Cancellation of a flight right before you are dreaming of a holiday is a tiring situation. Therefore, Spirit Airlines cancellation policy comes to help the passengers. The reason behind cancellation can be anything from medical emergencies to airline cancelling the flight. 

The first thing that comes into every passenger’s mind is, what next? Therefore, Spirit Airlines gives you many options to cancel a flight without losing your valuable money. 

But first, you need to fulfill some terms and conditions for the free cancellation. So, this blog will help you if you are in a similar situation.

Important Policy to Cancel A Spirit Airlines Flight

If you want to cancel your flight ticket or the airline cancel your flight, then the below conditions will help you. 

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours

  • Passengers can skip the Spirit Airlines cancellation rate when they cancel the flight ticket in 24 hours after reservation. It is applicable to all ticket types. However, free cancellation is possible only when you have 7 days for departure. 
  • The airline will charge a cancellation fee when passengers cancel their tickets after 24 hours of reservation. 

Other Cancellation Terms and Conditions

The airline does not charge any fee when a passenger cancels a flight due to 

  • Death of a relative
  • Medical emergency 
  • Loss of any important document
  • Change in political situation or Government order

The airline does charge an amount for canceling a flight at the last moment. 

The airline allows cancellation till 

  • 45 minutes for domestic flights
  • 60 minutes for international flights

When Spirit Airlines Cancels the Flight?

The airline clearly mentioned at the time of the agreement that it would not be liable for flight cancellation or change. Still, Spirit Airlines cancellation policy allow you the following options:

  • Airlines provide them with rebooking on another flight or 
  • Compensate them in certain situations.

Note: The airline does not charge any rebooking fee when it cancels the flight. Also, whether or not you will get a place on another flight depends on seat availability.  

Further, the passenger gets a free-of-cost stay option when the airline cancels a flight on the departure date. However, it is applicable only when the situation is avoidable, like 

  • Flight disruption
  • Work Force problem 

Otherwise, passengers need to pay from their pocket for their stay. 

Similarly, passengers do not need to pay for flight cancellations because of bad weather conditions. 

The airline also allows refunds in certain situations. So, you need to understand the refund policy of Spirit Airlines beforehand clearly. You will learn about those policies below in this blog.  

Next, you can also accept travel credit to book journeys in the future.

Note: Visit Spirit Airlines website to learn more about its cancellation policies. 

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

As you clearly understand Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, you must be wondering how you can cancel your flight. Therefore, the airline ensures an easy cancelation process using the following points:

  • Visit Spirit Airlines official website:
  • Scroll to “My Trips”
  • Then type your details, such as name and booking number.
  • Further, select a flight for cancellation. 
  • Next, click on the “Cancel Booking” option. 
  • The system will reflect if you will get a refund or future credit.

Contact Spirit Airlines customer service(1 (855) 728-3555) when you find the cancellation process difficult through the website. However, you may need to pay a minimal fee to get the service from the agent. 

Other Ways to take Assistance for Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation

Live Chat: Passengers can share their concerns with the airline agent in live chat. They just need to visit the official website and tap on the “Live Chat” icon. 

WhatsApp: Similarly, passengers can text the airline on WhatsApp(1–855-SAVE-555) (855–728–3555). 

Social Media: Spirit Airlines also provides assistance on social media platforms. So, passengers can talk to an agent for flight cancellation. 

Does Spirit have a 24-hour cancellation fee?

No. Spirit Airlines does not charge any fee for cancellation in 24 hours of reservation. However, you may need to pay Spirit Airlines cancellation fee when you cancel it after 24 hours. 

The table below will explain it better. 

Days Left for Departure Cancellation Fee
0 to 6 days from departure $119
7 to 30 days from departure $99
31 to 59 days from departure $69
60+ days from departure Nil


Note: The airline will issue a full refund or travel credit to the original source of payment. The airline will deduct all government taxes and other service charges. 

Also, the above charges are subject to change. So, please visit the website for the latest updates. 

How to Avoid Spirit Cancellation Fee?

Passengers can avoid the cancellation fee for Spirit Airlines in the following situations:

When passengers cancel the flight ticket in a 24 hours window from the booking and 7 days are there for the flight.

  • When there is a medical emergency
  • Death of a companion traveler 
  • Death of a relative 
  • Change in the political situation 
  • Change in Military order

Does Spirit Offer Compensation for Cancelled Flights?

Yes. Spirit Airlines allows compensation on flight cancellations. However, you need to understand the Spirit Airlines refund policy first. So, please go through the below points:

  • The airline allows a full refund for flight cancellation, 24-hour after the itinerary reservation. It is applicable to fare types.
  • Passengers will get a refund on deduction of a cancellation fee. 
  • The airline refund the entire amount for a flight delay of over two hours.
  • Passengers get a refund in the form of travel credit for non-refundable tickets. However, the airline will deduct the govt charges. 
  • Further, they can request a full refund when the airline cancels the flight and they do not like the alternative flight. 

Note: The airline process the refund to the original source of payment in the said time period:

  • When you make payment through credit cards: 7 working days
  • When you make payment through cheque or cash: approximately 20 days

How Spirit Airlines Travel Credit Works?

Spirit Airlines allows travel credit in some circumstances when you cancel a flight. You can not use those credits to book flights for your friends or other people. So, use them to book flights for yourself in the future. 

Please note that the Spirit Airlines travel credit comes with an expiry date. You can use them 90 days from issuance. So, check the cancellation mail to properly go through the terms and conditions to use the travel credit. 


So, next time you need to cancel your Spirit flight, you must go through the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy properly. It will help you avoid the cancellation fee and save as much as possible on your flight ticket. Therefore, visit the airline website and easily cancel your flight. However, you can also contact the Spirit Airlines customer service(1 (855) 728-3555) for more information. 

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