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February 7, 2024

Have you missed your JetBlue flight but want to travel to your destination on the same ticket? Don’t worry JetBlue allows you to travel to your destination through JetBlue Standby.

The passengers through JetBlue Standby can fly to the same destination on the same ticket but for an additional amount. For this, you need to pay an additional $75 or more, and an empty seat becomes yours. Not only this, if you wish you can make changes in your itinerary. You can fly on an early flight before the departure of your original flight or choose a later flight. 

The standby facility provides you with every flexibility to customize your itinerary to your new plan. So, learn about how you fly standby on JetBlue, methods of booking standby tickets, standby rules, benefits, and many more in this article. 

When Can You Choose to Fly on Standby at JetBlue?

The JetBlue Stand-by is helpful in critical moments of flight missing or on sudden change in itinerary. You can choose to travel on stand-by in the following circumstances. So go through the below texts to know these circumstances. 

  • You missed your scheduled flight and the airline rolls on you to fly on the next available flight.
  • When you choose to fly on an early flight because of a sudden change in your travel plan. 
  • If you arrive at the airport too early then you can choose the Go-show option. It means that you can try for an empty seat on early flights by keeping the actual booking intact.
  • When you upgrade or degrade your seat at JetBlue.
  • In the circumstance of overbooking, the airline puts you on the JetBlue standby list

JetBlue Same-Day Switch Policy

Other than the stand-by, JetBlue allows you to switch your flight to another flight on the day of travel. This facility is known as Same Day Switch which guarantees you confirm seats on switched flights. However, you can switch your flight between the same airport or a neighboring airport that JetBlue approves.

Go through below highlights about the same day switch policy: 

  • The same-day switch facility requires a flat fee of $75 without any fare difference.
  • You can switch flights either to an early flight or a later flight than your original departure.
  • In contrast to the stand-by, same-day switching allows booking on connecting flights or interlinking flights.

How to Book JetBlue Standby Flights?

If you wish to book a stand-by reservation then you must do it at the airport in person. However, mere booking does not guarantee you a seat as it depends on seat availability. Also, keep in mind that JetBlue Airlines does not allow booking for stand-by travel online or over the phone.

Learn the JetBlue Standby booking method in the following simple steps. 

  • Book a regular ticket on JetBlue through any means such as the website, phone, or at the airport.
  • Now, check for an early or later flight that flies between the same city pair as booked in the original ticket. 
  • If you find one then speak to the representative for a standby ticket after check-in.
  • After that, pay the standby fee which is refundable to everyone. 
  • Finally, wait patiently and behave gently to get a seat on the standby flight. 

JetBlue Standby Rules

JetBlue has clear guidelines for both JetBlue stand-by and JetBlue same-day changes. Since both facilities have common features, their guidelines are also common with slight distinctions.

Go through the JetBlue standby rules so that you can take advantages the maximum features of both. 

  • You can travel stand-by only between the same origin and destination as in your original booking.
  • JetBlue provides stand-by facilities only from that city that have multiple departing flights in a day. 
  • When you choose to travel on stand-by then the seat allocation depends on the availability of empty seats. Hence, you can not claim guaranteed seats on stand-by.
  • Being listed in stand-by may degrade your seat class. In that case, you can not claim the same seat on stand-by flights.
  • JetBlue allows only one person per reservation to list for stand-by at the airport.
  • You need not pay a stand-by fee if you are a Mosaic or have a refundable ticket at JetBlue.

How Much Fee is for JetBlue Standby?

The JetBlue Standby services or same-day changes come at an additional price of $75 which is refundable. It means the airline will credit your money back to your account in case you fail to allot a confirmed seat to you. In addition to this, the fee is fixed and does not vary with fare differences. Go through the table below to understand the JetBlue standby fee for different categories. 

Particulars Stand-by Fee  per person (Refundable) Same-day Change Fee (Refundable)
In General for all Fares $75 $75 
Mosaic Members/Blue Extra Fares $0 $0 

JetBlue Standby Priority

If you are expecting a standby seat then you must remain cautions and professional. It is up to the airport crew members to provide a seat for you. Therefore you must behave gently and should not try to draw attention through weird gestures. Besides this, the airline gives priority to frequent flyers and flyers who spend more money on tickets. Learn the briefs of seat priority for standby that can increase the chances of getting a seat. 

  • Frequent Flyer Status: A strong frequent flier status can increase the chances of winning a stand-by seat. Hence, if you fly regularly then possibilities are that JetBlue will give you priority in seat offering. 
  • Fare Type: The airline usually gives priority to the customer who paid more for the ticket. It means that customers with Mint or Blue Extra have higher chances of getting a stand-by seat than Blue Basic fare. 

JetBlue Standby Key Points

In the above lines, we have discussed every key thing for JetBlue Standby. However, there are some reminders or key points that you must keep in mind when rolling for stand-by.

  • Jetblue same-day standby & same-day switch are the two alternatives to restore damage caused by flight missing or plan changes.
  • You can not ask for any type of compensation such as delay or overbooking when traveling as stand-by.
  • The airline will allot seats only when it is empty. Therefore, don’t rush or hurry as it may irritate the crewmembers and you can lose the chance of getting a seat. 
  • You should dress appropriately when traveling on standby to create a good impression of yourself. This is because doing so may enhance the chances of getting a seat. 
  • The airline prohibits stand-by customers from revealing their travel permission. It means that you should not tell others that you are flying on standby. 


JetBlue’s standby and same-day switch are two alternatives for your flexible travels. They serve similar features for a reasonable service fee of $75. It provides a complete solution for your flexible travel. Therefore, take the steps to make your journey adaptable with Jetblue standby. Call 1-800-538-2583 right now for Jetblue standby booking or Jetblue help.

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