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June 15, 2023

Have you ever wished to travel in first class but are always conscious about the budget? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will help you to enjoy the luxuries of first class without hitting hard on your pocket. If you are an Elite member of Alaska Airlines, you can receive complimentary Alaska Airlines first class upgrade depending on availability. To get a deep dive into getting an upgrade in Alaska, refer to this article.

How to Upgrade Alaska Airlines First-Class Seat?

If you’re curious about how to upgrade to first-class Alaska Airlines, then follow these instructions.

  • You may access the check-in page by opening the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • Alternatively, you may enter your account by entering your login information.
  • After that, select the Upgrade option to see whether you have the choice to upgrade to first class.
  • Now, by following the onscreen instructions, you may upgrade your seats.
  • Pay for the upgrades using miles or other accepted forms of payment.

How to Skip Alaska Airlines Upgrade Waitlist?

Alaska keeps up to date with all the upgrade lists. Depending on your position on the upgrade list, the airline will assign you one of the available first-class seats. The following factors are taken into account by Alaska Airlines while compiling the upgrade list:

Elite level: Your elite level, also known as your frequent flyer status, represents the miles you have traveled with the airline over the previous calendar year. At 20,000 miles, Alaska Airlines’ MVP elite level is the lowest. You may gain status levels ranging from MVP Gold to MVP Gold 100K based on how many miles you travel. You’ll rank higher on the upgrade list the higher your status.

Fare type: Alaska gives a letter to each category of a plane seat to identify the pricing class. You can locate the fare class letter in brackets while purchasing your ticket or viewing the flight details for already booked flights. Several fare classes provide more free upgrades than others. You will go up the upgrade backlog in order of fare class.

Position as a million-miler. You can move up the upgrade waitlist if you’ve flown 1 million miles or more with Alaska.

Time of booking: the time you booked your travel is the last element Alaska considers when determining your position on the first-class waitlist. How early you purchase your ticket might decide whether or not you get first place on the waitlist or lose out on the upgrade if you compete for the last first-class seat upgrade.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade to First-Class Cost:

The price of an Alaska Airlines first-class upgrade cost varies according to the travel destination. If upgrade space is available, it can cost as little as $29 for a trip of up to 450 miles and as much as $199 for a voyage of at least 2101 miles.

You can upgrade Alaska Airlines to first class via an official site, an airport ticket window, or a flight entrance. You can upgrade your seat within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. It must be noted that airlines never provide free Alaska first-class upgrades.

Can I upgrade to first-class Alaska Airlines without Elite Status?

Even if you don’t have Alaska Airlines elite status, you can get a first-class upgrade by paying when all elite member upgrades are cleared. The upgrade inventory is still available for purchase for the “U” class. Therefore, if you desire an upgrade, take the initiative and inquire with Alaska Airlines rather than waiting for a notice that upgrades are available for purchase.

Alaska Airlines Companion Fare First Class:

Suppose you are an Elite Gold member traveling with a companion, and he is on a different reservation. In that case, you can call the Mileage Plan service to upgrade your companion. There can be only one companion upgrade. No upgrade is applicable If there is more than one companion on the same reservation.

How to use the Alaska Companion Fare:

To take the full benefit of the Alaska Companion Fare, refer to the steps below:

  • Log into your Alaska Airlines MileagePlus account to use the companion fare. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner to log into your account.
  • Once logged in, choose the “Discount and companion fare codes” option.
  • Now, You’ll see all the available discounts and companion fare codes.
  • Then enter the destination and dates, and click the “Find flights” option.
  • Select the Companion Fare you are eligible for and make the payment.
How to Upgrade with Alaska Air Miles When Purchasing a ticket?

You can use your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles to upgrade your journey to make an Alaska Airlines upgrade. First, you need to go to alaskaair.com and fill in the Booking details like your departure and destination. When flights are shown, choose Mileage from the Upgrade fare type. First-class upgrades are priced at 15,000 Mileage Plan miles each trip.

Can I Upgrade My Existing Reservation with Miles?

You can call Alaska Airlines Reservations to get an upgrade to first class on an existing reservation made with miles. For a one-way upgrade, the cost is the same at 15,000 Mileage Plan miles and covers connecting flights.

Is first class in Alaska worth it?

Passengers often think twice before booking a first-class cabin because of its cost. If you are confused about getting a first-class upgrade, then here are a few pros of making a first-class upgrade. After that, you can decide whether to upgrade or not.

  • You can comfortably be seated in a luxury seat with extra legroom, free checked bags, and priority boarding. You will have access to extra baggage allowance.
  • When a flight arrives at its destination, first-class passengers are always the first to board and leave.
  • Sometimes the first class passengers also receive fast check-in and speedy security checks.
  • You can relax in lounges that offer special food and drinks.
  • On the flight, mouth-watering meal options are available, along with vegetarian selections and alcoholic beverages.
  • You may preorder your lunch online or through the Alaska mobile app, but meals are only offered on flights longer than 670 miles.
  • Additionally, you’ll get 75% more Mileage Plan bonus miles when you buy a first-class ticket with Alaska than when you buy an economy ticket.


After going through this blog, you might have a detailed idea of Alaska airlines upgrade to first class. Now not only will you save a lot of your hard-earned money, but also you can make your journey luxurious by experiencing the comforts of the first-class cabin at a minimum upgrade fee.

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