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January 23, 2024

Travelling becomes fun when we do it with our favorite buddies. Therefore, Air France group travel is a great help when you plan your trip with ten or more people. Group booking is the best option Whether you are going on a family holiday or for a business meeting. You can grab exclusive discounts, flight deals, and amenities with Air France. 

Air France is the best airline that provides top-notch services through its dedicated staff. Therefore, you can experience the French luxury while you are on board. So, you must consider Air France when planning your next group reservations. 

This blog will provide you with all the information that will help you complete your first-ever Air France group reservations. 

What is Air France Group Travel?

Air  France provides its passengers a facility to book travel for 10 or more people in a single itinerary. In addition, they can choose from several points of origin/points of destination. Air France Airlines also provides discounted fares when you book a group trip. 

How to Book a Flight Air France Group Trip?

Air France made the group booking very simple. Therefore, you can easily do it by visiting the airline’s official website. Also, you can contact Air France customer service. 

Air France Group Booking Online

  • Visit Air France airline’s website
  • Next, go to the “group travel” option.
  • Further, check the option to ask for a quotation
  • A form will appear on the screen.
  • Therefore, fill out the form with passengers’ details.
  • Enter the departure and destination for each passenger.
  • However, you can also add other services like baggage.
  • Click on the agree box that gives the airlines the right to use your data.
  • Further, tap on the confirm button.
  • Similarly, enter the number of passengers.
  • Airlines executives respond with a quotation.
  • Therefore, you can proceed if you like the offer. 
  • Next, choose from flexible payment options like credit card/ debit card, etc.
  • Finally, get the booking reference in your mail. 

Note-: Passengers can proceed with the booking without traveler details. Later, they can provide the final names a few days before departure. You can check the exact number of days on the airline’s website. 

Booking With Air France Offline

Passengers can also request a quote by calling the group booking number of Air France. Therefore, follow the below process when you are planning to travel in a group. 

  • Dial Air France customer care number(1-800-237-2747).
  • Follow the IVR instructions and choose inputs accordingly. 
  • Press keys to choose a language 
  • Press a key that matches your query.
  • Similarly, press the key to talk to an agent.
  • Further, share details for a dedicated group like contact details / personal information. There must be 10 or more passengers.
  • Next, the representative will send you the group fares.
  • Once you agree on the fare conditions, the representative will proceed with the booking process. 
  • Lastly, make the payment, and your group travel booking confirmation will come in the mail. 

Air France Airlines always ensures the best travel experience for you. So, you can easily make a group and enjoy your journey. 

Note-: Passengers can tell the representative if they have any specific travel needs. 

Does Air France Charge Booking Fees on Group Travels?

Yes. Air France may charge a fee for booking group travel services through an airline representative. The airline charges it for the service provided by the agent. Therefore, you can ensure a wonderful travel experience for everyone when you choose Air France’s group reservation.

Benefits of Air France Group Travel

  • Reduced Fares

Passengers receive the quotes depending on the number of people in a booking. Therefore, the average ticket price decreases significantly.

  • Different Payment Ways

Air France ensures a smooth booking experience for its passengers. Therefore, it provides various ways of payment. Passengers can choose to pay through debit/credit cards. Also, you can make the advance payment and adjust the travel dates. 

  • Reliable Customer Service

Air France ensures a seamless booking experience to cater to the unique needs of group travelers. Therefore, they can contact airline customer service whenever they need. The dedicated staff goes the extra mile to serve the passengers the best. 

  • Personalized Travel Service

Air France understands that every traveler is different, and so are their need. Accordingly, the airlines design the itinerary that matches the needs of every passenger. 

Do Airlines Seat Groups Together?

Yes. Airlines do their best to seat passengers together who group tickets.

That is most particularly when they book the ticket at the same time. Therefore, passengers should check their flight reservations for seating allocation.  


Completing a group booking is very simple with Air France Group travel. Whether you are planning a family holiday or office vacation, group booking is suitable for all. Therefore, you can easily book a journey by contacting the airline’s customer service. 

People Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I use Air France points on Delta?

Yes. You can use your points on Delta Airlines when you are a Flying Blue member. Delta Airlines is its partner airline.  

Q2. Do Air France give discounts for large groups?

Yes. Air France offer discounts when you book flight tickets for groups of ten or more. The average price of a ticket ultimately decreases with the number of people in a group booking. 

Q3. Can I cancel a ticket for a single passenger in group booking?

No. Air France will consider cancellation for the entire reservation. In addition, passengers may need to bear the cancellation charges. 

Q4. Does booking a flight in the group have any benefit?

Yes. Group booking has many benefits, like

  • Cost-friendly
  • Remove the need to book tickets separately.
  • Flexible option to pay
  • Information such as the number
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