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July 19, 2023

Red Eye flights are hitting internet searches of passengers who prefer midnight travel. Delta Airlines is one of the trusted airlines that offer this facility of late-night flights. The flights that take off late at night and arrive early morning, around 5-6 pm, are known as red eye flights. Delta Airlines Red Eye flights offer calmness and make you feel like you’re sleeping at home. And, in the morning, see the sunrise of your flight destination. Read this blog to know all the important details before you book red eye flights.

What is Delta Red Eye Flight?

Delta Airlines offer red eye flights throughout the year. So, you can check the availability of red eye flights on www.delta.com or use Delta mobile app. Delta reflects a special red eye icon so it gets easy for passengers to recognize the available plane.

  • Flight bookings are only available for 9 pm -1 am departures. Flights after 5 am will no longer be considered a red eye.
  • Also, red-eye flights travel west-east and take passengers across cities, coasts, and countries.
  • Unaccompanied minors and persons with disabilities can also board the flights as Delta have no specific restrictions.
  • However, please inform any special needs/requirements for the passenger well in advance.
  • Informing at the last minute may or may not be useful.

Flights that take off late at night are called red eye flights. These flights are similar to those flights that depart in the daytime. However, there are some differences and similarities that you must know while planning to board a red eye. Have a look at the table below to understand these flights:

Delta Red eye flights

Delta Daytime flights

  • Depart late night
  • Arrive at destination early in the morning 
  • Red eye flights are non stop and take less time to reach the destination airport.
  • Quick Check in
  • Passengers can sleep peacefully as the flight is calm inside
  • Best for long haul flights
  • Passengers save travel time on a daytime schedule. 
  • Usual Inflight entertainment and services 
  • Passengers wear comfortable cardigans or night dress on flights
  • Red eye flights are cheaper than usual ones
  • Less crowded flights
  • No accommodation required for night stay after travel.
  • No long wait at the time of check in.
  • Best for all trips
  • Last minute reservations can be cost saving
  • Depart daytime 
  • Arrive at destination at different timings
  • Daytime flight timings completely depend
  • Late check in
  • Passengers may sleep or do any inflight activity 
  • Good for all types of flights
  • Passengers take time out of daytime schedules to board flights.
  • Usual Inflight entertainment and services 
  • Passengers dress up according to their requirements.
  • Daytime flight prices fluctuate and depend on many factors.
  • Flight crowd depend on flight sales
  • Passengers require accommodation for late night arrivals.
  • Long wait time on daytime flights.
  • Good for vacations
  • Last minute reservations are expensive

After going through the table above, you will surely prefer red eye flights over daytime flights. However, any individual reasons might impact the flight one chooses.

Benefits of Booking a Delta Red Eye Flights

Here are all the perks and benefits of red-eye flights with Delta Airlines:

Flights are cheaper: As fewer passengers book red eye flights, you can book flights at less expensive rates. Also, if you book flights last minute, you will only see a slight price increase.

Less Tiring: Night travel can be less exhausting, as the flights will be silent. Fewer passengers make it the best option to sleep comfortably and fly hassle-free.

Easy to catch early morning connecting flights: Red-eye flights are the best option for passengers/flyers to catch a morning flight at the destination airport. It’s an essential benefit for many travelers.

Best for one-day travel: It is easy for budget travelers to plan their one-day trip and then return by traveling on red-eye flights the same day.

Saves time on Travel: There is less Air Traffic on the aircraft routes at night. It helps the flight to cover the entire journey in 4-6 hours. However, the timings may vary depending on flight routes and other factors.

Early to board, early to reach: The flight departs at 9 pm, which is still early enough, and reaches the destination early, around 5-6 am. It helps the passenger to depart and reach in the morning.

Less crowd onboard: The red eye flights are calm because of fewer passengers on board. Travelers can shut both their eyes peacefully with or without the eye mask.

Almost no flight delays: As there are few red eye flights at night, flyers will experience no or few delays. It will save you and Delta from the consequences of flight delays.

Quick and easy assistance: Though there are fewer difficulties, you will get instant assistance. It’s because fewer people are boarding flights at midnight. Thus, it gets easy for the airline staff to handle limited passengers.

What are the Services Offered by Delta Red Eye Flight?

Delta Airlines provides good facilities on midnight/red eye flights. The services are almost the same as on daytime flights. Delta Airlines are much more silent than daytime flights, so some facilities differ on red-eye planes. Below are the inflight/onboard services of Delta red eye flights almost available on all midnight aircraft:

  • Free entertainment on seatback screens
  • Fast Wi-Fi and free messaging
  • Food, beverages, and complimentary snacks
  • You can customize lightweight meals as per your preferences.
  • Cabin class passengers will get Soft blankets.
  • Passengers can sleep comfortably on reclining seats(limited seats)
  • Get free additional seats when no one has reserved a seat beside you.

How to Book Red Eye flights from Delta Airlines?

The booking process for midnight/red-eye flights is similar to that of daytime flight bookings. You can search for flights according to your requirements and select one that suits you. Have a look at the following methods with step-by-step instructions:

Online Booking via the Website

  • Firstly, browse the Delta Airlines website using a suitable browser.
  • Then, click the ‘Book Flight’ tab or an option with a similar phrase.
  • Further, fill in the date, destination, number of passengers & passenger information,
  • You must submit the details by clicking the ‘Search’ button.
  • Many available flights will reflect on the screen.
  • Select the flight that suits you and follow the prompts.
  • Submit your details and make the final payment
  • You will receive a confirmation message with all the details of your flight bookings.

