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July 3, 2023

Suppose you have canceled your flight bookings for specific reasons, and you get some travel credits in exchange for the refund value. So, what is an Air Canada travel voucher, and how to utilize them? Many passengers take the coupons so lightly that they even forget to use vouchers within the validity period. So, here we will discuss the benefits, usage, and everything you need to know about vouchers from Air Canada.

Does Air Canada offer Travel Voucher?

Absolutely! Air Canada gives vouchers to all customers. And not just a casual voucher, Air Canada provides different types of coupons so that no passengers will find it difficult to redeem the reward as per their suitability. And if you still need help redeeming the voucher, don’t hesitate to contact an Air Canada representative.

Air Canada Travel Vouchers: Complete Guidelines

Air Canada, a well-established airline, has been providing vouchers for the last two years and has certain guidelines regarding its usage. When the airline learns about the customer’s issues with their flight, such as cancellation or change, the airline issues a travel voucher. As a result, the airline finds a way to pay the balance due plus the compensation using a coupon.

  • Lets the customers use the voucher several times until their credit limit.
  • The airline offers offline and online ways for customers to use their trip vouchers.
  • You can apply on Air Canada’s official website or call Canada Airlines directly at the 24-hour number from the contact information to speak with a live person.
  • Air Canada makes it convenient for customers who pay in different currencies by giving them access to the Reuters currency calculator.
  • As a result, one can calculate the exchange of rates throughout the voucher procedure.
  • Air Canada vouchers cannot be redeemed if traveling with a group.
  • Also, the vouchers cannot be redeemed while purchasing flight passes.

If the above scenarios don’t match your case, contact the airline representative at the customer service contact number.

How to use a Travel Voucher of Air Canada?

You will be required to utilize your online coupon mode by Air Canada. Redeeming an Air Canada gift card is possible. You can easily view the airline’s official website from anywhere in the world. The vouchers occasionally become accessible. You must frequently check the webpage. To redeem the coupon to lower the price of your flights, get to the airline payment page.

You must first complete the simple steps given below:

  • Visit Air Canada’s official website.
  • Then fill out your reservation information on the homepage.
  • The Page will then display any available flights at that time. Select a flight that suits you, then enter your information to complete the transaction.
  • Go to the payment page after selecting the booking tab.

To apply for an Air Canada flight redemption, go through the payment summary page before the payment procedure. Apply the coupon, and you will get a decreased price to pay.

Types of Air Canada Travel Vouchers

As discussed in this blog, the airlines provide different vouchers that are easily redeemed. Have a brief look at the following types of coupons from Air Canada:

  • Flight Ticket from Air Canada

The most popular choice is the easy-to-refund travel voucher that you can use numerous times up to the limit of its credit. Additionally, the voucher has no expiration date. Redeem this coupon to make a reservation and reserve lodging in a hotel or another establishment.

  • Travel E-vouchers

Although it differs differently, it nevertheless serves the same purpose of reducing the cost of airline tickets. Buying a ticket for the first time is mostly used for the base fare. Canadian businesses like Rouge of Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada can use this type of e-voucher. You will get your voucher at an email address registered with Air Canada. There are 13 digits in the voucher’s number.

  • ACCredit

You get an Accredit following the cancellation of a ticket. The score of credit facilitates the purchase of a plane ticket, but it also influences other travel-related purchases. It’s the ideal technique to give their gorgeous clients comfort.

  • Coupons

Similar to vouchers, Air Canada also introduced coupons. The airline provides a 15-digit code.

How to Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Suppose you sign up for an Air Canada membership program for a loved one, which requires a separate payment. In that case, you can’t get an Air Canada coupon refund. However, opt for purchases from a mediator(third- party). You won’t be able to pay for tax-free items like food and drink in the Air Canada lounge, car rental, or any travel insurance.

  • Any inconvenience is not the fault of Air Canada. An incorrect email address prevents the recipient from receiving discount codes or coupons.
  • Get in touch with the airline authorities at the number given on the website to sort customer queries.
  • Visit the Air Canada official site.
  • Then, at the bottom of the official Page, go down to the help section.
  • The contact information page will then display several toll-free numbers for you. Select any number as per your choice.
  • Finally, a live person answers your call, allowing you to explain your confusion to customer service.
  • You can phone the toll-free contact to discuss your issue, and Air Canada will address it with the aid of the customer service staff.
  • The relevant live person quickly recognizes your primary problem.

Why does Air Canada Provide Customers with Vouchers?

Though it’s a very basic question, almost all airlines practice the ritual of giving vouchers. Air Canada is no exception. But when it comes to the reason, many of you might think that the aviation industry gives vouchers to retain the passengers to fly again. But, viewing this in the broad spectrum, many times when the passenger is not eligible to get a refund, the airlines offer them vouchers to use in future travel. Doing this helps to maintain the relationship of passengers with the airlines. And the vouchers/ coupons are genuine to get great discounts when you are all set to fly again.

How long is the Validity of the Air Canada Travel Voucher?

