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August 8, 2023

How to Speak to someone at KLM?

Whether you miss your flight or want to make certain changes, speaking to someone at KLM can make things easy. The airline has provided all the passengers with the best successful ways to speak to someone at KLM. Call on KLM Airlines phone number at 1 (800) 618-0104 and follow the prompts. Talking to a human is easy; you must know when, how, and where to speak to someone at KLM. For more details, read the blog till the end. 

How do I Speak to a KLM Representative?

Contact +1 800 618 0104 ( less waiting time) to speak in English and Spanish for any concern 24*7 related to your flight booking using any mode of payment. Or, open the official site of KLM, www.klm.com and:

  • Search for the number to make a phone call.
  • Dial the number and follow the instructions of IVR.
  • As your call transfers, share your concern with a real person.

Although you use various methods to contact the KLM agents. Whether by phone call, WhatsApp chat, social media, mail, or even website live chat option. The following are some other modes to speak to a human at KLM:

  • Through the electronic mail/Email
  • Using KLM social media
  • And convenient mobile app

Different Ways to Talk to KLM Live Agent

In case you are waiting in a long call queue using the contact number of KLM Airlines, see other options. There are so many things you may want to ask, and so are the ways to reach out to a live person on KLM. It includes:

  • Dial KLM phone number 1 (800) 618-0104. / 1 (860) 590 8822 to speak to KLM live representatives.
  • KLM WhatsApp  (+31206490787) Messenger (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)
  • Email : [email protected]
  • KLM Airlines Social Media
  • Feedback & Complaint forms on the website
  • KLM ‘Chat with Us.’ 

To opt for the above options, you can visit the official site of KLM Airlines or download the free application from the app store.

How can I contact KLM by phone?

Passengers willing to speak to the live agent can contact KLM Airlines United States number +1800 618 0104 of ( www.klm.com ). Dial the number and follow the prompts on IVR to get in touch with an agent. First, select the language you want to speak: English or Spanish. Further, follow the prompts on IVR 

  • Press 1 to make flight reservations
  • Press 2 for flight cancellations 
  • Press 3 to rebook flight
  • Press 4 to speak to the KLM airline executive.

You can also go for other options like KLM Chat, complaint form (for any complaints), email and assistance on social media, and many more. 

How do I Get in touch with KLM?

If you want to Speak to a live person at KLM Airlines, you can dial the  KLM Airlines phone Number 1 (800) 618-0104 and connect with a KLM representative.

Does KLM have a WhatsApp?

KLM has WhatsApp (+31206490787) to help passengers to get in touch with airline representatives. You can get quick assistance on chat, and if you feel like talking to someone on call, you can ask a KLM agent to call you. This is a good way to get in touch with an airline agent. You can type the request in the live conversation with the agent and you will receive the call.  

Also, to get through KLM more effortlessly, you can visit the airport that operates with KLM. Then, go to the terminal that assists only KLM. There you can ask the KLM staff to help you resolve your query. 

How do I talk to a live person at KLM Airlines?

Dial KLM Phone number 1 (800) 618-0104 (less waiting time) is open 8 am – 10 pm to talk to a live agent for queries related to the Flying blue program. Passengers can communicate queries to KLM’s reservations department by following the steps to talk to KLM live agent. Further, follow the easy instructions while on IVR and select the language you want to get assistance in. 

Press and select the key that relates to your query and wait for a few minutes. Your call will connect anytime to a live person depending on the call request KLM gets. Share your concern and give all the details to examine your issues carefully. 

Does KLM have 24-hour customer service?

KLM gives 24/7 services to passengers on Twitter, VKontakte, and Facebook. And especially, the Flying Blue service line number is a 24-hour customer service KLM offers. This 24-hour facility is available in ten languages. If you are not a loyalty program member of KLM, it’s best to stick to the operational hours of the KLM assistance number, as some numbers don’t offer 24-hour assistance. Contact customer commitment number 1-800-618-0104 for sure assistance anytime for all the passengers. 

How do I talk to KLM customer service?

