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February 5, 2024

Are you a group of 10 people or more planning to travel then JetBlue Group Travel is the perfect match for you. JetBlue offers affordable and luxurious group travel for various groups. The different group travel programs at JetBlue are for Leisure Groups, Incentive Groups, and corporate groups for meeting travelers. Each group travel is unique and capable of meeting all your group requirements. The airline has another group program for groups of 8 or 9 people. So, don’t worry, even if you are lagging with a number less than one or two.

So, if you want to learn more about Group travel at JetBlue, read this insightful article. The article discusses everything about the JetBlue Group Travel program, booking methods, Group travel types, and fees. 

What is JetBlue Airways Group Travel?

Do you know what the travel name is when you travel alone? The answer is Solo Travel, while the opposite is Group Travel. The airline says that they offer great discounts when you travel in a group for the same itinerary. That means you all travel to one chosen destination on the same routes. 

Moreover, JetBlue Airlines offers attractive group travel for different groups. So whether you are a group of a sports team, a church group, a group on a destination tour, or a business group, the airline has something special for you.  

JetBlue Group Travel Policy

If you wish to book your Group Travel then skim over the Group Travel Policy. The following policy on payment, changes, cancellation, and refunds can give you a brief understanding of the Group Travel program at JetBlue. 

General Policy

  • JetBlue can make arrangements also if you are a group of 8-9 people. 
  • You can change names in the group until 72 hours before departure.  
  • The airline allows a change of deviation of 10% free of cost. However, you may need to pay the difference in fares. 
  • The reservation goes on hold after the initial payment and remains the same until the final payment. 

Payment Policy

  • Airlines receive payments only in Dollars for Group Travel. Therefore, the prices can vary because of different conversion rates. 
  • The number of transactions for Group Travel is limited to four. 
  • The airline may cancel your reservation if you fail to make the final payment. In that case, you may lose the money paid before the final payment. 
  • You must make the final payment in due time 30 days before the departure for domestic flights. However, in the case of international travel, the due time is 60 days before the departure. 

Change/Cancellation Policy

  • JetBlue can charge $135 per person for canceling or changing group travel after the initial deposit. 
  • If the number in the group drops to 10 before final payment then the airline can cancel the full reservation.
  • In case the number in the group drops below 10 before making the final payment then the airline may cancel your group ticket.

Refund Policy

  • The airline will not refund you If cancel or make changes in Group Travel within 30 days of flight departure. While for international flights the day must not be less than 60.

How to Make Group Reservations on JetBlue?

If you wish to book your group travel at JetBlue then the airline provides you seamless booking facilities through various channels. For this, you need to submit your group travel request first and then proceed to booking. The platforms available for booking include JetBlue official website, JetBlue Phone number, WhatsApp, or in-person at the Airport. Go through the detailed steps in the below lines. 

Through Website

  • Visit the JetBlue Airlines official web page at https://www.jetblue.com/flights.
  • Here, on the booking page, extend the drop-down menu of passenger numbers.
  • On the extended list, you will find the link for ‘8+ travelers’ or ‘group travel’.
  • Click on the link. 
  • When you reach the ‘Group Travel Request Page’.
  • Fill in the specifics such as Contact Information, Group Information, and Trip Details. 
  • Finally, review all the details carefully and submit the request. 

Once you submit the ‘Group Travel Request’, the airline will reach you with a fare price quote in a few days. At this time, you can ask for a  better price quote. But, if the price suits you, you can reserve your seats by paying the initial fees. 

Via Phone Number

  • If your group consists of fewer people about 8 or 9 then call JetBlue at 1-860-370-4608 otherwise dial 1-888-538-2583 for a group of 10 or more.
  • Follow the IVR instructions carefully and get on talk with the representative.
  • As you are now on a call with a live person, tell them to book a group trip for you. 
  • Provide the necessary details and confirm the submission of the Group Travel Request application. 
  • Now, it’s time to get a fare price quote so wait for a few days.
  • Pay the initial payment as soon as the airline reaches you.
  • Congratulations! You have completed the booking process.

At Airport

  • Reach the airport and find the ticket counter for group travel booking at JetBlue.
  • Ask the desk manager for the group travel request form.
  • If you wish you can enquire for more about the group travel and then submit the request form. 
  • Provide the contact details so that the airline can reach out to you with a price quote.
  • Pay the initial amount for reserving your seats when the airline connects with you for a reservation

What are the different Group Travel Programs at JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways offers various group travel programs for different kinds of groups. Likewise, Leisure Groups, Incentive Groups, and Business Groups are such kinds of programs at JetBlue. Each group is different from the others and has a different purpose to travel. Therefore go through the specific features of each travel program in the texts below. 

  • Leisure Group Program: This program is for a group of people who are either a sports team, a religious group, or a destination group for entertainment purposes. 
  • Incentive Group Program: In the incentive group the people are the winners of a reward trip for their achievement at work place. They are either the best salespersons or an office team on tour. 
  • Travel Meeting Program: This travel program is for groups in which people are corporations and aims for corporate or business meetings. 

JetBlue Group Travel Fees

As you have gained a thorough knowledge of JetBlue group travel. So, do you wish to purchase one of those group trips? If yes, then you can do this by depositing a small fee during the reservation. However, the airline issues seats against your reservation but keeps the final payment on hold. Learn more about the fees involved in the group travel bookings through the table below.

Groups Particulars  Fees (Non-refundable)
Leisure Group Booking Initial Deposit $50 per person
Name Changing Fees $100 per person
Incentive Group Bookings Initial Deposit $50 per person
Trans Atlantic Initial Deposit $150 per person
Meeting Travels Initial Deposit $50 per person
Trans Atlantic Initial Deposit  $150 per person

What are the Key Points for JetBlue Group Travel?

Go through the following key points that you should keep in mind other than the Group Travel Policy. 

  • The minimum number of people in a group to qualify for group booking is ten.
  • In group booking, members need to travel to the same destination on the same flight. However, they are free to onboard from different origins. 
  • Minors traveling in a group must have supervisors or chaperones to take care of them.
  • You can not check in individually when traveling in a group. 
  • Flights for group booking do not come with discounts and offers at JetBlue. 


In the above lines, we have discussed the complete details of JetBlue Group Travel and the easy booking process. The airline provides an excellent travel experience by going one step further. However, if you find any trouble, speak to the airline customer service at 1-855-232-5463 or 1-860-370-4608.

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