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December 22, 2023

Did you miss your Aeromexico flight? Don’t worry, there is nothing to panic about. It can happen to the best of us.In those circumstances, you can adopt some wise options that turn the bitter consequence of missing a flight into opportunities. Read the article below to learn what happens if you miss a flight with Aeromexico, missed flight policies, connecting flight options, and the refund process.

What happens if you Miss a Flight with Aeromexico?

There could be many reasons that can lead to missing your flight such as misinformation, delay, illness, being stuck in traffic, change of mind at the last moment, etc. Whatever the reasons you have, some consequences can turn out on your missed flight. Following are the actions that could result in missing an Aeromexico flight.

  • Aeromexico will cancel your ticket automatically.
  • They can put your ticket in the ‘No Show’ category.
  • It can result in the cancellation of your entire itinerary including your chances of any connecting flight.
  • Aeromexico can offer you a partial refund for some valid reasons.
  • You can rebook your ticket for the upcoming flights.

What to do If you miss your Flight at Aeromexico?

It is not a big deal to make mistakes but to take action to reduce the consequences. Here are some ways, you can use to reduce the consequences of missing a flight to Aeromexico.

  • The foremost thing after missing a flight with Aeromexico is call 1-860-370-4608 (available for the US and Canada).
  • This will prevent your ticket from being put into the ‘No Show’ Category.
  • You can ask for another ticket on the next available flight if you are on the way to Airport.
  • If you are at the airport and miss your flight because of the long queue, go to the desk manager.
  • They can provide you with a ticket for the upcoming flights and accommodation if needed.
  • If you wish to avoid onboarding on the next flight, ask them for a refund.
  • They can refund you partially or completely depending on their T & C.

Aeromexico Missed Flight Refund

Whatever the reasons you have for missing your Aeromexico flight. If your reasons are valid and legitimate only then you are eligible for a refund. However, the refund on your missed flight solely depends on the T & C of the Airline. You can ask for a refund in the following cases.

  • You are eligible for a refund if missed a flight because of some misinformation. Just state the reason and they will be able to refund you.
  • If you already informed the air personnel of your unavailability to onboard, they will cancel your ticket and initiate a refund.
  • You might not be able to get a refund if you do not inform the airline prior, as in those circumstances they could put your ticket into the ‘No Show’ Category.

How to Rebook a flight after missing an Aeromexico flight?

Airlines, in most cases, offer you to rebook another flight rather than refund. Note that You can reschedule your missed flight without any penalty on some selected fares such as classic fare or premium fare. Here is the simple process following which you can easily rebook a flight after missing one at Aeromexico.

Rebook through Website

Search Your Flight: You can search your missed flight either through the search window or by logging in to your account. Follow the below steps to search for your flight.

  • Visit the official site https://aeromexico.com/en-us
  • Click on ‘My flight’ in the Menu bar.
  • Enter your name and reservation number.
  • Click on the ‘Search Button’ and it will display the details of your missed flight along with other options for rebooking.

Review the status of Missed Flight: Click on ‘Look for’, and it will display your missed flight status.

Rebook flight: After you have reviewed the details of your missed flight. Continue with rebooking in the below steps.

  • Select the ‘Rebooking Flight’ from the available options.
  • Choose your flight as per your travel plan and submit it.
  • Fill in the details required.
  • Pay the applicable fee if required and submit.
  • Get relaxed! You have saved yourself from a nightmare.

Rebook through Phone

  • Speak to the representatives by dialing Aeromexico missed flight phone number 1 (800) 237-6639 / 1-860-370-4608.
    State a legitimate reason that caused you to miss your flight.
  • Ask them for information about the next available flight.
  • If the upcoming flight fits into your travel, ask them to rebook a ticket for you.
  • Provide them with the reservation number and your name.
  • Work with the representatives, till then your booking is complete.
  • Cheers! When you are done.

Aeromexico Missed Connecting Flight Policy

A connecting flight is what takes you to another flight that is routed to reach the final destination. Usually, the situation arises that causes you to miss your connecting flight. The reason could be anything such as delay in flight, flight cancellation, or onboarding hurdles. We have listed some of the connecting flight policies you can entertain if you miss a flight.

  • If you missed an Aeromexico connecting flight that was part of the same reservation, you will be offered the first flight available.
  • If the stated reasons are not under your control, you are also eligible to get a full refund.
  • They can compensate you with coupons & vouchers that you can redeem later for purchasing a ticket.
  • If the waiting time for the next flight is quite long they are obliged to provide you with meals and refreshments.
  • Even if the waiting time is overnight, you are eligible for accommodations.


It is crucial to note that, If you are likely to miss your Aeromexico Flight, do communicate with the airline on priority. Rather than just losing your flight at your price, ask the representatives for compensation in the form of rebooking, refunds, coupons, or vouchers. You can use these to save your money in the purchase of your next ticket.

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