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February 26, 2024

Want to live your dream holiday with your family or friends, but your budget is not allowing? Expensive flight tickets can be one of the reasons. Therefore, you no longer need to wait because KLM group travel is here to help you. 

You can reserve group flight tickets for ten or more people at a reduced fare. Also, it does not need to reserve a separate flight for each passenger. You can do all this in single booking for passengers  flying to the same destination. KLM offers group reservations only for the flights operated by KLM, Air France and Delta Airlines. 

Further, you need to meet certain terms and conditions to get the complete benefits of  KLM group reservation. That you will learn further in this blog. 

KLM Group Travel Booking: Terms & Conditions

It is true that you can make group flight booking with KLM and enjoy special rates. But, before that you need to fulfill below terms and conditions. 

  • KLM allows group reservation for 10 or more passengers.
  • The count does not include children under 2 years. 
  • Passengers can respond to quotation mail in 14 days. 
  • Further, passengers can submit the passengers details on a later date. However, it must be submitted by 35 days prior to departure.  
  • The ticket price for each passenger is the same. 
  • Similarly, airlines give the passengers flexibility of payment. So, they can choose according to their requirements.  
  • KLM allows group ticket reservation up to 11 months before the flight. 
  • In KLM group travel, each passenger receive one time name change for free. 
  • Passengers can book a seat for free. However, at least eight days must be there in departure 
  • KLM does not guarantee the ticket price if you add a passenger on a later date. 

Further, if you still have any questions regarding the above policy please contact KLM group travel contact number (1 (800) 618-0104) and get an immediate answer.  

How to Book KLM Group Travel Tickets?

The process to book a KLM group travel is very simple. You just need to fill out the application form on the website. However, for step by step process, you can check out information below:

  • Visit KLM official website:www.klm.com
  • Scroll to “Application request form”.
  • Fill all the details related to group travel requirements. 
  • Finally, submit it. 
  • Further, the airline will provide you fare details within 3 working days. 
  • You can respond to this mail within 14 days if you agree.
  • Send a confirmation mail to KLM Airlines. 
  • Next, you can make the payment: partial or full.
  • Lastly, passengers will receive a form to fill in the group information.

Book Group Trip Over Phone Call

Passengers can reach out to the airline on call when they do not get a response online. They can dial the KLM group travel phone number(1 (800) 618-0104) and connect with an agent.

Further, request a quote for group booking and the executive will provide you the necessary details. 

Benefits of Booking Multiple People with KLM

If you have not booked a KLM flight yet then make it fast. As you can avail the following benefits with KLM group booking:

Discounted Fares: The first benefit of reserving a group ticket is passengers get discounted fares. Airlines offer the same fare for all passengers. 

Payment Flexibility: KLM provides many ways to make payment. So, passengers can make the partial or full payment accordingly. 

Flexible Cancellation: Group ticket passengers can cancel the ticket for any reason. However, they need to check the time period the airline offers on the website. 

Avoid Name Change: Airlines allows the passengers to book a group ticket and provide the passengers list later. Therefore, it removes the need to make changes in name. 

Dedicated Customer Service: The airline provides special customer service to KLM group reservation passengers. Therefore they can contact the KLM desk anytime for any query. 

Earn Flying Blue Miles and Blue Credits: KLM offers flying Blue Miles to the passengers and blue credits for all the companies. 

No Separate Baggage Cost: The group rate passengers get includes the hold baggage cost.  

What Airline Group is KLM Part of?

KLM  is a part of SkyTeam group. It is a universal network of 19 airlines. KLM has a fleet size of 15,445 flying to 1036 destinations all over the world.

Is KLM Group Travel more Expensive?

No. KLM Group travel costs you cheaper as the airline provides a heavy discount for bulk tickets. So, every passenger can travel for less. 

How do I Contact KLM Group travel in the USA?

Passengers can simply dial the KLM group travel booking toll free number (1-800-618-0104) to talk with a representative for group reservations or more queries.

Are there Group Rates for KLM Flights?

Yes. You can enjoy KLM group rates when you book a flight for 10 or more passengers under single booking. However, the destination must be the same for all. 


Therefore, you should consider booking a group ticket when you are planning to travel in a larger group. Above information will help you book a KLM group travel easily. Submit the application form for quotation available on the website. Further, get a quote for reduced fares. Still, you can contact KLM customer service(1 (800) 618-0104) if you have any query. 

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