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June 6, 2023

Low-cost Sun Country Airlines offers a range of travel classes to meet the needs and price ranges of different customers. Sun Country provides customers with two service classes: First Class and Coach, but it does not have a typical first-class cabin. Sun Country Airlines First Class is a high-quality service with many benefits and extra features unavailable in Coach.

Benefits of Sun Country First Class

Are you willing to upgrade your casual fare to first class on Sun Country Airlines? Then have a look at the following sun country first class benefits:

  • Priority boarding
  • Around 3 inches of extra legroom
  • Wider seats
  • Larger reclining chairs
  • Two check-in bags for free 
  • Free food and drinks, including alcoholic ones.
  • Excellent treatment from flight attendants to ensure their comfort. 
  • More luxury and convenience than Coach.

Given above are some sun country first class perks in the current scenario. However, Sun Country plans to include more facilities on board and offboard for all first-class passengers.

How to Upgrade Sun Country Airlines to First Class?

As we get all the details of first class fares of Sun Country Airlines, we will now be discussing, ‘How to get my Sun Country reservations upgraded to First class?’ You can check out  through the following steps:

  • Click on the official site of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Choose the ‘Manage Trips’ option visible on the screen.
  • Further, enter your login credentials, like, your last name and reservation code, to help the system track your flight bookings.
  • Then, you will see the submit option, ‘Manage My Trips,’ after entering your flight details.
  • Next, select the flight bookings that need to be changed/upgraded to first class.
  • Also, go to the option ‘Change seat’ or a similar phrase.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts and make the necessary payments to finalize your upgrades.

How much does Sun Country First Class Upgrade Cost?

On Sun country airlines, all available seat upgrades cost around 2 USD to 35 USD in addition to the seat charges. However, Sun Country Airlines first class upgrade cost you around $149-$220, excluding the seat change fees.

It’s important to note that all the fees are subject to changes concerning various factors. Therefore, get in touch with an airline expert to know the exact pricing of first-class seats in Sun Country.

Is it possible to escape Sun Country First Class Upgrade Cost?

Yes! You can escape the sun country upgrade cost by opting for some tricks. These tricks are easy for anyone willing to board a Sun country flight. Have a look at the mentioned below points:

  • Firstly, Sun Country offers the cheapest flights, making it easy to spend without hassle.
  • Secondly, the airlines keep coming up with various deals and discounts.
  • Keep track of the fluctuating prices of flights & book flights accordingly.. 
  • Lastly, follow the airline official page on social media and also subscribe to the airline’s newsletter to stay updated and save more.

Do follow these tricks and have a cost-saving journey on Sun Country Airlines. 

Are there any sun country first class meals onboard?

Yes! The airline surely gives a quality complimentary meal to all the passengers with a Sun Country first-class upgrade. All first-class passengers on flights operated by Sun Country Airlines get added non-alcoholic refreshments. Juices, coffee, tea, and soft drinks fall under this category.

Passengers can ask the flight attendants for these drinks anytime throughout the trip. Beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails are available on the airline’s in-flight menu and can be paid for with a credit card. Along with these Sun Country first-class benefits, travelers should check with the airline ahead of time to see if any special beverages are offered on the flight or if they have any special dietary needs or preferences

Does Sun Country offers Preferred Seats?

Yes! Sun Country does provide preferred seats on the flights. This option is great for all passengers willing to secure their extra legroom seats in advance. You can easily purchase preferred seats online using the Sun Country first class seating chart while booking your sun country flight.

Also, if you skip reserving your seats on Sun Country, you can select the seats later, but there will be no guarantee that you will get your favorite seats available later. 


Hopefully, you got the answer to the most troubling question, ‘How much does it cost to upgrade to first class on Sun Country?’ The above information is precise to get everything you need to know about first-class seating on Sun Country Airlines. In case you need further and direct assistance and answers to all your questions.

People Asked Questions:-

Q. Does Sun Country have a first-class section?

Yes! Sun Country has first-class fares open to all passengers. Check the buying option by visiting the official site of Sun Country Airlines.

Q. Does Sun Country have priority boarding?

Absolutely! Sun Country does priority boarding firstly for people with disabilities, secondly for active military workers, and then for first-class passengers.

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