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December 29, 2023

Do you wish to fly cheap at Southwest? Then leverage the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar and get a deal worth every penny. Southwest Airlines takes the lead in providing convenient and pocket-friendly flights to more than 121 destinations domestic and International. The prime airline is the world’s largest low-cost airline with unmatched hospitality and well-organized policies. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, it operates nearly 190 flights daily across more than eleven countries. 

The airline believes in not only providing affordable air travel but also empowering you to choose the best one yourself. This testament is reflected in their armor – the low-fare calendar system. So, don’t resist your excitement to read further about the fare calendar, how can you find it? How to use it? Its benefits and myriad of other things. Move on to the text below without stopping your fingers to scroll.

What is the Low Fare Calendar at Southwest?

The low-fare calendar is the tool that empowers you to search for the deal that best fits your budget. You can utilize this convenient tool to see the airfares on each day for any particular month. For example, if you wish to travel in December of this year, you can see the availability of flights on that particular day along with the prices on that date and compare the prices to nearby dates.

 You can see in the image below that the low-fare calendar shows the fare prices for departures and returns along with fare prices for each particular month. You can navigate to each month to compare the price and analyze the best price. This way you can utilize the calendar to choose a deal that is cost effective and friendly to your pocket. 

How to Find Low Fare Calendar at Southwest?

The low-fare calendar at Southwest is easy to find. Southwest has developed a dedicated page for low fare calendar. You can land on the calendar page directly either through Google or through the official website. Whatever the process you choose it is easy and convenient to find.

You can take the reference of the below simple steps for your ease. 

  • Head to the Southwest Airlines official site by clicking the link 
  • You will see the booking window to search for flights.
  • Navigate the booking window and find the link for the low-fare calendar.
  • Click on the link ‘Low Fare Calendar’ on the left bottom of the window. 
  • Bingo! The powerful armor is ready to be played on your fingertips. 

How to use the Low Fare Calendar at Southwest

The low fare calendar is easy to use at Southwest. You can use the calendar to navigate through the prices on each day for the flight. Take a reference to the above image, which lists the prices for depart and return in January and February respectively. You have the flexibility to choose any other month for your departure and return other than it. 

Navigating through the calendar, you can find that the 24th & 30th of January with a fare price of 90$ is the lowest fare for depart., if you wish to return in February, you can select the 6th of February with the lowest fare price of $94. Thus you need not waste your effort in searching for the lowest airfare at Southwest on the Internet, this calendar is the savior of your effort and money.

How to Book a ticket with low fare calendar at Southwest

The above texts discuss the process following which you can find the low-fare calendar very easily. Here we have discussed the later steps for you, following which you can book a ticket at a meager rate. 

The Southwest airlines booking window with interactive layouts gives you a seamless booking experience. You can utilize the calendar for various kinds of trips such as round-trip, multi-city, and one. Just go with the below steps and you will be done with purchasing in a few minutes. 

  • Access the Low Fare Calendar: As you have found the calendar search page. Just enter the departure, arrival, departure month, Return Month, and number of passengers. Then click on the ‘Search’ button to go to the calendar page. 
  • Navigate Calendar: The calendar page displays the result that meets your search. It includes the calendar for departure and return month followed by prices listed on each date of that particular month. You have the flexibility to  Navigate through the prices by ascending or descending the month as per your interest. 
  • Choose the departure and return date: Choose the date on which prices are comparatively lower. You can choose different months or any gap for your departure and return. Although, you need to be flexible with travel dates and prices and choose the one that best meets your itinerary plan and your budget. 
  • Check the Subtotal: After you are done with the date selection, it will sum up the prices and will show you the subtotal of your deal. Check the subtotal and move to the ‘Flight Times’ page by clicking the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Select time and deal: Choose the flight time and deal type (Business select, Anytime, Wanna get away Plus, and, Wanna get away) for both arrival and departure.
  • Customize itinerary: You can customize your itinerary by adding extras and essentials such as rental cars, hotels, etc. The flight extras give you the chance to upgrade or downgrade your deal type with additional prices. You can downgrade your departure ticket, return ticket, or both. 
  • Fill Passenger Info: The passenger details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Address need to be filled out correctly.  
  • Choose Payment Method: Southwest allows multiple payment channels for purchasing a flight. Choose the channel that fits you best such as Uplift, PayPal, Credit, Debit card, etc. 
  • Review and Submit: Review the details and check if everything is correct and in the right place. Confirm your submission after you are satisfied with the entered details. Cheers! You saved the bucks on your purchase.

Benefits of Low Fare Calendar at Southwest Airlines

The low-fare calendar provides you with a broader perspective to plan your itineraries. It helps you to justify your selection of flights and many other benefits that are hard to count on your fingers. However, we have listed some top benefits of the Southwest airlines low fare calendar for your consideration.

  • Multipurpose Tool: The low-fare calendar is not just a money-saving tool but a multipurpose tool for various tasks. You can record the flight departure and arrival time, rates, etc. all gathered in a single place. 
  • Better Comparison & Analyzation: It saves you from visiting multiple sites to compare flight prices. With the low-fare calendar, you analyze the airfares of different flights for different days without investing hours in finding and searching.
  • Your quote your own: Instead of getting quoted by the representative for the best fare price, you instruct them to book the flight at your preferred price through the calendar.
  • Strategically Planning: You plan a trip more strategically and in advance. It prevents you from the rush of peak hours and high inflated prices on special occasions. 
  • Money Savior: It prevents your pockets from burning through expensive flight tickets. You can see in the Image above that the fare price for the same destination on 1st January is $249 while you can book it for $90 on 24th & 30th January. 

Tips & Tricks for Maximum Utilization of Low fare Calendar at Southwest

  • Booking tickets on the cheapest days is always a profitable deal. You can choose the cheapest days on the calendar for purchasing a ticket. 
  • The eye-catching deals are always vulnerable to being snatched out. Therefore book these deals in advance as waiting for the last minute can cost you more money. 
  • It might be possible that the best deals are available only for a specific time frame. Being flexible with dates and times can win you a deal at the lowest price. 
  • Combining the reward program on Southwest can yield additional benefits for you. You can earn miles, vouchers, and special services for your purchase. 
  • You can use the low-fare calendar to explore flight prices between different pairs of cities or between nearby airports to your selected destinations. These tactics can help you to discover the hidden deal at attractive prices. 


At Southwest, the low-fare calendar is a valuable tool for finding economical and budget-savvy flights. Its merger with the booking window simplifies the booking process and provides a seamless flight purchasing experience. So, navigate in the sky of the Southwest low-fare calendar and quote your price when booking on call. Speak with the representative at 1-800-435-9792 and find an adventure with lots of savings. 


Q1. Where can I find the low-fare calendar at Southwest?

Ans. The low-fare calendar of Southwest can be found on the left-bottom of the booking window. Just click on the link and fetch the calendar with your inputs.

Q2. Can I use the low-fare calendar for the round trip?

Ans. You can use the low-fare calendar for any kind of trip. Select the desired trip by ticking the checkbox before the trip and perform the search. 

Q3. Can I access the low-fare calendar on a call with Southwest airlines Booking Associates?

Ans. The low-fare calendar can be best accessed on the Southwest website. However, you can request the associate to find the low rate for you using the low-fare calendar. 

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