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July 20, 2023

Want to book a multi-city flight for your long journey? No worry ! Southwest Airlines is the best choice for passengers to book a multi-city flights. You can do it easily and enjoy a hassle-free trip. Southwest Airlines flies to over 100 destinations worldwide and offers affordable bookings and comfortable flights. If you want to know more about Southwest Multi city flights or have any questions, this blog has answers to help you.

What is Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights?

Southwest Airlines offers different types of trips: one-way, round-trip, and multi-city. We are talking about the third one, multi-city. Multi city/stop bookings allow passengers to include up to 6 one-way flights on one reservation. That means you can explore five destinations (the last segment will be a return trip) in one itinerary. Passengers who want to explore different places in a country can book a multi city.

Another benefit of this flight is that it will cost you less than six one-way bookings. The combination of destinations on Southwest Airlines will be more like a vacation package under budget. There are several more benefits of multi-city that you didn’t know existed.

How to Book Multi City Flights on Southwest?

We have the answers if you are wondering how to book Multi city flights on Southwest. Below are the mentioned reservations steps that you need to follow.

  • Visit the official site of the airline on your desktop.
  • Wait for the homepage to load, then head to the Book a Flight tab.
  • Further, click on advanced search and fill in your preferences.
  • Then, select the multi city option on the top.
  • Fill in the other needed information and hit the search flights button.
  • The airline will show your plans’ available deals on the following page.
  • Go through the fare, halt time, and other details.
  • Furthermore, grab a seat on the one that suits you.
  • Next, add baggage to your bookings and make a seat selection.
  • You can skip these services for now.
  • Finally, move to the payment page, and the airline will prepare a combined bill for your purchases.
  • Clear the bill, and you are good to go.

What are Some Popular Southwest Multi City Destinations?

Travelers interested in booking a Multi city would want to know the popular routes of Southwest multi city flights. Southwest is best to travel across the wonders of the United States. Places like Disneyland (Orlando), Times Square (New York), Grand Canyon (Arizona), and many more are the best tourist attractions of the U.S. Southwest has flights that link all the routes of the country to help you explore these attractions. You can plan a Southwest multi-city trip as follows:

  • Dallas-Texas > Los Angeles > Cancun > Orlando > New York > > Las Vegas
  • Dallas-Texas > Miami > Aruba > Los Angeles > Cancun > Orlando > Montego Bay
  • Las Vegas > Hawaii > San Francisco
  • New Orleans > Memphis > Nashville

Check out more destinations on www.southwest.com by entering your flight preferences. Along with the number of destinations you explore, Southwest Airlines give various benefits that make it the best choice for multi city trip.

Benefits of Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights

Southwest Airlines offer different types/ choices for passengers to book flights. But its multiple benefits make Multi city flights stand out from the crowd. Have a look at the benefits below:

  • Cheaper than Separate Bookings

Multi City flight bookings are always cheaper than getting two different flight tickets. You can save a lot of money with this service. You can compare the prices yourself and see the huge difference between the two.

  • One ticket for Multiple Flights

When you book a separate reservation, you must take care of both flight tickets and boarding passes. However, with Southwest multi city bookings, all your bookings will appear on a single ticket. You don’t have to worry about various PDFs and other documents.

  • Long Halts

It might sound like a disadvantage, but it is not. Sitting on the flight can become tiring when travelling for 10+ hours straight. Travelling with multi-city tickets, you will get breaks in between when you have to change the plan. The halts are long enough for you to rest and let your body breathe.

  • Best for Business Trips

With multi-city flights, you can make a reservation according to your plans for just a little extra money. Suppose you have to stop to attend a quick meeting, get multi-city bookings, and get the same travel plans for a much cheaper cost.

Can you search multiple cities on Southwest?

While booking multi city flights with Southwest Airlines, you can line up six destinations in a single reservation. If you need help booking a multi city online, write your issues on the Southwest discussion form. A Southwest representative or community member will guide you. Another way to have smooth multi-stop bookings is by contacting Southwest customer service through phone calls. You will get complete assistance once your call connects to an airline expert.

What is the Best time to Book Southwest Multi City flights?

Many of you might be searching at times when there is a hike in flight ticket prices. So, the answer to ‘What is the best time to book a multi city?’ is – 10 weeks before departure. The sooner you search, the higher your chances of getting better deals. When vacations come around, look for multi city flight bookings on the Southwest website. Look for flights that are a minimum of 9 weeks away. Always remember as a flight’s departure gets closer, the ticket value increases, and so does the price.

Southwest Multi City Round Trip

Passengers often compare multi city flights of Southwest with the airline’s round trip. It’s important to know the differences and similarities in both. So, as you are now aware of multi-stop flights, you can explore up to 6 destinations in one reservation. At the same time, round-trip flights include the return trip to the origin where you started your journey. Southwest allows passengers to combine both facilities within a reservation. Let’s understand with an example.

Suppose you have multi city flights as A > B > C. You can add one more segment, including your return to destination A. So the reservation will look like A > B > C > A. Hence, you can get this benefit using Southwest advanced search tools or contacting airline staff directly.

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Southwest Airlines Multi-city Cancellation Policy

  • After making reservations, one cannot be 100% sure they will travel with the bookings.
  • You don’t have to stress about multi-trip flight cancellations.
  • Southwest allows passengers to make free changes or cancellations at least 10 minutes before departure.
  • You will surely get a complete refund of the payment made for your flight bookings.
  • The airlines will consider your payment method for flight bookings for a refund.
  • The points will return to your account if you book a flight using flight credits or rapid rewards.
  • Similarly, the refund will reflect in the bank statement for flight sales using credit cards.

However, you must cancel the reservation within the given time for any changes and cancellations. After 10 minutes of departure, you will lose eligibility for refunds.


You can book Southwest multi city flights online, from its office, or by contacting the airline’s customer service. A live person can assist you through the process and also help you get the best flight deals for the same. The team is very supportive and understanding and operates 24×7. Just provide them with your travel details and leave the rest to them. They will help you find cheaper deals to save more on the same booking.

People Asked Questions:-

Q. Can you book a multi city in the Southwest?

You can book the best multi city flights on southwest airlines. Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and click on the ‘Advanced search’ option. You will get the option to select multi city flights and further fill in additional information.

Q. What is Southwest multi city booking number?

To book multi city flights, call the Southwest Airlines reservations number and get complete information. You can even ask the airline’s representative to book a flight in exchange for a service charge.

Q. Is it cheaper to book Southwest Multi City flights together?

Southwest Airlines does not offer any cost-saving discount on multi-city flights. However, passengers can save money by booking multiple flights in a single payment to avoid extra charges.

Q. How long can I stay in one stop on a Southwest multi city flight?

The specific duration of your Southwest multi city flight layover depends on flight availability, schedule, and destinations in your itinerary. Southwest Airlines has no fixed rule regarding a layover’s maximum or minimum duration.

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