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January 3, 2024

Are you worrying about unexpected costs because of flight delays by Airports? Delta Airlines let you get rid of this expense by providing a Delta Meal Voucher. 

Delta Airlines being among the world’s largest airlines takes pride in its brand and services. The legacy carrier of the US usually serves 5400 flights per day to 325 destinations on six continents. Headquartered in Georgia, It operates more than 900 flights all around the world through the nine hub airports located at different locations in the USA.

The airline is no leg behind in offering quality air services to fliers. Even it compensates you with different vouchers and credit points for your inconvenience with Delta Airlines. This article focusing on the meal voucher, gives you a brief learning about  Meal Voucher, how to use it, the meal voucher policy, and much more. 

What is Delta Airlines Meal Voucher?

Meal Vouchers are the compensation that Delta offers to mitigate your dissatisfaction with Delta caused due to flight disruption. The airline offers you a meal voucher in case your flight (direct to destination or connecting) gets delayed for three hours or more.

The Delta Meal Voucher in the form of QR contains the following pieces of information such as voucher amount, expiration date, Master Card Number, and CVC. The pieces of information need to be entered when redeeming your meal voucher. However, you must redeem it before its expiration date otherwise the amount value will be forfeited.

How to Use the Delta Airlines Meal Voucher?

Delta Airlines allows you to use it for food and beverages at any participating restaurants. Although you can use it for purchasing food at the airport, you can not use it for onboard purchases. 

How to Redeem Delta Meal Voucher?

Meal Vouchers at Delta are easy to redeem at locations that are in participation with Delta Airlines and are defined by the Merchant Code. You can redeem the meal voucher to purchase food for the value it contains. Read the methods below for easy redemption.

Redeem on Website

  • Access the Website: Click on Delta airlines official site through a safe browser  
  • Login to Your Airline Account: Log in to your airline account by entering the confirmation number and your legal name (with which you made the booking).
  • Add Food Menu: Access the food and beverage service by clicking on the ‘Add Service’ Icon. Add foods to your menu and proceed with the payment method.
  • Redeem Voucher: Apply your voucher and If your payment exceeds the voucher value,  pay the difference. 
  • Receive Confirmation: On successful redemption, you will get the confirmation message in your mail. 

Redeem on Phone

Other than the website, you can use the voucher with the assistance of the Delta Airlines representatives or customer associates. You need to connect with the airlines by dialing 1 (800) 221-1212. Follow the IVR process, go with the correct options, and speak with the representatives for voucher redemption, and Bingo! You saved your money on meal expenses.

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Meal Voucher Policies at Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines notifies you within 30 minutes after a flight is confirmed as delayed. You can also get delayed notifications on the interactive app. Although the airline is entitled to compensate you in case of delayed flight. Here are the meal voucher policies that you must consider to avail the maximum benefits. 

  • The voucher contains an expiry date stating ‘Redeem By’ which means you must use the voucher value before the stated date. Usually, it expires at midnight Eastern time zone. 
  • You can use meal vouchers at any participating locations defined by the merchant code. However, you can use it in a restaurant near the airport or other participating locations.
  • You can not transfer the meal voucher to other fliers for use. It is for only a single use and you can not request to convert the value into cash.
  • You can not purchase a food item of value higher than the specified amount in the voucher. However, you are allowed to combine the voucher amount and pay the difference. 
  • You can not use meal vouchers for onboard purchases and you must monitor the remaining value after each use. 

How much amount does the Delta Meal Voucher have?

The Delta meal voucher usually comes with a value of up to $15. However, the compensation amount is not the subject of thumb rule. It may vary depending on the length of the flight, the seriousness of the disturbance, or any other circumstances. 


Delta Airlines stands out in providing customer-centric services to fliers. The unexpected disruption in your journey with Delta can win you a meal voucher to make your waiting time more comfortable. You can win the meal voucher as a welcome gesture in other certain cases also such as premium bookings, first-time bookings, etc. So, instead of waiting book your journey with Delta right now by dialing 1 (800) 221-1212.

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