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January 11, 2024

Do you wish to fly at $29? Yes, the dream can come true at Southwest. Check out the surprising Southwest Airlines $29 Flights offer right now and be ready to explore the world at such a minimal price.

If you are new to Southwest, get to know that it is a US-based low-cost airline. It carries fliers to more than 121 destinations in 11 countries. The airline provides affordable and convenient air travel to fliers. It can be a perfect match for your budget-savvy travel.

Read this article to get a spectacular view of the $29 flights and booking method. Moreover, the article educates you on how to find such deals and Terms and Conditions.

What are $29 Flights at Southwest Airlines?

The $29 flight at Southwest Airlines is a promotional sale offer enabling you to book a flight at $29 only. The airline offers deals to engage more customers with them. Therefore, deals could be available for limited seats, days, and, routes. You can’t expect such deals during busy times, peak of the season, and holiday periods when they engage more fliers than ever.

How to Book Southwest Airlines’ $29 Flights?

The airline guarantees you a flight at $29, but you must be mindful that the advertised prices are subject to change. You must grab the deal instantly when you encounter such offers. The below line discusses the convenient booking process through multiple channels. Head to the texts below.

Through Online Method :

In the online method, you can book $29 flights in 10 easy steps. Go with the simple steps in the below lines.

  • Click on Southwest official website
  • Click on ‘Special Offers’ in the menu tab.
  • Select ‘Flight Offers’ amongst various other offers.
  • Choose the deal featuring $29 flights.
  • Search your flight by entering travel-related details such as departing & arrival station, departure month, and Number of passengers.
  • Choose the price of $29 by navigating the low fare calendar and continue to flight timings.
  • Add essentials to your itinerary such as rental cars, hotels, etc.
  • Fill in your correct details in the passenger information blocks.
  • Review the content and pay the flight fee.
  • Congratulations! The amazing deal is yours.

By Calling Phone Number :

This is a convenient channel for booking for all kinds of people. You can go with this channel if feel less comfortable with online methods.

  • Connect with the booking associate of Southwest at 1-800-435-9792.
  • Follow the IVR instructions carefully.
  • Press 6 to get a person on the line.
  • Submit your queries regarding $29 flights.
  • Work with the associate during the booking process.
  • Provide them with your particulars and other passenger information.
  • Pay the booking fee. Cheers! You can pat on your back to reward yourself.

Through Live Chat

The live chat feature of Southwest is available on their mobile app. The chat feature is led by a chatbot available 24/7 to help you. However, you can talk to a live person only from 6 AM to 8 PM. Access the representative through live chat and work on your booking with their help.

How to Find a $29 Flight at Southwest?

The $29 flight is a get-or-gone deal. The deal remains available only for a short period. Therefore, if gone late, you will end up missing the attractive deal. You can do the following things to catch the deal before it disappears from your spectacle.

Email Notifications: Subscribe to the Southwest email alert services. It will help you to get notifications of new offers, price reductions, and other updates.

Social Media: Southwest Airlines is quite active on different social media platforms. You can follow the social media handles to get updates on attractive deals and offers.


Website Surfing: Southwest’s website is the most authentic and reliable source for getting updates on the latest offers and deals. It informs you of the eye-catching deals as well as specific details. It also instructs you on their T & C and eligibility requirements.

What are the terms & Conditions for $29 Flights at Southwest?

Following are the key points you should keep in mind. The key points can also help you understand the $29 Flights Terms and Conditions at Southwest.

  • You must book the $29 Flight, 21 days before the departure of your original flight.
  • The $29 flights at Southwest offer only One-way travel. Therefore, if you wish to travel for a round trip, you must book the return ticket separately.
  • You need to pay an extra amount if adding essentials to your itinerary such as hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • Such deals usually offer red-eye flights. That means you are likely to travel on a late-night flight or one in the early morning.
  • The airline may roll out similar offers at prices such as $59 Flights or $19 Flights. You can choose those rather than $29 if fit into your budget and travel requirements.

What are the Top Destinations to go through $29 Flights?

Atlanta : Atlanta is a fabulous city in the US state of Georgia. The vibrant city comes as the 7th most visited city in the US. In Atlanta, you can experience the electricity in your veins by visiting historical sites and museums. It takes pride in telling stories of civil wars, Martin Luther King, and many others through world-famous museums. Moreover, you can enrich your experience through Georgia Aquarium, Kendeda Canopy Walk, and versatile cuisines.

Houston : Houston is a soulful city in the US state of Texas. The green city is famous for its greenery and parks. The world-famous park – Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park – is a point of attraction for tourists. You can experience the delicious cuisines in the eye-catching surroundings full of beauties.

San Diego : The Beach City in California is a popular destination in America. The inclusive city located alongside the Pacific Ocean welcomes you with open hearts. It serves you the blend experiences of rich heritage and beautiful sceneries. Take a deep breath of relaxation while lying in the sunshine at beaches, or head to the hilarious sport fishing. The Craft Beer Capital of America has much more fun than expected.


At Southwest, affordable flights at $29 are a reality. Grab the opportunity to save money while enjoying tours. Book your flight instantly or speak with the customer associate if stuck somewhere. They would love to hear you.

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