Booked your flight tickets and want to travel sitting on your favourite seat? Then Aeromexico seat selection can help you select the desired seat. It is well said that a seat is our first companion for a journey. It increases the joy of our journey.

Therefore, you can choose from Aeromexico different seating options. Use the seat map and find your most loved corner on the aircraft. However, you must understand the policy of airlines before selecting a seat. So, if you want to learn more about seating options, seat selection cost, and procedure to book, then the below post will guide you.

What does you mean by Seat Selection?

Seat selection allows you to pick a seat for yourself or your travel buddies. Therefore, visit the “manage booking” section on the website once you finish booking your flight ticket. Further, follow the step-by-step process.

What is the Aeromexico Seat Selection/ Assignment Policy?

It is true that you can choose your desired seat while traveling with Aeromexico. However, before you need to understand Aeromexico seat selection policies. So, go through the key highlights of the policy below:

  • Passengers can select a seat during and after booking the flight.
  • Aeromexico allows complimentary seat selection for some fare classes, such as.
  • Therefore, passengers who select Clase Premier can select a seat for free.
  • However, if you choose other classes, then you may need to pay a seat selection fee.
  • Aeromexico offers different seating options, and the cost differs accordingly.
  • Further, you must contact your agent when you have reserved the ticket outside the airline.
  • Similarly, the airline allows you to select your desired seat till 2 hours before the departure.
  • Otherwise, the airline automatically assigns you a seat.
  • Elite Status members can select a seat for no additional cost.

Note: To learn in detail and check the accurate policies, please visit Aeromexico official website.

Types of Seating Options Available on Aeromexico

Choosing to travel with Aeromexico is your best decision. The airline provides you with various seating options that help you have a comfortable journey. Therefore, you can choose from the options:

Different Options for Aeromexico Seat Selection

Main Cabin Economy(Preferred Seating)

  • It is an ideal option for passengers who have a tight budget.
  • Option to choose window or Aisle seats
  • Present near the front section of the Main Cabin and right behind the AM Plus seats.
  • Priority exit
  • More leg space

AM Plus (Economy Plus Seating):

  • It is a good option when you wish to spend less and want to sit on your favorite seat.
  • Access to the overhead bin
  • Additional leg space
  • Baggage handling facility
  • Priority boarding and exit from the flight.

Aeromexico Premier Seats (Clase Premier)

  • Choose this seat when you love luxury while flying, and that comes with a cost.
  • Complimentary seat upgrade if you win the bid
  • Access to personal storage
  • Extra leg space
  • Facilities like reclined seats, music, entertainment
  • Baggage handling

Note: Please note that Aeromexico seat selection is not free for basic fare. Therefore, you need to pay for selecting a seat in all travel classes, excluding business class.

How do I Select/Pick My Seat on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico provides different seat selection methods to offer comfort and convenience to its passengers. Therefore, you can choose from the below methods and complete the Aeromexico select seats in no time.

Through Aeromexico Website

  • Visit the Aeromexico official website
  • Scroll to the “Your Trips” option
  • Then go to the “Manage your Trips” section.
  • Provide the requested details to choose a seat
  • Tap on submit
  • Then Aeromexico seat map will appear
  • Tap on your favorite seat
  • Proceed with the payment if applicable.
  • At last, you will receive a seat booking confirmation in your mail.

Note: You can follow similar process by opening the Aeromexico App.

By Contacting the Airline Representative

  • Call on Aeromexico customer service number at 1-800-237-6639
  • Further, follow the IVR guidelines
  • Share your concern with a representative
  • The representative will guide you on the seat selection and booking process.
  • Make the payment if applicable
  • Finally, check your mail for confirmation.

While Check-in At the Airport

  • You can still book your seat if you forget at the time of flight booking.
  • Visit the Aeromexico help desk to reach the airport.
  • Further, request the person to guide you on the seat booking process.
  • The representative will show you the available options.
  • Finally, pay for the seat.

Note: It is always ideal to select a seat in advance if you want a preferred seat. Otherwise, the airline will automatically assign you a seat that may not match with your taste.

Do I Need to Pay Any Seat Selection Fee?

Yes. You need to pay an Aeromexico seat selection fee when you choose a seat. However, this fee differs depending on the seat type.

Further, you can skip this fee for some travel classes as you get the complimentary seat choice.
The seat selection cost begins at $20/$30.
Aeromexico charges less fee for basic fares.

For AM Plus seats, the cost depends on factors like

  • Flight type
  • Ticket purchased inside Mexico
  • Ticket purchased outside of Mexico

The table below will explain it better.

Origin of purchase Domestic ($) International ($)
Purchase inside Mexico  Starts from $349 Starts from $599
Purchase outside Mexico Starts from $20 Starts from $30

How Can I Skip the Seat Selection Cost?

You can skip the charges to select a seat in following situation

  • When you skip the “choose a seat” while Aeromexico flight booking. The airline will assign you a seat.
  • When you are traveling in business class
  • When you have an elite status membership

However, please note that if you want to complete your journey on your favorite seat, then book a seat in advance.


So, choosing and booking a seat has become easy when you book it through the Aeromexico website. Therefore, you will still get a seat if you forget it at the time of booking or before check-in at the airport. However, the Aeromexico seat selection facility helps you make your journey much better by choosing a preferred seat. So, you can contact 1 (800) 237-6639 or 1-860-370-4608 and talk with a representative for any query.

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