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December 21, 2023

Do you think it is true that vouchers are not for use? Not with Spirit Meal Voucher

The US-based Spirit Airline is a low-cost carrier whose headquarters is located in Florida. Its affordable and budget-savvy packages throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America force fliers to look nowhere other than Spirit. 

In addition to this, it offers vouchers also, for various purposes which is a gem to the fliers. The vouchers such as travel credits, hotel coupons, flight credits, meal vouchers, etc. can be redeemed for purchasing a ticket at Spirit or for ordering delicious meals. This article is a complete guide to Meal Vouchers, where can you find your vouchers? How can you redeem it? and many more. Read the article below to learn all these. 

What is a Spirit Airlines Meal voucher?

Spirit Meal Voucher is an added benefit to you on purchasing a ticket with Spirit Airlines. As the term ‘meal’ suggests, the voucher can be used only for food purposes with Spirit Airlines.

Other than the booking,  there could be several instances when the airlines compensate your claim by providing you with a voucher. The instance could be a delay in flight, change or cancelation of your flight, loss or damage of your baggage, etc. You can use them to save your money at the moment you initiate a payment to Spirit.

Where to find my Spirit Meal Voucher?

Spirit meal voucher is a 17-digit code that you receive through email when you purchase a ticket with the airline. The meal voucher gets added to your airline account if purchased through the website. The airline offers you the voucher in hard copy or physical form also, on booking a flight at the airport. You can collect it at the ticket counter or boarding gate. 

How to Redeem Spirit Meal Voucher ?

You can redeem the Spirit Airline vouchers on the website or by calling a reservation specialist. It is the best way to save your money on food. Here are the ways following which you can redeem your meal voucher in a super easy process.

Redeem through Official Site:

  • Visit the airline on its website Spirit.com,
  • Search for a flight and choose one that fits into your itinerary. 
  • On the purchase page, you will get the option ‘Redeem A Voucher or Credit’.
  • Extend the drop-down and select your voucher.
  • You will be asked to enter the seventeen-digit voucher number under the voucher redemption.
  • Click on the ‘Go’ button, after you enter the voucher number. It will also enable you to view the amount that you can redeem through a voucher.
  • Cheers! Your voucher has been redeemed.  

Redeem by Calling Customer Service

  • Get in touch with Spirit Airline Representative. If you are booking a ticket you can call the reservation specialist also.
  • Proceed with your activities such as booking.
  • Proceed to payment and tell them you have the voucher.
  • Provide them with the 17-digit Voucher Number.
  • They will apply your voucher on food redemption.
  • Congrats! You redeemed it successfully.

Spirit Airlines Meal Voucher Guidelines

It is necessary to read Spirit Airlines guidelines on how the vouchers can be used and in which condition. It will prevent you from claiming unwanted vouchers. Here are some guidelines you can take for granted. 

  • The Meal voucher is not valid for unlimited time. If you have the voucher you must use it within 12 months, otherwise, it will expire after the due date. 
  • You can redeem your meal voucher only for food purposes. That means you can’t claim it as an alternative to other payments or services.
  • You can not transfer your vouchers to any other travelers to redeem. It must be used only by you.
  • The voucher is an added benefit to reimburse your claim. Therefore, it cannot be refunded in any case. 
  • You are eligible to use the vouchers only up to its limit amount. In case, your ordered amount exceeds the limit amount, you need to pay for that amount only.
  • Spirit Airlines allows you to redeem your meal voucher either online through the website or offline by taking the services on call with the airline. 


The Spirit Meal Voucher stands out in serving budget-friendly air travel to fliers. Not only does it save your money but also contributes to enhancing the customer experience with Spirit. The redemption process is so simple in both ways – Website or Phone. In case, you face any difficulty with your voucher, connect with Spirit through WhatsApp or Chat. Text them on their WhatsApp at 855-728-3555 or call directly for assistance with your voucher. 

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