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September 29, 2023

Air Canada is always on top to serve customers when exploring different destinations. And here comes Air Canada Multi City flights bookings to help passengers catch the charm of various places within a single reservation. But why book multi stopovers with Air Canada? You’ll enjoy seamless connections and timely flights, along with cost-effectiveness. Also, there are no worries about changing terminals or rechecking bags, as Air Canada will send the information to your next flight. For more details about this amazing feature of Air Canada Stopovers, stay on this read.

How to Book multi-city flights on Air Canada?

You can book layover flights using Air Canada multi-city flight booking tool on the official website. One can also book flights with multiple destinations by connecting with a contact center or at the Airport. But, the procedure, requirements, and price vary depending on your chosen source. Have a look at the following details:

With the help of official site

  • Go to Air Canada’s official website and navigate the ‘Book’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Flight’ tab under the booking section or scroll down to search for a flight.
  • Enter all the details required to search for flights that suit you.
  • Click ‘Search flights’ or a similar phrase to submit the details.
  • You will get various search results related to your preferences.
  • Select one and proceed after checking the information of the flight details.
  • Follow the prompts and give the correct details of the passenger(s).
  • Also, submit the documents required to book a flight.
  • Review your flight booking details in the final stage and check for services to include.
  • Check the pricing details and complete the payment to receive a flight confirmation.

By contacting customer service

  • Get the contact details of the Air Canada reservations department from the contact page of the official website.
  • Contact Air Canada customer service to ask the airline agent to make multi-trip reservations for you.
  • The airline agent will ask you all the details: Where would you like to leave from? What destinations should we include in the reservations? How many passengers are there for this trip? Etc.
  • Answer all the questions and share your preferences for the travel to get the exact match of what you are planning.
  • After completing the formalities, make the final payment. The Air Canada team will send the booking confirmation to your registered email.

Book Multi-stop flights at the Airport

  • Air Canada lets passengers make reservations at the Airport with the help of airline staff.
  • For bookings at the Airport, you must look for the terminal that operates Air Canada flights. You will find the dedicated help desk counter for Air Canada flights there.
  • Passengers can inquire and get the bookings done by providing complete information about the passengers and flight preferences.
  • In the final step, make the payment that includes the service charge of the airline executive. After completing the payment, you will get an automatic mail on your registered email with Air Canada.

Do you know?

One can book layover or open-jaw flights using Air Canada multi city feature. A layover or open-jaw flight allows passengers to fly from one city to another and return home from a different city, making it convenient to visit multiple destinations. So, whether you want to explore 2 destinations or 4, choose multi-stop flights on Air Canada.

Benefits of Air Canada Multi-City Flights

Multi-trip flights are a single travel booking that allows you to visit several cities during one trip. They are less expensive than booking one-way flights between many destinations.

Other benefits of Air Canada multi-city flights include:

  • Saving money and time: Air Canada will help you save time and money by combining all the flight segments in a single reservation. Booking many one-way flights will make you spend extra on flight bookings.
  • Avoiding multiple round trips: The more bookings you have, the more the cost and time will be to manage the reservations. So, multi-trip flights are the best alternatives to avoid multiple round trips.
  • No extra effort for check-in and documentation: The best thing about booking stopover flights with Air Canada is passengers have to go through the check-in process once for their entire trip.
  • Easy to handle: Boarding the flight by showing the same documents from one city to another will make things easy to manage and change.
  • Extra benefits: On multiple destination flights, passengers can leverage one-way flights, airline hubs, flight specials, and unusual destinations to create the most valuable airfare possible
  • Rid of unnecessary changes:  Air Canada will send your bags to your next Air Canada flight, and your terminal will remain the same.

Can I book longer Air Canada stopovers?

Air Canada’s Aeroplan program offers its members the benefit of stopovers for up to 45 days. if you stop at one destination for 24 hours and 45 days, there will be an extra cost of 5,000 points per person.

For stopovers that exceed 45 days, Air Canada will treat them as separate bookings to price them accordingly. It is allows you to take more time to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas before continuing your journey.

What is the most popular flight route in Canada?

Air Canada provides a wide range of multi-stop flights that are popular among passengers. Among these:

  • London-Toronto-Calgary is a frequently chosen route. that allows passengers to experience the busiest cities of Toronto and Calgary while enjoying a stopover in London.
  • Air Canada layovers: New York-Vancouver-Calgary route offers a chance to explore New York and Vancouver before arriving in Calgary.


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