Have you booked your flight ticket with Frontier Airlines and want to know about the seat selection process? Then you are at the right place. Here, you will get an insight into Frontier seat selection policy. Frontier Airlines understands that a seat is the first companion of any traveler, thus providing them with exceptional seating options.

Passengers have two options for selecting the seat: online and offline. However, it is a must for travelers to know about how to choose seats on frontier airlines.

  • Passengers can select and book the seat in advance.
  • Further, passengers get the option to choose their seats until the check-in time.
  • Similarly, if passengers select a seat after check-in, Frontier airline representatives assign them a random seat.
  • So, if you want a specific seat, it is better to book it when you buy your ticket.
  • However, if passengers want to change seats, they can do it for free for up to 24 hours of booking.
  • In addition, passengers may need to pay a fee for seat upgrades.
  • If passengers feel uncomfortable with the airline’s seat changes, they can request a seat change or refund.

How to Select seat on Frontier Airlines?

Did you remember to select the seat while booking the flight ticket? If not, Don’t worry! You can still select it. Looking at the needs of travelers, Frontier Airlines offers them an online and offline seat selection process. If you want to know about the process, go through the following information carefully:

Online Seat Selection Process

According to the frontier seat selection policy, passengers can select/book their seats online. However, passengers need to follow a step-by-step process. While booking a flight ticket, passengers should follow the following steps for seat selection:

  • Visit Frontier Airlines’ official website
  • Click on “My Trips”
  • Similarly, enter your booking details, including passenger name, PNR number, etc.
  • Further, click on Sign-in
  • On the dashboard, scroll down to “Seating options.”
  • Further, select a seat as per your preference and availability.
  • In the next step, provide the required details carefully.
  • Next, please submit the details after checking them.
  • Finally, make the payment (if required)
  • For payment, passengers have multiple options, including credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • Upon payment, passengers get confirmation by mail or text.

Offline Seat Selection Process

Frontier Airlines also offers offline seat selection to passengers who are comfortable with the online process. Once passengers complete the booking, they can dial Frontier Airlines’ customer service number and talk to a live person. Further, Airline representatives will help you with seat selection and booking.

Here are the steps that passengers need to follow:

  • Dial Frontier Airlines customer service phone number-
  • Listen to IVR instructions carefully
  • Press an appropriate key to choose a language
  • Similarly, Press the appropriate key to choose your concern
  • Next, an Airline representative will come in touch with you.
  • Further, share your concern with the representative
  • The Airline representative will ask for further details and add the seats to your booking.

Seat Selection at the Airport

If the above two options do not work for passengers, they can complete the seat selection process at the airport. However, passengers may have limited choices. At the airport, passengers need to go to the help desk. Representatives will listen to the requirements and do what is necessary for seat selection. On payment, passengers get confirmation.

How to Get the Best seat on Frontier without paying?

Frontier Airlines has options for every passenger. Therefore, whether you want to travel on a selected stretch seat or for free, Frontier Airlines has got you covered. However, how is it possible to get a seat for free? Here is the answer.

There are various ways to get a stretch seat for free:

Become an Elite Member.

Eleven passengers earn 20k miles, they get eligible for elite 20k status. Further, it makes them eligible to get a stretch seat for free. However, it comes with limited benefits. For passengers who have 20k elite status, they can select a seat only at the time of check-in.

However, if passengers unlock the 50k or 100k status, they get more benefits, including the option to book a seat at the time of ticket booking. Also, passengers with 50k or 100k elite status can book up to eight passengers on the same ticket. If you want to know more about the benefits of elite membership, they are following:

Benefits of Elite 20k

  • Carry-on baggage-: The baggage that passengers carry with them in the cabin.
  • Seat assignment-: Freedom to choose a specific stretch seat.
  • Family pooling-: the perfect option to sit with your family
  • Priority Boarding-: option to board first
  • Saves Redemption fees-: Give the passenger freedom to redeem
  • Last Seat Availability-: The last seat availability option is to choose any seat on the aircraft, even if it is the last one.
  • Stretch Seat at Check-in: Passengers can choose a free stretch seat at the time of check-in.

Benefits of Elite 50k

Passengers who unlocked Elite 50k get all the benefits of Elite 20k status. However, they also get some more benefits, such as

  • Free stretch seat at the time of ticket booking
  • Elite 50k status allows passengers to book seats for their family in the same reservation. However, it is possible for up to 8 persons only.
  • Further, passengers get a Discount Den membership, which makes them eligible for a 50 percent discount.
  • In addition, passengers get a 1.25x mileage multiplier, which means they can earn 1.25 times more miles on their trips.

Benefits of Elite 100k

Passengers who have Elite 100k status get all the benefits available to Elite 50k. However, they also get the following benefits:

  • Passengers get a Discount Den membership, which makes them eligible for a full discount.
  • Further, passengers can avail of checked baggage for free.
  • Apart from this, Passengers with Elite 100k status are eligible to get priority check-in with the entire family.