If we talk about vouchers, there are different types you may get. It is best to check the validity of your voucher by tracking the voucher details. However, the following are some basic terms that can you can see on most credit rewards of Air Canada:

  • Many coupons have no expiry dates, so passengers can use them whenever they want to travel again with Air Canada.
  • To have a convenient trip with your loved ones, you can utilize the coupon to reserve inns and hotels.
  • On making a reservation through a travel agent, one must speak with them directly for vouchers & other flight-related information.

How Long to get Air Canada travel voucher?

As a passenger, we all have experienced one situation where plans unexpectedly change, requiring alterations or cancellations to booked flights. In such cases, airlines like Air Canada come as a HERO!

If you are thinking how…then let us tell you that Air Canada often provides travel vouchers as a form of compensation or refund for the inconvenience caused.

HOWEVER, the process of getting these vouchers may depend on duration and understanding the timeline involved can be crucial for passenger seeking resolution. So, let’s dig in the process of getting these SUPER THINGS!

Before knowing HOW LONG does it take to get these vouchers, let’s understand how we can make these vouchers to get in our WALLET!

How to Get an Air Canada Travel Voucher?

To getting this voucher you typically need to follow some simple steps – 

  • Make sure your situation qualifies for a voucher based on Air Canada’s Policies. This could be due to cancelled flights or other specific circumstances covered by the airline.
  • Contact air Canada customer service you can do this through their website, app or by calling them. Explain why you need a travel voucher instead or in situations where it applies. 
  • Be ready to provide information about your booking, like the booking reference, number, flight, details, and your personal information. This helps them process your request smoothly.
  • The airline’s customer service team will guide you through the process. They might ask for more details or documents to confirm your claim before giving you the voucher. 
  • Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email or notification containing the travel voucher. It’ll explain how to use it for future bookings and any terms you need to know.
  • Check the voucher for its expiry date and any rules about how you can use it. Understanding these details helps when planning your next trip.

When can one receive my Air Canada trip voucher?

If you are thinking about how long it takes to get an air Canada travel voucher? Well, Air Canada will not make you wait when it comes to their voucher facility, just like your refund process as in the case of voucher return, where the airline will provide you the value of the voucher within three working days. But the time it takes to receive an Air Canada Travel Voucher can be different for each situation.

It depends on a few things mentioned below;

  • Why you need it – If it’s for a cancelled flight or other reasons, the time it takes might vary. 
  • Verification Process – Air Canada might need time to check your information before giving you the voucher.
  • How to contact them – If you call, use the website, or their app, it might affect how quickly they process your request. 
  • Their workload – If they have many requests, it could take longer to get yours. 
  • Their rules – Air Canada has its own rules for handling vouchers, which could affect how long it takes. 

Overall, there isn’t an exact time since it’s different for each case. BUT after you ask for the voucher and give them the info they need, Air Canada tries to process it reasonably, quickly. If you are worried about how long it might take, you can check your Air Canada vouchers value online with the option of a helpful tool on their website. 

How Air Canada Travel Vouchers Can Play an Important Part?

Air Canada provides different kinds of vouchers to their customer including – 

Travel voucher, E travel voucher, ACCredit and Coupons, so that passengers will find it difficult to get a suitable voucher for their travelling.

  • The voucher is available 24 hours. You can use it multiple times till its credit limit is reached.
  • You can redeem the voucher online via the official website of Air Canada. If not then you can ask for customer support at the airline. The following person will guide you till you get the voucher.

Air Canada offers various types of vouchers to their customers, such as Travel vouchers, E-Travel vouchers, ACCredit, and Coupons. This variety of options might make it a bit challenging for passengers to choose the most suitable voucher for their travel needs. 

  • The value of an Air Canada Voucher is substantial as it plays a crucial role when making bookings. If you need to cancel your flight due to personal issues or health reasons these vouchers come in handy.
  • They help rebook flights for future journeys, ensuring customers receive compensation in the form of special vouchers.
  • This ensures that the paid amount isn’t loft, although they cannot be used for other e-payment.
  • Air Canada prioritizes passenger comfort and provides a convenient way to connect with the airline specifically for information related to vouchers.

Important Notes – Your Air Canada Vouchers cannot be used to buy Air Canada Flight passes, for group travel or for Air Canada Cargo products. The voucher refund won’t cover membership fees like Air Canada Maple Leaf club fees which must be paid separately.

Also it can’t be used for duty-free products like food and beverages on board, car rentals, or travel insurance if purchased through third parties. 

If you provide an incorrect email, the recipient won’t receive the voucher. Contact Air Canada’s customer service via their official website. Scroll down to the support section and find toll-free numbers to speak directly to customer support.

They’ll help resolve any confusion or issues with your vouchers promptly.


Vouchers are a great source for generous discounts even without airline discount season. One can also use Air Canada travel Vouchers to book flights on partner airlines, like United, Azul, and Etihad. For more such information, feel free to contact anytime from anywhere.

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