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June 19, 2023

American Airlines serves the largest number of passengers in the United States. Passengers choose America because of the discounts and cheap flights the airlines offer. One such deal is the American airlines black Friday sale. For the year 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24 Friday. So, if you are willing to surprise your family this Thanksgiving, plan a trip to Europe with American Airlines. This blog will give you all information about the popular Black Friday sale and the process to avail great discounts.

Does American Airlines have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes ! American Airlines starts the Black Friday sales in November every year. 2023 is no exception; the airlines will declare the beginning of the limited deals soon. You can look for cheap flights, car rentals, and discounts on other amenities. This deal is for travelers/ customers wanting to save big on American flights. Also, once you find a Black Friday deal, book immediately as the airlines work on ‘first come, first serve.’ 

American Airlines Black Friday Sale: Get up to 20% OFF on Promo Codes

Book flights to your dream destination on American Airlines Black Friday Sale 2023. Looking back at 2022, we can expect the sale to begin on Black Friday and end on Cyber Monday. Yet, many deals will run till 1st week of December. Besides flight discounts, you can score up to 20% off on promo codes for future travel. 

Book Flights on Sale & Save up to 20% later

Using American Airlines Black Friday deals, you can book your next flights for up to 20% off. Complete your flight booking on Black Friday and receive a promo code. Or, you may receive a coupon or reward points in your AA account. Use the code for up to 20% discount on your next flight. Also, you can book flights on partner airlines using American Airlines reward points.

Note: The airline will announce the start and end dates for the Black Friday Sale 2023. For more information, visit the American Airlines deals section of the main website.

When is American Airlines release Black Friday deals?

In 2023, the airlines declared the start of Black Friday deals before the actual dates. Thus, looking for Black Friday sales sooner is always better than the actual dates. Many airlines (including American Airlines) release the sale a few weeks before. So, the sooner you grab the deals, the better your chances to save big on flights.

Popular Destinations on American Airlines Black Friday Sale

The airlines provide more than 300 destinations across different countries. American Airlines discounts various domestic and international destinations during the Black Friday sale. Popular destinations of the American Airlines Black Friday sale 2023 include:

  • Florida (Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale)
  • Carolina (Charlotte, Asheville, and New Bern)
  • California (Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego)
  • Hawaii (Honolulu and other islands like Maui or Kauai)
  • Las Vegas

There are timely changes in the Black Friday deals on American Airlines. Thus, watch for the perfect offer – check the AA deals page to make the most of your travel!

How to Get the Cheapest Deals on American Airlines Black Friday Sale?

  • AAdvantage loyalty program membership: The loyalty program members get low price fares and more frequent deals. 
  • American Airlines Low Fare page: Another option to get the low prices on all airlines facilities is visiting the low fare page. 
  • Keep checking American Airlines Black Friday Sale updates: As the airlines work on the model of ‘First come, First serve,’ it’s important to stay updated. It will help you to grab the deals immediately.
  • Have a flexible travel schedule: Passengers restricted to particular dates have few chances to get a good discount. As these deals are limited, choose wisely from the available options.
  • Look for midnight/red-eye flights: These flights are usually cheaper, and you can see the lowest price on Black Friday.
  • Use Incognito Mode: You will typically find the finest rates for your trip with this option. Incognito mode secures your search for cheap airline tickets on the American Airlines website.

How to Book American Airlines Black Friday Flight Tickets?

The most used method to book American Airlines cheap Black Friday flights is via the official site of American Airlines. You can also use the Mobile app to book flights at a discount. Have a look at the complete procedure below:

Via official website

  • Browse www.aa.com
  • A new option, ‘Black Friday Deals,’ will be available on your screen.
  • After navigating to another tab, fill in the required details per your preferences.
  • Click on the ‘Search flight’ tab or a similar phrase.
  • Many available flights will appear on the screen. 
  • Check and compare the price of all flights.
  • Select one flight booking and proceed to fill in further details.
  • Make the final payment (use points) and receive the confirmation mail.

