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January 15, 2024

Imagine a flight is ready to take you off, but you can’t. Don’t feel pathetic! You are not alone in missing your flight. The airline records frequent cases of Ryanair Missed Flight.

At Ryanair, even if you miss your flight, hold your breath and connect with the airline. They can offer you a seat on the next available flight. Moreover, you can ask for refunds and compensation also. Ryanair is recognized for serving a unique customer experience from the bottom of its hearts.

This article is a helpful tool for understanding more about the missed flight policy at Ryanair, what to do, the Refund & Compensation policy, etc. So, head to the article below.

What Happens If You Miss a Flight at Ryanair Airlines?

When you miss a flight, Ryanair may cancel your ticket or put you on standby. Read about some more possible actions that can take effect after missing.

  • The airline may cancel your outbound flight you were supposed to onboard.
  • However, the return flight ticket will remain for use by you.
  • The airline may put you on ‘stand by’ if you can arrive at the airport within 2 hours of your flight departure.
  • Ryanair airline may offer a refund but only in medical emergency cases.
  • You can lose the ticket value amount on arriving 2 hours or more after the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • The airline has a clear stand on not showing up for your flight.
  • You could be a ‘No show’ in that case.

What to Do When Missed a Flight at Ryanair Airlines?

Okay, so you missed a flight and don’t know what to do. Take the reference of the below lines that suggest some to-dos after missing your Ryanair Flight.

  • You can inform the airline of your delay in advance to become eligible for a refund.
  • Try to arrive at the airfield within 2 hours of flight departure to enroll yourself in the ‘Stand by’ list.

What happens if You don’t show up for a Ryanair Flight?

Not showing up for your flight means you are absent without informing of your flight. The airline treats the situation by keeping it simple. At Ryanair, not showing up for your flight can lose the chance to travel. They usually do not offer refunds for missing a flight. However, the medical emergencies or death of an immediate family member is an exception.

What is the Missed Flight Refund Policy at Ryanair?

The airline may offer you a refund only in some selected cases. Such cases are exceptions as the airline does not offer refunds in general. Take a look at such conditions to apply for a refund.

  • Ryanair offers you a refund only when they cancel your flight or deny you to onboard.
  • You can request a refund when stuck in a flight delay spanning 5 hours or more.
  • Ask for a refund in the case of the death of an immediate family member or on becoming seriously ill for travel.

Ryanair Missed Flight Compensation

You must have been thinking of compensation when missing a flight. Though you have the right to ask for the same, Ryanair offers compensation for the following conditions. You must meet the eligibility criteria to get your compensation.

  • Ryanair can compensate with coupons for meals and refreshments if your flight approaches a delay of 2 hours or more.
  • The airline will provide you with hotel accommodation and transportation if the waiting requires you to stay overnight.
  • it offers a full refund for flights delaying 5 hours or more and for denying travel by you.
  • Ryanair offers monetary compensation for refusing to onboard you involuntarily, canceling a flight, or delaying flights by 3 hours or more.
Flight Type Distance Covered  Compensation Amount
All Flights  1500 km or less €250/£220
All intra-EU/UK Flights More than 1,500km €400/£350
All Other Flights 1,500km and 3,500km
All Other Flights NA €600/£520 

How much is the Missed Flight Fee at Ryanair?

If you are afraid of missed flight charges, don’t worry. Usually, Ryanair does not charge an additional fee for missing a flight when you opt not to travel further.

However, if you wish to book an alternate flight after missing, you need to pay the full fee for a fresh ticket plus the departure fee. The airline charges a departure fee of €/£100 per person when you choose to travel to the next flight. However, the necessary condition is that you must arrive airport less than 40 minutes before and up to 1 hour after the flight departure time

What is the Missed Flight Policy at Ryanair?

You must know the missed flight policy when traveling with Ryanair. You can read the guidelines before onboarding your flight or while booking. However, if you miss reading, take a quick tour of the below lines.

  • Once gone is always gone! This phrase fits purely to Ryanair as it cancels your ticket for missing a flight, leaving it for no use.
  • Medical Emergencies are an exception at Ryanair. They offer a full refund when you skip your flight due to serious illness.
  • You can still use the return flight on your itinerary. The airline will cancel only outbound flights if it misses that one.
  • You can re-book seats for the next available flight by paying a departure fee per person.


In Conclusion, when you end up missing your Ryanair Flight, you can take help of the above guidelines. In case, the guideline is not understandable to you, reach out to customer service of Flyfaresky.com 1-860-370-4608. They are best able to take care of your concern by every means.

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