Have you made reservations with WestJet Airlines for your trip and want to change your seat? You should also be aware of WestJet’s policy on seat selection, which allows you to switch seats according to your preference. Additionally, during the journey, customers can benefit from more comfort, extra legroom, and amenities in their seats.

If you want to make a seat assignment according to your preference or upgrade your seats, this article will help you and make the process easier.

WestJet Seat Selection Policy

It is important to read the WestJet seat selection policy before selecting a seat. You may learn about the policy’s seat selection fare, time, method, and other important things. Check out the points mentioned below to know more about the policy.

  • This seat selection policy permits customers to pick a seat when booking, at check-in, or after boarding the airplane.
  • Moreover, passengers can amend their seat preferences 24 hours before the trip’s departure.
  • You can choose your seat at the airport check-in desk if you cannot select online.
  • In contrast to other passengers, WestJet Plus and WestJet Mastercard members can always choose their seats.
  • When travelers purchase their flights with WestJet Airlines, they have a selection of seating arrangements.
  • When making a reservation on their website’s Manage Bookings page, passengers can select their seats in advance without paying an additional fee.
  • Travelers can choose their seats up to 24 hours before takeoff by doing their check-in online.
  • When passengers check in at the airport, WestJet Airlines will automatically assign them a seat if they decide not to wait to choose a seat in advance.
  • Depending on space, travelers can switch seats upon check-in.
  • Additionally, for an additional cost, WestJet Airlines offers a range of seat upgrades, including additional legroom and priority boarding.

How to Choose a Seat While Making the WestJet Booking?

Furthermore, when reserving, customers can choose WestJet seats. Additionally, since there are many vacant seats during booking, it is the easiest option to reserve your preferred seat on the trip effortlessly. To easily reserve your seat at the time of booking, carefully follow the procedures below:

  • You must first use a browser to navigate to the WestJet Airlines official website.
  • Select “Manage Trip” from the menu, then select the “Manage Flight” tab.
  • To access the flight booking page, log into your account using your login information.
  • The “Seat Selection” option has now been added to the menu.
  • You can also see a seat map where you can check the available seats and select your top choice.
  • Afterwards, complete the seat selection process by following the on-screen directions.

Can You Choose a Seat After Booking A Flight on WestJet?

Yes, travelers may select their seats after making a reservation with WestJet Airlines. Consider the following points if you want to choose your seats on WestJet.

  • Visit WestJet Airlines’ official website to choose your seat.
  • Select the “Check-in” tab & enter the all details in the provided field.
  • Next step is to select a seat upgrading service.
  • You must verify the availability of seats in the class you want to select.
  • Finally, you must pay the cost to WestJet Airlines to confirm your choice of selecting seat.

Can I upgrade my seat on WestJet?

Passengers who want to upgrade their WestJet tickets can do so easily by following the steps below:

  • You must visit WestJet Airlines’ official website to upgrade seats.
  • Go to the” Check-in” option and enter your reservation information.
  • Further, navigate to the “Seat upgrade” option.
  • You can pick the class you wish to upgrade your reservation based on availability.
  • Finally, you need to confirm your seat upgrade by making an online payment.

How Much does WestJet Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Depending on the type of seat and position on the plane, different seats on WestJet Airlines have different prices. As the fare increases, the facilities also enhance. The costs of WestJet seat selection are broken down as follows:

  • Standard seats: These seats are priced from USD 3.85 and USD 46 by WestJet.
  • Basic fare class: For the basic ticket class, selecting seats during check-in will cost you between USD 3.85 and USD 90.
  • The exit row and preferred seats: The cost is USD 7.70 for an exit row and USD 90 for a preferred seat.
  • Economy seats: Standard seats in economy class cost between USD 3.85 and USD 46 on the airline.

Does WestJet Seat kids with Parents?

It is important to sit together as a family when flying. The following information will help you and your family know just how to sit together when flying with WestJet:

  • No additional fee will be charged for any children under 14 to sit with an adult.
  • You can choose seats for your family during booking to guarantee that everyone will sit together.
  • If there aren’t enough seats, the airlines will arrange to sit so that kids are seated next to at least one adult.
  • When it’s time to board, we’ll ask volunteers to switch seats so you can sit together if seating assignments cannot be made at check-in.

People Asked Questions:-

Q. How to get a free upgrade on WestJet?

Westjet Airlines provides a free upgrade to the passenger prior to check-in. The Econoflex, Gold, Silver, or Premium classes you purchased may entitle you to a free upgrade. Members of WestJet Platinum are eligible for the Econo fares. You can contact the airline’s customer service if you have any more queries related seat selection.

Q. How do I select my seat after booking a flight?

You can view the seat map and select your favorite seat before or after booking your ticket.

Q. Will WestJet seat you together?

When you buy your flight, you can choose seats for your family to guarantee that everyone will sit together. Don’t panic if you can’t find seats next to each other on the seat map. If there aren’t enough seats, the airlines will arrange a seat for at least one guardian to be seated near the kid.

Q. What is complimentary seat selection?

When online check-in opens 48 hours before your flight, free seat selection will be offered if you decide not to choose your seats in advance. You can choose from open seats using the website or at the airport check-in desk.

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