Book Flights Delta Mobile App

  • Install and launch the Delta app on your mobile
  • Further, log in to your Delta account using your details.
  • If you don’t have a Delta account, skip the login.
  • Now, click ‘Book flight’ and fill in your flight details.
  • Cross-check your flight requirements and submit the details.
  • Then, from all available options, select one that suits the passenger/traveler
  • Follow the prompts and complete the details to book the flight.
  • Add or remove amenities according to requirements.
  • Finalize everything by making the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

Make Reservations with a Phone Call

  • Open the official website of Delta Airlines
  • Visit the ‘contact us’ page and find a number according to your region.
  • Copy the contact number of Delta Airlines.
  • Launch your mobile phone dialer and paste the number.
  • Call on the number and wait for the IVR instructions.
  • The automated instructions will give you options like, Pressing 1 to book a flight.
  • Follow the required and wait once you hear, ‘Your call is now being transferred to an airline expert.’
  • As the call connects, provide all details and ask the representative to book a flight for you.
  • Also, you can seek assistance from the agent to book a flight on your own.
  • Make the final payment (including the agent’s service charge) and receive the booking confirmation.

Last Minute Flights Booking at the Airport

Red eye flights are available at good prices even when you book at the last minute. Before visiting the airport, confirm the operations of Delta flights at that particular airport. You can visit the airport around 7-8 pm to book a red eye flight.

  • Locate the Delta Airlines terminal of the airport you visit.
  • Further, visit the help desk counter of Delta terminal.
  • Talk to the representative available at the counter and share your concern.
  • After telling you your preferences, the representative will show you the list of flights available.
  • Choose the flight that suits you and give the necessary details to make reservations.
  • Pay the amount to confirm ticket bookings.

It’s better to check the availability online for flights to your destination. Doing this will save you time and effort at the airport.

by Live Chat Option

At times when you are unable to find Red Eye flights with Delta Airlines, you can use the live chat option for assistance. This option is best for customers/passengers who want to save customer service charges on phone calls or at the airport.

  • Visit the delta airlines website.
  • Go to the ‘Contact Us page at the bottom of the page.
  • Locate the ‘Chat with us’ option.
  • Text the available representative and ask them to show you available midnight flights.
  • Further, choose one from all available options and finalize your bookings by paying the sum.

Which Flights are Best for Delta Midnight Travel?

Delta Airlines Long haul flights are best when the passenger wants to cover a long route. Suppose your scheduled departure for red-eye flights is at 9 pm. You can cover long routes within the flight time and arrive at your destination early in the morning.

You can then continue your daytime schedules at arrival without wasting time. Passengers can take red eye flights for Business meetings, family emergencies, medical treatment, and short vacation trips. Red eye flights can help you reach your destination for any purpose.

Can I Book a Round trip on Red Eye Delta Flights?

When booking a return trip, you can add a Red eye delta flight in the next segment of your flight. It’s a good option for passengers/customers with a tiring trip. Select the flight type as Round/Return trip when searching for a flight.

Further, select the date and time of your flight departure and arrival on both flight segments. You can choose the flights from the available options. It will help you save travel time and reduce the total payable amount of your round trip.

Are there any Disadvantages of Delta Flights Red Eye?

Nothing in this world comes with all good. The Delta red eye has some disadvantages too. For example, traveling with small kids and infants might cause trouble. As most passengers would want a peaceful sleep on the flight, your mini traveler can bring chaos. Thus, like most airlines, Delta avoids passengers below an age limit. Talk to a Delta expert about whether you can travel with your child or other minors on the red eye.

Further, consider any health issues before you fly at midnight flights. Passengers who are habitual to sleep on their particular belongings might feel difficult to fall asleep. However, frequent flyers will sleep throughout the flight without difficulties and have a fresh morning.

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What are some Popular Routes of Red Eye Delta flight?

The airline flies majorly from the United States of America to destinations across the world. However, have a look at the following destinations:

  • Canada
  • California
  • In Europe: England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc.
  • Las Vegas (McCarran International Airport)
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York City (JFK Airport)
  • Pennsylvania (Philadelphia International Airport)
  • Tokyo

People Asked Questions:-

Q. What to wear on red eye flights Delta

You must wear a comfortable cardigan or any suitable night dress on Delta red eye flights. It will help you to relax well on board.

Q. Is it more expensive to book red eye or daytime flights?

Delta flights during the daytime are more costly than those of red eye flights. It’s because very few people search for specific red eye flights.

Q. What is the primary benefit of Delta Airlines red eye flights?

Delta red eye is best to travel as it helps to reach the destination early in the morning, which saves both time and money on accommodation. The plane is so calm with almost all sleepy passengers, making the flights safer. You can even book flights for unaccompanied minors without a hitch.

Q. What are the types of Red eye flight bookings?

You can book one-way, round-trip, and multi-city on red eye flights. But it depends on the midnight flight availability. Thus, you can have red eye flight booking in some segments of your itinerary.

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