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February 19, 2024

What happens if you miss a flight on American Airlines? It can be a tiring situation when you miss your flight with American Airlines. You may look for possible options at that time. Therefore, it is important to understand American Airlines missed flight policy. That helps you find the best solution. The reason behind missed flight can be any of the following:

  • Medical emergency,
  • Death of a close relative or
  • Cancellation from the airline.

However, airlines will always provide you with assistance. It helps you reach your destination on time. The first thing you should do is to inform the airline agent. The airline will provide rebooking in the subsequent flight. However, you can receive a refund when it is airline mistake.

Therefore, the below article will help you if you want to learn more about the option you have when you miss an AA flight.

What is the Missed Flight Policy of American Airlines?

Missing a flight is common among passengers. However, American Airlines missed flight policy can save them from losing the entire ticket amount. Therefore, consider the below points if you miss an AA flight:

  • The airline will offer rebooking in the next flight when you reach the airport in 2 hours of departure. You will fly as a standby traveler without any additional cost.
  • Similarly, the airline will see you as no-show when you do not report.
  • Passengers acquire a seat on another flight if they miss their flight because of a flight delay/cancellation from the airline.
  • American Airlines may not allow you to fly on standby if you have checked in your baggage.
  • However, it is not applicable to AAdvantage Elite status members.
  • American Airlines’ 15-minute rebooking policy helps you modify an itinerary when they reach the airport within 15 minutes of departure. Therefore, the passengers can use the same reservation code for reserving a new flight.
  • You will qualify for American Airlines missed flight refund if you inform the airline in advance.

Note: Standby flight option is subject to seat availability. To learn more about the missed flight policy of AA, visit the official website.

What to do if the Airlines Cancel My Flight?

You may suffer from a missed flight situation for many reasons. However, what if it is the fault of the airline? Then, the airline provides you with the following options.

  • The airline will automatically rebook you on another flight without any charges.
  • Request a refund if the airline does not provide the seat on another flight or
  • You do not like the flight option.

How to Rebook a Missed Flight With American Airlines?

Suppose American Airlines does not have seat availability on standby flights. Then what will you do? You can simply rebook on the next possible flight. Therefore, you can use online and offline ways to rebook a ticket.

Online through Website

  • Visit AA official website
  • Select departure and arrival airport
  • Further, choose the date of travel and number of passengers
  • Tap on the search option
  • A number of flight options will appear on the screen
  • Next, type passengers name, contact and other details.
  • Choose the payment mode
  • Finally, complete the payment
  • Receive the airline confirmation on your registered email ID.

Offline through Phone

You can also contact the American Airlines customer service (1 (800) 433-7300) and connect to its representative. The person will help you rebook a new flight.

Does American Airlines Charge for Missed Flights?

American Airlines does not charge a fee or rebook you on another flight

  • If the airline is the reason for a missed flight or
  • You provide a genuine reason, and the airline agrees or
  • You reached the airport

However, you need to pay American Airlines missed flight fee when

  • You missed a flight due to avoidable reasons or
  • You did not inform the agent about the missed flight, and the agent considered you a no-show.

Look at the table below for missed flight charges.

Reason of Missed Flight  Domestic Flight charges  International Flight charges
American Airlines Fault $400 $700
Passenger not arrived the airport for genuine reason  Depends on airline Depends on airline
Passenger fault  $75 $500

Note: The above charges are subject to change. Therefore, visit the American Airlines website for updated prices.

How Can I Skip the Missed Flight Cost with AA?

You can skip the missed flight charges in the following situations:

  • When an airline cancels a flight or connecting flight
  • When there is a flight delay for over 3 hours or
  • When there is a flight disruption
  • When you produce a genuine reason, and the airline agent agrees to rebook you on another flight

Can I Request A Missed Flight Refund with American Airlines?

Yes. You can request a refund. However, you need to follow the American Airlines missed flight refund policy. So, find the key points of the policy below:

  • The first thing you should do is to inform the airline agent under 24 hours from missed flight. Share your reason for missed flight. Therefore, the agent may issue you a refund if you produce the satisfying reasons.
  • Further, the airline will process the refund to the original source of payment. Therefore, processing time can differ according to the mode of payment.
  • For credit card payments: 4 to 7 days
  • For other payment modes: up to 21 days.
  • The airline will not provide a refund for a no-show. However, you can ask for a refund if you can satisfy the agent.
  • Similarly, you are eligible to request a refund if you are a show because of the following situation:
    Medical emergency
    Closed relative death
    Accident or or other possible emergency.

What is the AA15-minute Rebooking Policy?

American Airlines launched this policy to help passengers reach the airport within 15 minutes of departure. Therefore, passengers can go to the help desk and ask the representative to rebook them on the next flight. The airline will not charge anything from the passengers for this service.

So, the below table will help you understand the scenario:

Time of Arrival Re-booking Procedure
15 minutes of scheduled departure Airline will provide you booking on next flight if seats are available. 

Passengers can rebook only on American Airlines flights.

Similarly, the airline does not allow change in destination.

Airlines can allow landing at co-terminals.

Passengers can take assistance from the airline representative.

15 minutes to 2 hours after departure The airline will include the passenger in the standby flight list
After 2 hours of departure  Passengers need to pay a missed flight fee as per the policies of the airline. 

The airline will rebook you if seats are available on the flight. 


So, you can easily rebook a flight by following the American Airlines missed flight policy. Also, you can request compensation if you fulfill the terms and conditions of the AA refund policy. However, you can contact (1 (800) 433-7300) if you are still facing an issue with rebooking a flight with AA.

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