How Can I Complete Seat Selection on a United Airlines Flight?

Boarding on the plane with an opportunity to sit on your favorite seat is a luxury that every passenger expects in a journey. Therefore, with the United Airlines seat selection process, you can travel comfortably with the right legroom. The airline provides an option to select a seat free of cost or choose preferred seating by paying a fee.

So, it is important to know about the seat selection policy before you book your seat on the airlines. In this blog, you will get everything that you need to know about United Airlines select seats.

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Passengers who book an itinerary with United airlines & want to pick a seat then they need to follow particular terms and conditions.

  • The airline allows seat reservation during, after booking, and at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • Similarly, passengers can choose a seat for free for up to 24 hours of flight booking. It is applicable to all fare classes.
  • However, the airline does not allow free seat selection when you are traveling on a basic economy ticket. So, you can buy a seat during the booking, after booking until check-in.
  • Therefore, the airline always recommends choosing a seat at the time of flight reservation if you do not want to miss your favorite place.
  • The airlines provide complimentary seat selection for a Business class or if you are an elite member. However, you must have a ticket in Economy plus or premium status.

Note: To learn more about the policies, please visit the official website.

How do I Select Seats with United Airlines?

If you want to choose a seat on a United flight, then you can use the different alternatives it provides.

Online Method to Choose Seat on United

Passengers who want to select their seat on a United flight can do it online by below steps:

  • First visit
  • Next, tap on the “United Airlines manage booking” section
  • Further, provide details like surname and booking number
  • Similarly, choose “Select seats” from the different options.”
  • The United Airlines seat map will appear on the screen
  • Next, choose the seat as per your preference, like in front of the plane, extra legroom, etc.
  • Further, select the mode of payment like debit cards/credit cards
  • Finally, make the payment if any is required.
  • You will receive the confirmation in the authorized email ID and number.

Note: The United Airlines seat selection app is also an option to select a seat. You need to download the app and follow the above process.

At the Airport

Passengers have the option to choose a seat at the airport if they forget it while booking. However, the chances of getting a desired seat are less.

Offline by Phone

If you find it difficult to reserve a seat online through the website, then you can contact the United Airlines seat assignment phone number. Therefore, you can take the correct number from the official website of the airline. Once you dial the number, follow IVR instructions. Further, A representative will answer your query.

When Can I Select a Seat on United Airlines?

Passengers who plan a journey with United can complete the reservation of a seat in three stages. Therefore, seat assignments may be available during the booking, after, and at the airport.

Select Flights Seats During Booking

Passengers can choose seating at no extra cost when they do it while booking the flight ticket. Therefore, they should check the “My Trips” section on the official website. Further, they can check the travel details, MileagePlus member status, and frequent flyer program status.

You can also purchase a seat if you want a specific one. The airline allows free seating only for Economy Plus, Premium Plus, and other higher classes. For Basic Economy, you need to purchase it.

Choose a Seat After Booking

If you forgot to book a seat during the air ticket reservation, do not worry. You can still complete it by visiting the airline’s website. On signing you need to click on manage bookings and choose the trip.

Further, a seat map will appear that will show the available seats and their pricing. Therefore, you can easily select a desired seat and make the payment.

Note: You will also get information on complimentary services that you get with the selected place. It may include a plus seat closer to the front, seat upgrades, etc.

Opportunity to Change Seat After Booking

The airline gives you the option to change your seat if you are not happy with the selected seat. Therefore, you need to visit the manage booking section and select the trip that requires changes.

Note: You can contact United Airlines customer service to clear any doubts about choosing a seat.

Select Seat on Check-in

Passengers can select the latest seat by check-in at the airport. Therefore, they can select the seat on arrival at the airport. However, the chance of getting a desired seat is less.

Therefore, select a seat or change it as soon as possible when you are specific about a place on an aircraft.

How Much Does United Charge for Selecting a Seat?

You can select a seat irrespective of your fare class. However, you may need to pay the United Airlines seat selection fee. Usually, its charges start from $15 for basic Economy. However, it varies with the ticket upgrades and several other things.

The airline provides seating options in different cabin classes that change with the flight type and duration. However, you can book economy cabins and first-class cabins on most of the flights.

Apart from this, the airline also provides business-class cabins and premium economy cabin seating.

Note : You can learn in detail by visiting the airline’s website. Also, you can talk to a representative at United.

Here is how United Airlines advance seat selection fee works:

Basic Economy

  • Passengers can expect the following when they buy a basic economy ticket:
  • They can select a seat for a fee. Free-of-cost seat choice is not available in this type of ticket.
  • Similarly, a selection of seats is available, from booking flight tickets to checking in at the airport.
  • The airline provides automatic seat assignment when passengers forget to reserve it until check-in.
  • However, sitting together with family members may not be possible.
  • So, purchase a seat while booking to make sure that you get the seat next to your loved one.
  • Passengers do not get premier status benefits with basic economy seats.

Standard Economy

  • Passengers can select a seat without a fee.
  • Similarly, they can choose seat upgrades by paying extra.
  • Opportunity to sit together
  • Economy Plus
  • Provide seating behind the first-class
  • Extra legroom
  • The airline may provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • However, airlines may charge a high fee for it.

Premium Plus

  • It is an upgrade of economy-class
  • Complementary premier plus seat
  • Free meals and beverages

First Class/Business Class

  • Better amenities than Premium Plus
  • Complementary seat
  • Note: Please contact the airlines to learn more about seating options.

What is the Preferred Seating?

Preferred seat is a regular option with the best place in the main cabin. Buying preferred seating allows an easy de-boarding process. So, we can say that it is the best option when you want a cheaper option in the paid seat.


Once you purchase a flight ticket, choosing a seat becomes more important. Therefore, United Airlines seat selection allows passengers to choose their favorite place on the aircraft. They can do it easily whether they want a seat in an economy cabin or Economy plus seats. You can also choose your preferred seat purchase if you are tight with a budget and want your favorite place, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I avoid seat selection fees on flights?

You can choose a seat without fee when you book it within 24 hours of making a flight ticket reservation.
Similarly, you can skip the select seat option and allow airlines to assign a random seat for free.

Q2. Is it worth paying for seat selection?

Forks. You can make your journey more comfortable by choosing a desired seat.

Q3. What happens if I don’t select a seat on United?

The airline will assign a random seat if you do not choose a seat before, after the reservation, and at check-in.

Q4. Where do I contact United to reserve a seat?

Call 1-800-864-8331 and get help in choosing a seat on United airlines.

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