Passengers who book flights on KLM can seek assistance while travelling by calling ‘KLM Cares’ at 1-800-618-0104. Talk to a KLM representative on call or chat; both options are available at your fingertips. But, before you take your question to KLM, be ready with your flight details in advance. Then do as given below:

  • Once the call connects, you will get greetings from the KLM agent. ‘How may I help you today?’ or a similar phrase.
  • Suppose you want to rebook your flights on another date or make certain changes.
  • Next, tell the person on the other side of the call that you had reservations on XYZ date and to abc destination, but now you want to rebook the flights.
  • Further, the agent will ask for your flight details, like reservation code, last name, etc.
  • Now, provide the details and wait as the agent tracks your flight bookings.
  • Afterward, confirm your changes and the mode of payment for the required changes.
  • Lastly, you will get the confirmation by mail once you tell all the details regarding the changes in the itinerary. 

How long does it take for KLM to answer?

KLM works in a well-planned manner that results in no passengers waiting in long queues for customer service. At least, KLM can take up to 1 hour to respond to any passenger. Also, you would be glad to know that KLM shows real-time insight into the response timing of the airline customer commitment services.

Can I chat with KLM?

KLM provides a Live Chat option for passengers who want to write and inform the airline about the query. Passengers with hearing and speaking disabilities can use the same feature. To chat with KLM:

  • Visit the Contact Us page of KLM Airlines and find the ‘Chat with Us’ icon.
  • Use KLM Social Media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and VKontakte to direct message the airlines.
  • Write a formal Email with related attachments to provide details of your query and 

Does KLM respond on WhatsApp?

Yes! KLM provides 24/7 timely assistance on WhatsApp at +31206490787 when you need help. But, any action services like making reservations, modifying existing flight bookings, etc., can incur a service cost. You can get on WhatsApp chat by simply selecting your query category, and when the WhatsApp icon appears, click on it and start the conversation.

How long does it take for KLM to respond on WhatsApp?

On contacting KLM via WhatsApp, you are at a high probability of getting a response within the hour of placing the assistance request. All responses from the airline’s customer service depend on the call request KLM receives. The factors you must consider are the day & timing of your query submission and your query type. 

If you contact the airline on Monday around 3-4 pm, you will likely experience a long waiting queue. Whereas, when calling early in the morning, you will see low call volume, and your query will resolve at the earliest. Once you get a refund from the airline’s agent, you can continue to text about your issue or raise your concern.

What is the average wait time for KLM?

The average wait time on KLM Airlines is 40 minutes on call. However, the time may vary depending on the call request KLM, called Call traffic. Sometimes the airline gets fewer calls, and sometimes, the call amount can greatly increase. 

Does KLM have free messaging?

KLM is a top-notch airline that provides free messaging for all customers in collaboration with Air France. You can use the ‘Chat with Us’ option on the website or direct message on Social media. You only have to pay something once you ask the airline executive to change existing flight bookings or make one for you. The services that include actions from the customer commitment team may include a nominal fee depending on the type of service you request. 

Benefits of Calling KLM Customer Service:

  • Special need Flight booking assistance
  • Flight delays and cancellations by the airlines
  • Last-moment plan changes and rebooking requests
  • Refund and compensation request
  • Lost or delayed baggage rebate
  • How to use vouchers and points from partner airlines to book KLM flights?
  • KLM terminal at your airport
  • Pet carriage policy and costs
  • Unaccompanied minor information
  • And many more

How do I Get a hold of KLM?

Dial the KLM number, select the automated prompts, and wait for the agent. After some time, you will feel stuck because of the long hold time. So, to get through the long wait/hold time, remember some points.

  • Call early in the morning or late at night. The early morning and late night is the best time when the airlines experience fewer calls compared to the daytime.
  • Choose the right day, as the day you call matters a lot. So, if you call on Monday, you will experience a long hold time.
  • Another method to reduce the waiting on call is to get a loyalty membership. KLM FlyingBlue members get priority customer service where there is no long wait. 

It’s how you can get rid of long hold time. You will get immediate answers to all your problems

How do I call KLM from France?

To call the KLM France team for customer assistance, dial +33 96 936 86 05 between 8 am- 8 pm. This number is available in English and French so the customer can select the language accordingly. French passengers can also get in touch with the airlines using other methods. Email KLM at [email protected] or direct message the airlines on various social media platforms KLM is present on.

