minutes before flight departure. 

Spirit Airlines Fee Bundles

If you wish to include other services along with seats then bundle them together to your itinerary. The bundle enables you to get multiple services such as checked baggage, shortcut boarding, flex flight, etc., at one price. Learn about the different types of bundles at Spirit Airlines. 

Bundle Type Services Include Seat Types
Just For You
  • 1 Checked or 1 Carry-On Bag
  • Seat Selection
  • Shortcut Boarding
You can choose Standard seats. 
Bundle It Combo
  • 1 Checked Bag
  • 1 Carry-On Bag
  • Seat Selection 
  • Shortcut Boarding
  • Flight Flex 
You can choose Standard seats as well as Exit-row seats. 

Understanding the Seat Layout at Spirit Airlines

Visuals are always a great tool to understand a thing rather than texts. It helps to widen your knowledge about a particular thing and gives you a clear and logical understanding. Below is the pictorial representation of the seat layout of a plane at Spirit Airlines. For the sole purpose of understanding, we have taken the reference of the seat layout of Spirit Airbus A319. It will help you understand the layout effectively and select your seat seamlessly. 

Seat Color Seat Type
Black Big Front Seat
Yellow Deluxe Leather
Red Exit Seat
Yellow with Zebra Crossing Priority Seat
Brown  Flight Attendant Seat

How to Choose Seats at Spirit While Booking?

At Spirit, there is nothing like ‘Choose for once only’. You can select a seat at Spirit while booking a flight but if you forget to book at that moment you can do it later. Book the seat on your own or by taking the assistance of representatives. You have the flexibility to book it on the website or through a call. The seat is yours and the choice also. 

During Booking

Whether you are booking an itinerary through a website or call, you can book your preferred seat on your flight. 

When booking through the website, select the seat when asked to choose the seat. It will display a layout of available and unavailable seats. Click on the available seats and your seat will be reserved for you. 

However, when booking through call, the booking associate will perform the same task for you and will book the preferred seat with your confirmation. 

After Booking

If by chance you forget to select your seat during the booking you can book it later. You can do it in just a few simple steps as discussed below. 

  • Access the ‘My Trip’ page or the ‘Manage Booking’ page.
  • You can reach there directly through the link https://www.spirit.com/my-trips/find-trip.
  • Enter the email and password to log into your airline account.
  • Navigate through the layout of seats on the flight. 
  • Choose your preferred seat by clicking on the seat.
  • Kudos! You can now enjoy your travel with your people together. 

At the Airport

Other than the websites and calls, Spirit allows you to book a seat at the check-in counter at the airport. However, booking a seat at the airport can snatch the flexibility from you to choose a desired seat. It depends on the availability of the seat as the seats are vulnerable to being taken online by other fliers. 

Does Spirit Airlines assign seats for free?

No ! The airline charges a basic fee of $5 for assigning a fee to you. However, the additional fee can vary depending on the routes and the type of seats. In the above lines, we have discussed the strategic location of seats and their importance through the seat layout. The strategic location can also affect the ‘Spirit airlines seat selection fee’.

How do Spirit Airlines Assign Seat to the Fliers?

Spirit Airlines usually assigns seats to passengers on a random basis for free. It costs you nothing to get a seat on flight at Spirit. However, this method may cost you separation from your group or people if traveling with family or friends. 


At Spirit, selecting a seat for the journey can create a difference and can give you a memorable travel experience. Therefore if you wish you can reserve a seat through an easy phone call or website. However, for more help about Spirit airlines seat selection, you can speak with the customer service agents at 855-728-3555.