Choosing a comfortable seat is the first thing that every passenger struggles with. Volaris made the seat selection process simplified for you. Therefore, understanding Volaris seat selection policy can help you figure out and book your favorite corner on the plane.

Every passenger looks for a desired seat at a reasonable cost, and Volaris helps them do that. So, if you have booked your ticket with Volaris and are looking to pick a seat, then the article below will help you.

What is Volaris Seat Selection Policy?

Before selecting a seat with Volaris, it is important to understand the Volaris policy for seat selection. It helps you check out the points necessary to choose a seat.

  • Passengers can easily choose a seat through Volaris seat selection app or its website.
  • Similarly, the airline allows passengers to pick a seat for a fee that depends on the flight route and seat type.
  • Passengers can choose from the different options like Premium, More Space, First-off, and Standard.
  • The airline may not allow you to choose a seat in the emergency exit row for security reasons. So, you can select a seat at the emergency exit if you can support security at the time of emergency.
  • To learn in detail about policies to select a seat on Volaris, contact its customer service.

What Seating Options Volaris Provides?

Volaris offers different seating options by looking at the various needs of its passengers. So, you can pick any of them as per your requirements:


Passengers who select Volaris premium seats get the following:

  • Seats in the first row
  • Priority exit

More Space

The airline offers the following benefits with More Space option:

  • Option to sit at the emergency exit rows
  • Extra leg space


Passengers who purchase First-off seating option can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Select a seat in 2, 3, 4, or 5 rows of the plane
  • Priority exit while deboarding


The airline allows you the following when you choose a standard seating option:

  • The choice to select your desired seat
  • Skip the middle seat

How Do I Pick My Seat on Volaris Flight?

You can use the Volaris seat selection process and choose a seat at the following stage:

During Flight Booking: Under this, you can select a seat while booking the volaris flight ticket.

Step-by-Step Seat Booking Process

  • Visit Volaris website
  • Enter flight arrival and destination
  • Then, select other requested details for flight booking
  • Further, navigate to “ Select a Seat” option
  • Next, the Volaris seat map will appear on the screen
  • Select a seat type for a comfortable journey
  • Review all the details
  • Finally, make the payment and receive confirmation.

After Flight Booking: You can select and book a seat if you forget to do so at the time of ticket reservation.

At the Airport: The airline offers this Kiosk or check in counter option to passengers. So, they can still select the seat at the check in.

Note: Airlines always recommend selecting a seat during the flight booking. Later on, you may have left with the limited options.

How Do I Choose My Seat after Booking a Flight?

You can easily do it by visiting the Volaris Website or dialing its customer service number (+1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). For a step-by-step process, check out the information below.

Volaris Seat Selection Online Process

  • Visit the Volaris official website:
  • Enter the booking number and last name to log in
  • Then, a Dashboard consisting of different options will open
  • Select the “ Manage my Trips” option.
  • Further, select a trip for which you need to pick a seat.
  • Click on the seat chart
  • Then, choose your favorite seat type
  • Review the details and
  • Initiate the payment.
  • The airline will send you booking updates on your mail ID.

Offline: You can directly call Volaris customer service number (+1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) and take help of a representative.

  • Listen to the IVR commands and choose the prompt as per that.
  • Press the right key to choose a language
  • Press the key to reach out to an agent
  • Then, share your issue for seat selection
  • Provide the requested details.
  • The agent will show you the available option
  • Select a favorable option
  • Finally, pay to choose a seat, and
  • Receive the mail regarding seat confirmation.

How Much Volaris Charges for Seat Selection?

Passengers need to pay Volaris seat selection fee for each seat. It differs from the

  • Flight route
  • Seat Type: Premium, More Space, First-off, and Standard.

So, you can check out the table below if you want to learn about the fee to select a seat on a Volaris flight.

Seat Features Fee (online) Fee(on check in)
Row 1 seat  Fast boarding

Fast exit

Starting from $25 $30
Rows 2 to 5 Fast boarding

Fast exit

Starting from $18 $30
Extra Legroom seat(close to emergency exit) Extra legspace

Comfortable trip

Starting from $20 $30
Front Rows Seat(6th row to seats till first emergency exit) Pick your favourite seat Starting from $14 (through website)

$13 (through customer service)

Standard Seat(front seats in  back rows) Affordable option to purchase favourite seat  $15
Back Seat( Back section in back rows  Affordable option to purchase favorite seat  $15

Note: The above charges are subject to change. Therefore, please visit the airline website for an updated fee.

How Do I Avoid Paying for Volaris Seat Selection?

You can avoid the Volaris seat selection cost in the following situations:

  • Check in as early as possible
  • Skip select a seat process at the time of booking flight tickets

Who Can not Select a Seat from the Rows at the Emergency Exit?

Volaris does not allow you to select a seat from the rows at the emergency exit when you are one of the following:

  • A minor below 15 years of age
  • Passenger who board the flight with their pet
  • Pregnant Women
  • Passenger on journey with infants
  • Passenger who need assistance, like
  • A passenger who has any illness or medical issue

Please note that you can select a seat close to the emergency exit when you are able to help the cabin crew during an emergency. Also, they can request that you acquire another seat, depending on the situation.

What Happens When You Do Not Select a Seat on Volaris?

You can select a seat by visiting the manage booking section on the Volaris website. However, you will still get a seat if you do not select a seat. The airline will automatically assign you a seat.


So, you can select a seat during, after the flight booking, or at check-in. However, you will get a desired seat only on availability if you skip it at the time of reservation. So, you should complete the Volaris seat selection as soon as possible when you look for a specific seat on the plane. Further, contact Volaris phone number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) for any query regarding seat selection.

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