How do I contact KLM in the USA?

You must visit the ‘Customer Commitment’ page online to connect with KLM from or in the USA. Further, check the language and country of the page and set it accordingly. Now, you can select the category of your query and check the customer service number available on the page. You will get +31 (0)20 – 649 9123 numbers on the screen. Further, locate the ‘Need more help dropdown option, click on it, and dial the number for the USA reflected on the screen. 

How do I call KLM from Europe?

KLM is one of the largest airlines headquartered in Europe, making it easy for passengers to get in touch with the airline staff easily. Dial the customer service number for KLM Europe by visiting the official page and selecting your region accordingly. 

How to Contact KLM Airlines by email?

United Kingdom passengers can contact KLM Customer Service via Email at [email protected] for queries regarding flight bookings, reservation management, group bookings, infant and child travel information, and many more, You can also send a KLM Airlines Email at [email protected], and the respective team will revert once the mail reached the right department.

Email is one of the best sources when time is not an issue for the traveler. It’s easy to use and takes a little time to share the flight details. The only disadvantage it has is time to revert. KLM and other airlines take at least 24 hours to revert to electronic mail services.

How to File a Complaint at KLM?

To raise a complaint on KLM services, facilities, or anything regarding your itinerary, fill out the complaint form at https://www.klm.nl/en/claim. Or you can visit the contact us page of the airlines, which will take you to. 

Have a look at the below procedure to follow to file a complaint:

  • Visit www.klm.com 
  • Go to the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Customer Commitment’ page.
  • Choose the ‘Refunds, Complaints and Suggestions’ tab.
  • Further, click the ‘I want to give a suggestion or compliment’ option.
  • You will then get a link with the phrase ‘Leave a comment’ reflecting on your screen.
  • The link will take you to the complaint page of KLM Airlines.
  • Log into your account or fill in your flight details to proceed further. 
  • File your complaint and select the category accordingly.
  • You will get confirmation of the successful submission of your complaint.
  • The customer service department will review your complaints and work on them accordingly.

You will receive the acknowledgment within 30 days and get the resolution within 60 days of the complaint. And if you are still waiting to receive the resolution, call the customer resolution department of KLM via call or chat.

What is WhatsApp for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines?

For text conversation, KLM WhatsApp 24/7 number is +31206490787. This number is available in ten languages, which makes it easy to use for passengers from different regions. So, whether you are from the United States or Spain, you can choose the language accordingly.

How do I contact KLM Reservations?

To contact KLM for reservations, you can call on the direct number for any help. Look at the table below to reduce your search time for KLM’s official contact details. 

New reservations  +1 800 618 0104 Spanish and English

8 am – 11 pm

  • Managing reservations 
  • Making changes
  • Checking in
  • Cancellation
  • Request or track a refund
  • Track a complaint
  • Compensation for delayed or canceled flights
  • Flight rebooking
Flying Blue Service Line (Bookings, changes, cancellations using reward tickets)  +1 800 375-8723 Spanish (8-10 am Est)

English (24/7 Est)

All facilities for reservations booked using miles.
KLM Cares

(Assistance while traveling)

+1 833-855-0814 English and French

8 am- 8 pm

All services required during traveling (from the time of boarding the flight to arriving at the destination)
KLM service line for people with auditory issues 711-1-833-648-2068 English and Spanish

8 am- 11 pm

All reservation requirements for people with disabilities.
Baggage and Luggage 877-477-5134 Lost and found, damaged baggage compensation, etc.
Email [email protected] English All kinds of queries or topics related to KLM flights
Postal address For france:

Air France / KLM P.O. Box 981975 El Paso, 

TX 79998-1975 


KLM Airlines headquarters:  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, 

P.O. Box 7700, 

1117 ZL Schiphol, 

The Netherlands

French and English  Please refer to the official site www.klm.com for details


Customers can get through the customer service of KLM without a hitch. You may look for another when you need a different option. You can contact KLM in many ways, including WhatsApp, phone calls, social media chat, live chat, and email. You will surely get the resolution of your problem with pre-bookings, at the time of booking, and after-booking issues. 

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