Use Credit Card Credits Against Frontier Stretch Seat Price

Frontier Airlines gives the passenger an option to use the credits on their credit card to purchase the Frontier stretch seat. Passengers earn credits for every service they purchase using the credit cards. However, passengers can use them only for seat selection rather than for upgrades.

Besides this, passengers need to choose their airline when the year starts or at the time of registration. If you have credits from other airlines and want to use them for booking at Frontier Airlines, then choose them as a preference.

Here is the list of cards that offer credits to avail at Frontier Airlines:

  • American Express Platinum Card-: it offers the passengers credits up to $200 annually.
  • American Express Business Platinum Card-: it offers the passengers credits up to $200 annually.
  • American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Card-: It offers the passengers credits up to $250 annually.

What are the Seating Options on Frontier Flights?

Frontier claims itself to be America’s greenest airline, thus providing the utmost relaxation to its passengers. When it comes to passenger comfort, Frontier Airlines goes beyond its limits. Therefore, to offer a comfortable journey to its passengers, Frontier provides different seating options, including ergonomically designed seats.

Besides comfort, Frontier Airlines offers seating in two categories:

Standard seat-: It includes a seat with basic size and legroom.
Stretch seat-: it includes a seat with a wide legroom.

Frontier Airlines always recommends selecting a seat at the time of booking as it offers the following benefits:

  • Passengers get the best deals in the seat selection process.
  • Further, passengers have the freedom to choose between aisle, middle, and window seats.
  • Apart from this, passengers have the choice to sit anywhere on the plane, including front, back, and exit.
  • Choosing a seat at the time of booking keeps the family together and brings the utmost joy.

For passengers traveling with children below 13 years, Frontier Airlines provides guaranteed adjacent seats for free. It does not matter what fare type passengers choose. However, these conditions will apply only if:

  • The child is flying on the same booking.
  • Adjacent seating is available for limited cabin classes, and passengers can request them at the time of booking.
  • Passengers select or cancel the seat for the entire group and are not allowed to make changes once seats are assigned.
  • The seat has space to accommodate the number of children traveling with adult(s).

Note: It may happen that passengers do not get their assignment at the time of booking, but Frontier Airlines surely provides it before the flight departure.

How much does Frontier Charge for seat selection

That is a commonly asked question among passengers: “How much does Frontier Airlines charge for the seat selection process?”. If you are also looking for that, here you will get the answer. Frontier Airlines seat selection cost depends on a number of factors, including fare type and seat type. On the basis of that, Frontier Airlines seat selection fee divides into three categories:

Basic Economy: For this fare type, Frontier Airlines allows passengers to select a seat for an additional cost that comes between $6 and $25. However, Frontier Airlines seat selection charges change with the following factors

  • Flight route
  • Demand and
  • Seat section

Classic Plus: Frontier Airlines allows passengers with this fare type to choose their seats for free. However, if a passenger chooses to upgrade or change their seat location, he or she may need to pay additional charges. Therefore, Frontier Classic plus seat selection charges normally fall between $20 and $80.

Frontier Miles Member: Frontier Airlines offers huge benefits to thousands of members. Therefore, moving from elite 20k, 50k, or 100k status increases the benefits, including flight routes and free seat selection.

Note-: Charges for seat selection are subject to change as and when required. So, check the charges on the official website or talk to a person at Frontier Airlines before booking.

What Does Frontier Stretch Seating Mean?

Frontier stretch seating is a perfect option when you are traveling with a group of friends or family. Therefore, passengers prefer booking a stretch seat during flight ticket booking or at check-in. If you purchase a Frontier stretch seat, you get 6 to 7-inch wider legroom.

If a passenger does not book a stretch seat at the time of booking or check, the airline may assign one on a random basis. However, the passenger may have limited seating options. Therefore, if you are traveling with friends or family, booking a seat at the time of booking keeps the group together. Frontier makes every effort to make you more comfortable and relishing.

What is the Cost of Frontier Stretch Seating?

Stretch seating cost depends on various factors, including flight duration and time. You must be wondering how. For short-duration flights, passengers may get the extra legroom for 16 dollars. However, for long-duration flights, it may go up to 56 dollars. To know the exact cost, passengers need to determine the timing and duration of their flights.

According to the Frontier stretch seating policy, passengers must pay an extra amount to choose a stretch seat. However, passengers will not experience any discomfort throughout the journey. So, paying an extra amount gives you more relaxation, so why not?

People Asked Questions:-

What is the frontier seat selection fee?

A seat selection fee is an amount that Frontier Airlines charges passengers to book a specific seat. The fee may vary depending on the seating options the passenger chooses.

Can I pick my seat on Frontier?

Yes, you will always have the option to select a seat with Frontier Airlines. However, seats in the front, back, or exit rows may require additional charges.

Does Frontier give free seats?

Yes, if the airline assigns a random seat, passengers do not need to pay a fee. In addition, passengers get free seat selection if they are elite members or have credit card rewards.

Can I select a seat on the flight at the Airport?

Yes, passengers can use the PNR number to select a seat at the time of booking or check-in. However, Frontier Airlines always recommends choosing a seat while booking. When choosing a seat at check-in, passengers may have limited options.

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