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February 26, 2024

Missing a flight right when you are about to board is not a welcoming situation. You may miss your flight with Turkish Airlines for avoidable and unavoidable reasons. Therefore, thanks to Turkish Airlines missed flight policy, that guides you on alternatives you have when you miss a flight.

Turkish Airlines always helps passengers to reach their destinations on time despite flight delays. Therefore, it provides various options to them when they miss their flight. The airline will either rebook you on another flight or process the refund. 

But first, you have to fulfill certain airline terms and conditions. So, the information below will help you if you have missed your flight with Turkish Airlines and are looking for a solution. 

Turkish Airlines Missed Flight Policy : Terms and Conditions

Are you struggling with a missed flight issue with Turkish Airlines? Then you must understand the policies for Turkish Airlines missed flight below:

  • The first thing passengers need to do is to inform the airline if they are aware of missing the flight. 
  • The airline considers the passenger a no-show when they neither reach the airport nor inform an agent. 

Flat Tire Policy

Flat Tire policy is a benefit for passengers reaching the airport within 2 hours of flight departure. The airline does its best to accommodate the passengers on alternative flights on standby. 

Note:  Passengers can get a place on another flight but it depends on the seat availability. 

Round Trip Flight

The airline cancels the return flight when passengers miss the first flight. You miss the first. 

However, you can contact the Turkish Airlines customer service if you want to keep the booking. 

Connecting Flight

  • Similarly, the airline cancels the further flight when you book a connecting flight. However, you can save the itinerary by selecting another flight to the same destination and timing within 24 hours. 
  • Passengers can ask for Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation when it is the airline fault. 

Compensation for Missed Flight

Passengers are eligible for a refund when missed a flight reasons are following:

  • When they purchase a Flexi ticket.
  • When the airline cancels the flight 
  • When there is a flight delay
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Medical emergency

Note: Passengers need to submit the necessary documents for medical reasons.

What Should I Do When I Miss A Flight with Turkish Airlines?

Passengers should contact the Turkish Airlines representative to inform him about the missed flight. Further, share the flight details. The airline agent will provide them with a booking on another flight or give them a refund.

So, contact Turkish Airlines phone number(1 (800) 874-8875) and know the alternatives.  

Other Options with Passengers

Passengers can cancel their flight tickets or make changes. They need to visit the airline website to use any of the options. 

Further, they can use the following steps to make changes to the Turkish Airlines flight:

  • Visit Turkish Airlines website: https://www.turkishairlines.com/
  • Then go to “ manage my trips”.
  • Further, enter the personal details to access a booking
  • Next, enter the booking ID, PNR number, and surname.
  • Select the flight you want to cancel or make modifications. 
  • Accordingly, choose an option between “change flight” or “cancel flight.”
  • Further, make the payment and receive the confirmation. 
  • Additionally, you can talk to a representative to learn more about Turkish Airlines missed flight options. 

What If Turkish Airlines is the Reason Behind a Missed Flight?

If you miss your flight because of airline mistake, then two scenarios develop:

Avoidable Situation

  • When missed a flight because of an airline mistake and the situation is avoidable, then you get the following option:
  • Turkish Airlines will rebook you on another flight for no cost or
  • You can request a full refund if you do not like the option. 

Unavoidable Situation

  • When you miss the flight for unavoidable reasons by the airline, then you have the following option.
  • Turkish Airlines will rebook you on another flight or
  • Provide a refund in the form of travel credit.

Does Turkish Airlines Charge A Missed Flight Fee?

Yes. Passengers need to pay Turkish Airlines missed flight fee when they miss the flight and do not inform the airline. Turkish Airlines considers the passenger a no-show in that situation and forfeits the entire amount of the ticket. 

However, airlines charge a partial ticket price when passengers check in and fail to enter the flight.  

Depending on various circumstances, Turkish Airlines can charge between EUR 120 to EUR 150. 

Note: Passengers can skip this fee if it is successful in producing satisfactory reasons to the airline agent. 

Does Turkish Airlines Pay Refund For Missed Flights?

Generally, airlines are not liable to offer a refund for missed flights. You can still expect a partial missed flight refund or free-of-cost rebooking, depending on the fares. However, it is possible in certain situations, such as 

  • Medical emergency
  • Bad weather issue
  • Flight disruption and 
  • Other unavoidable reasons
  • Further, you have to satisfy the airline agent. 

Therefore, the only way to receive a full refund is when Turkish Airlines cancels the flight. 

Further, passengers need to fill out Turkish Airlines Missed flight refund form to get the amount.

The airline will process the refund to the original source of payment in the following period.

  • For payment through credit cards: 7 days
  • For payment through cheque and cash: 21 days 


So, Turkish Airlines always gives you an option when you miss a flight. But, before that, you should understand Turkish Airlines missed flight policy above. Accordingly, you can either get a rebooking on an alternative flight or receive a refund in cash/credit. However, you can contact the Turkish Airlines representative(1 (800) 874-8875) to learn more about the missed flight alternatives. 

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