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October 10, 2023

Are you going to an important business event and find that your Emirates flight departed a few minutes back? It is indeed a stressful situation. A passenger might not know what to do, where to contact, and their eligibility for an alternative flight. Thus, it’s important to know the terms and conditions in advance, even before booking a flight. However, it’s time to leave all the worries and quickly refer to Emirates Missed Flight Policy.

The terms and conditions are always on the Emirates contract of Carriage but can be a little confusing. In this blog, you will get all the details required, including the terms and conditions and your eligibility after you missed your Emirates flights.

Before reading the blog, you must know your fare class, flight booking details, and Emirates status. It will help you make the right choice to save money and your precious time.

What happens if I miss my flight with Emirates?

If you miss your Emirates flight, there are a few things you must do to handle the situation right away.

  • First, the airline can help you book another flight to continue your travel journey. However, you must give a valid reason for your Emirates Missed Flight departure delay.
  • Another option is that you can book a round-trip or a one-way flight to fly on a specific date or time.
  • If you miss your flight and do not inform, Emirates will cancel your reservations, and dismiss your refund. So, it’s important to let the airline know if you miss your flight.

You can also check the airline’s missed flight policy for other options for booking a new flight.

How to Rebook a Missed Flight with Emirates ?

You may be worried about your missed flight. However, you can still rebook your flight. Emirates gives priority to the convenience of its passengers and thus allows them to rebook via online and offline ways. So, use the following steps if you missed your flight and are looking for a solution. 

Online Way to Rebook an Emirates Flight

  • First, visit airline official website 
  • Further, click on “Manage Booking” 
  • Similarly, provide your travel details like surname and PNR 
  • A page will appear on the screen
  • Next, click on “Change Booking.” 
  • Choose the new flight that you want to book
  • Finally, pay the fare difference, if any. 
  • Passengers can take a refund if they paid the excess amount on the previous booking.

Note-: Passengers can also use the Emirates mobile application to rebook a flight. Therefore, they need to download and open the application on their device and follow the process above. 

Offline Way to Rebook an Emirates Flight

Airlines provide various ways to reach their customer service. Therefore, passengers can reach out to its representative through the phone when they miss their flight and want to rebook. They need to follow the simple steps below:

  • First you should dial Emirates customer service number. 
  • Press keys (1-800-777-3999)
  • Carefully follow the IVR instructions 
  • Similarly, press the key to choose a language
  • Press another key to choose your concern 
  • Further, the IVR will connect you to a representative
  • Provide the requested details 
  • The airline representative will help you with the rebooking process
  • Lastly, pay the fare difference, if there is any. 

Note-: Passengers may need to pay a rebooking fee for agent service. 

How do I rebook a missed flight by Phone & Airport?

In order to rebook a flight on Emirates Airlines, you can either contact the airline staff (on call or at the airport) or make fresh reservations online. However, rebooking emirates flight tickets online costs much more than at the airport counter. Have a look at the following to get the complete information about rebooking steps:

Rebooking flights as a no show passenger:

  • Go to the airport counter or contact the airline staff at the dedicated customer service number on the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Now, get in touch with an airline agent and ask him or her to share the details of the next flight towards your preferred destination.
  • If a direct flight is unavailable, check for connecting flights and provide your details to confirm the last minute bookings.
  • You must pay the whole amount as a no show passenger is not eligible for any refund.

Emirates rebooking for passengers with emergency

  • After validating the emergency, passengers can rebook the flight to another date or get an eligible refund.
  • Passengers willing to rebook must contact the airline & ask the airline staff to rebook their flight tickets.
  • Select your preferred dates and changes, if any, and confirm the rebooking.
  • For fare and seat changes, pay the fare differences.

To avoid customer service charges, go for a self rebooking option through the ‘Manage Bookings section on the Emirates website. Your original flight bookings will reflect as cancelled, and the airline will send any eligible refund amount to you in the original form of payment made to book the flight.

Does Emirates Charge a Fee for Missed Flight?

Yes ! You need to pay a no-show fee. However, that is only when you do not inform the airline about missed flight. So, convey the airline at least 4 hours before the flight departs if you are aware. Further, the airline will make modifications to your booking.

The airline offers an easy rebooking process if you miss the flight because of sudden situations. So, you can do it by paying between $100 and $500, depending on the destination and fare class. 

Note-: Passengers can visit the Emirates website or contact its representative to learn more about the rebooking fee.

What is Emirates Missed Flight Policy?

To answer your question about what happens if I miss my Emirates flight? It’s a must to understand the policy for missed Emirates flights. When an Emirates passenger misses a flight by any chance, the airlines process the flight tickets according to some rules. These rules may depend on the type of fare you hold, your flight route, and how long before the flight you inform.

Here are some points that will explain Emirates Missed flight policy in detail below:

  • Suppose the passenger missed the flight due to a valid reason, such as a medical emergency or a flight delay.
  • In a few cases, Emirates will send the refundable fare amount after heavy deductions.
  • In that case, the passenger can rebook the same day flight if available, without incurring additional fees.
  • If you are about to miss a flight and have informed the airline before the departure of your flight, you may get the option for a partial refund or travel credits.
  • Book an alternative flight as soon as possible if you want to continue your travel journey.
  • Last-minute Emirates flight cancellations will cost you less than being a no show passenger or missing the flight.
  • Missed flights on Emirates will include the missed flight penalty, flight cancellation fees, and other taxes.

Emirates No Show Policy

When a passenger does not inform the airline that they are about to miss the flight & neither cancels the flight, they are considered as a No Show. These passengers fall under the Emirates No show policy and are not invited for any flight refund or travel credit for future flights.

Have a look below to know what will happen to no show flight:

  • If a passenger misses their flight and doesn’t inform the airline in advance, they may lose the value of their ticket and be charged a no-show fee.
  • Emirates would cancel all segments of your reservation if you missed your flight without informing the airline staff or canceling the flight bookings online.
  • A no show passenger is not eligible for refund or travel credits even if the fare is refundable.

Reviewing your ticket’s specific terms and conditions to understand the airline’s policy on missed flights is important.

Does Emirates Give a Missed Flight Refund?

Emirates policy on missed flights says that if you miss your flight, they usually don’t give your money back. But if you do not qualify for an Emirates missed flight refund, you can ask the airline to extend your flight tickets so you can fly later. Similarly, there are some good options for you below to treat your flight bookings in the event of a missed flight:

  • Firstly, check if you have a refundable fare by logging into your Emirates account or entering your booking reference on the website.
  • When not eligible for a refund, extend your ticket for up to 24 months without paying extra charges. This will allow you to take a flight on Emirates airlines without losing the value of the current ticket.
  • Emirates understands that sometimes things are out of control and you might miss your connecting flight. It will help you book another flight in such an emergency case.
  • Try to provide a valid reason for your flight delay, and the airline will check if you qualify for a refund or not.

For any questions or help, you can reach out to Emirates customer service using the contact details available on the website of Emirates Airlines.


In conclusion, missing a flight can be stressful, but with Emirates missed flight policy, you can easily handle it. Emirates offers different options for passengers who miss their flight, but the policies vary depending on the fare type, flight route, and the time of informing the airline. Reviewing the ticket’s terms and conditions is essential to understand the missed flight policy. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can save money and time.

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