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December 28, 2023

If you’re a savvy traveler looking for ways to save big on American Airlines, you’ve come to the right place. American Airlines 49 Dollar Flights are an unthinkable way to explore your dream destinations without breaking your budget.

The US-based, American Airlines is the name in the flying world to provide affordable and pocket-friendly air travel to fliers. It is the largest airline in the world in terms of scheduled passenger carried and revenue passenger mile, potentially operating 6800 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in 48 countries.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on American Airlines 49 Dollar Flights! Read the article below to learn about American Airlines’ 49-dollar flights sale, how to book tickets, other ways to book cheaper flights and much more.

What is meant by American Airlines $49 Dollar Flight?

Airlines on some occasions release promotional sales with huge discounts and offers. The American Airlines 49-dollar flights are part of such promotional offers that enable you to grab a flight ticket for a meager price of just $49. The sales are offered only for a limited time on specific occasions, and on some specific deals for selected cities. The deal could be for a one-way trip or round trip depending on the airline’s promotional policies and sales. 

However, you must note that this deal might involve additional charges for baggage, seat selection, and other essentials. Therefore, you may need to lose your pocket in these kinds of stuff, if your requirements demand. 

How to Purchase $49 Flights at American Airlines?

You can easily book an American airlines flight for $49 with the same process as it applies to regular tickets. If the ticket is available to book, buy it as soon as possible. 

The fare price of $49 is not a subject of hard and fixed rules. Therefore, you must have a flexible mind to catch the best deal at prices nearby such as $59, $69, $39, or any other discounted price. Going with this strategy, you will be able to secure a good deal at comparatively lower prices. So, go with the following booking steps before it is too late. 

Official Site:

  • Find your deal: Visit the American Airlines official site home page and, scroll the page. You will find the page section labeled ‘Today Offers’. Here you need to explore the offers and find the best deal for you.  Once you get it, click on the Advertisement. This will take you to the ‘flight search’ page.
  • Search for Flight: After you land on the booking page, enter details such as boarding, destination, travel date, traveler number, etc., and click on the search button.
  • Customize packages: You can customize your trip as per your travel requirements and itinerary preferences. However, some of the customizations can cost you extra money such as seat selection, extra baggage check-in, etc. 
  • Fill in Your Details: Now proceed with filling in your particulars. It is crucial to add only legal names and correct details. 
  • Final Payment & Submit: Make a review of your selected items, flight information, and the necessary details. If everything is in the right place, make the final payment, and cheers on your efforts. 

Mobile App

It is more convenient to catch the flight deal for $49 on the AA Mobile App. The interactive feature here is quite attentive and convenient enabling you to grab the best deal at your fingertips. You need to follow the similar steps as discussed above for the website. The seamless booking process through the app will take only a few minutes to secure your booking. 

By Calling Phone Number

While the 49-dollar flights can be best booked through a website or App, you can also book it through a call. Dial 800-433-7300 (for the US and Canada) or +1-860-370-4608 to connect with the American Airlines reservation specialists. However, you must keep in mind that these types of deals are subject to change frequently. Hence, a delay in connection might lose you the wonderful opportunity.

Things to Keep in Mind before Booking Flights

American airlines offers promotional sales and offers to lure its customers and to bring engagement with them. Therefore, they can change the $49 flight very frequently. You must remember some points in your mind so that you can take advantage of this scheme.

Here are the important things you should keep in mind. 

  • The promotional flights are offered with other restrictions imposed. Therefore you must read the T & C and other related details before booking the deal.
  • The offers can be available only for limited seats for a certain period. Therefore, you must book it in that timeframe as early as possible.
  • It might be possible that the sale may disappear at the last minute of sale. Hence, You must purchase it in advance and avoid it at the last minute.
  • The other add-on benefits such as luggage, lounges, seat selection, etc. may not be included in this much fare. You must purchase them during booking if you want to add them to your itineraries. 
  • You can be flexible with the fare rates as the airlines can offer the same sale with different prices nearby for example $77 flight or others. 
  • There could be different promotional sales for different city pairs and routes. Therefore, choose one that suits your interest.

Ways to Book Cheaper Flights other than 49 flights at American

You can not expect 49-dollar flights at American Airlines during peak seasons such as the end of the year, vacation time, or festive season. However, there are certain ways other than 49 flights, following which you can book a cheaper flight at American.   

  • Cheapest Days Reservation: Airlines on some specific days receive less customer engagement as compared to other busy days. Usually, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are such cheap days when you can purchase a flight at lower prices. 
  • Odd Hours Booking: In addition to the cheapest days,  you choose an odd hour to book your ticket. Usually, Late evenings and early in the morning are such times when you can grab the cheaper flights at American.
  • Deal with Miles and Travel Credits: Sometimes, airlines offer deals that are jam-packed with the opportunity to earn extra miles, travel credits, and vouchers. Such deals are no less than a hidden treasure that can benefit you a lot of money in the form of savings on future bookings. It is a wise option to choose such flights that are investments rather than expenses.


Keep in mind that airline fares are subject to change. It is a great opportunity to purchase if it interests you and, you should not wait for the prices to decrease. The right time for booking is when you encounter the deal of an American Airlines 49-dollar flight. Therefore pick your phone and speak to the representative you are just a call away from. 

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