With the help of Mobile app

  • Install the mobile application from the official website of American Airlines
  • Log in to your AAdvantage account using your details (an important step to use points)
  • Click on the ‘Black Friday Sale’ tab
  • Fill in the fields to search for available flights.
  • Select a flight from the options and follow the prompts.
  • Complete the ticketing details and make payment to confirm flight bookings.

In case you face any difficulties while booking flights, contact American Airlines. Please note that any course of action by the airline representative will incur a service charge. 

Can I book flights on American Airlines Points Sale?

Frequent flyers of American Airlines must be aware of AAdvantage points/miles. You can get these points by:

  • Booking flights on American or partner airlines. Especially on Cyber Mondays and Black Friday.
  • Shopping brands associated with American airlines
  • Using American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard credit card
  • Buy or transfer points using the official site of American Airlines.

AAdvantage members get 7.5% cash back in the form of points for future flights. Using points, customers can book flights and extra amenities on the Black Friday sale to get extra benefits. Travelers can book flights in late November and get bonus miles and deals on different trips. It’s better to sign up for the American Airlines loyalty program before the deal starts.

Buy, Gift, or Transfer AA miles for Black Friday.

The top idea to earn miles for Black Friday is to use the American Airlines Buy, Gift, or Transfer miles feature. It is available on the official webpage of aviation. You can buy them at a discount if you want to earn miles. Travelers not willing to use miles this year can gift or transfer the points to a friend planning a trip. From November 27 through November 30, travelers wishing to purchase or gift miles can save up to 50%. Follow the steps below to use this feature:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines at www.aa.com
  • Click on the ‘AAdvantage’ tab on the top right of the page.
  • Further, select Buy, Gift, or transfer miles.
  • A new tab will appear on the screen.
  • Log in to your AAdvantage account using your credentials. 
  • Follow the prompts and do the required.

This way, you can earn American airlines gift certificates for sale on Black Friday. 

What if I miss the American Airlines Black Friday Deals?

For many, the dark side of Black Friday deals is ‘What if I miss acting on time to get deals?’ And you might want to know if I can get more discounts or deals. American Black Friday offers are limited, but that doesn’t mean all deals are over. You can check out deals on Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday. The airline offers cheap fares on the ‘Daily deals’ page on the official site of American Airlines. However, all deals and offers are limited to time and run out easily due to high demand. So, subscribing to American Airlines’ newsletter or other sources can be helpful to stay informed.

Does AA offer Vacations Packages Deals?

American Airlines provide vacation packages throughout the year. As per the survey, AA finds most sales during the Black Friday deals. During the year ending, all flight facilities, including Vacation packages, get cheaper. There is a high chance that the airline will provide you with a promo code for $125 off on vacations. If you choose American Airlines to plan a vacation trip, you can get discounts on many services. Use Black Friday deals on fares, car rentals, hotels, etc, included in your flight bookings.

What day is American Airlines cheapest to fly?

Until the Black Friday sale starts, you can check ongoing deals and discounts. American Airlines provide cheap flights on low peak days. You can book flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to travel for less. But, if the flight is unavailable, you can experience high prices even on weekdays. Also, there are times when weekend flights are cheaper than weekdays. Other factors influencing the prices are flight, route, fare, etc. 

What is the Best time to Book American Airlines Flights?

You can get ongoing deals on American flights throughout the year. But Black Friday is the best time to travel with almost nil expenses. So, to get the most benefit, have flexible travel dates. Black Friday deals are available for flight bookings in the low travel season. So, plan your travel on weekdays or during less crowded times on the airline.

How far in advance should I book an AA flight?

When passengers check flight prices touching the ground, many wonder how long we can hold flight bookings. The answer to your question is – for up to 331 days in advance. So, you can book tickets on sale with departure after ten months. Even without any deals, you can save a good amount on flights with bookings. 


In this blog, you read about American Airlines Black Friday sales that can start around Thanksgiving. For 2023, the sale is yet to go live, so it’s important to stay updated. Passengers will get deals according to ‘First come, First serve’ basis. You can get flights on at least 20% discount. Also, you can use the promo code from Black Friday offers to book a future trip. So, avail the complete benefit by visiting www.aa.com or contacting American Airlines at the official contact number.

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