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June 1, 2023

Southwest Airlines has gained a strong reputation in the airline industry by consistently earning the trust of its passengers. Southwest’s customer-centric approach focuses on meeting the expectations of its customers, who seek value for their money. While Southwest aims to achieve profit, they also prioritize fulfilling their customers’ needs.

If you ever need to contact Southwest’s customer service team, you may wonder how to request a callback from Southwest. In that case, this article will help you get a callback from Southwest instantly and in the easiest way possible.

What are the ways to get Callback from Southwest Airlines?

Getting Southwest to call you is easy. Dial the Southwest callback number and use the troubleshooting tips provided. You can choose from different methods and speak with a representative depending on your preference. Just follow the instructions below to save time waiting on hold.

How to get a callback from Southwest using the inquiry form?

You can receive a call back from customer support by filling out the inquiry form. To know more, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly go to the web portal of Southwest Airlines.
  • Secondly, please navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us option.
  • Further, click on the inquiry form.
  • Now, sign in using your credentials.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, then select your query.
  • At last, provide your details, mention the time, and request a callback.
  • Provide your name and contact details, and select a time for a callback before submitting.

Callback from Southwest Official Site

You may wonder how to get a callback from Southwest. The answer is simple – follow a few steps, and their customer service team will give you a callback. If you call Southwest Airlines and the customer representative is unavailable to assist you, you can request a callback through the official website.

  • First, open the official website of Southwest in your browser.
  • Or to access the official website of Southwest Airlines, search for “Southwest Airlines” and click on the top link in the search results.
  • Then, you will be directed to the website’s home page.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • After that, click on the “Contact Us option.”
  • Then, click on “Request a Callback.”
  • Mention the date and time of the callback.
  • Lastly, a representative will get connect with you at the scheduled time

Customer Service

One of the most sought-after airlines worldwide, Southwest Airlines is a low-cost airline that operates flights globally. It is based in America and boasts the largest fleet size. The customer service experience is exceptional as they offer multiple channels for passengers to get in touch, such as through phone, live chat, or email. To contact Southwest Airlines, dial 1(800) 435-9792. They are prompt in their response and provide effective solutions.

Get Instant Callback Assistance from Southwest Airlines through a phone call

  • First and foremost, browse the Southwest website in your search engine.
  • Next, please find the contact number on the contact us page.
  • Then copy and dial 1-800-435-9792.
  • After that, listen to the IVR options carefully.
  • Press the suitable number.
  • Shortly, you will be connected to the representative.
  • If it takes much time, then the “Request for A Call Back.”
  • The customer representative will call you back at the scheduled time.

In addition to completing the callback form, there are other ways to schedule a callback. Some of them are given below:


You can email your problem to Southwest experts and receive a call back by following the instructions.

  • To start, please thoroughly explain the issue you are experiencing.
  • Next, it is necessary to include any relevant documentation highlighting the issue and your detailed contact information.
  • To request a call back from a Southwest customer executive, please include “get a call back” in your email and send it to their official email address.

Social Media:-

They will quickly provide you with the necessary information using your contact information. You can connect with Southwest Airlines on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. By following their handles, you can contact their experts. To receive a call back from Southwest Airlines, send your contact number and preferred time to their inbox. Once they receive your message, they will promptly respond and call you back to assist you further.

Live Chat:-

You can schedule a call back through the chat feature on Southwest Airlines’ help page. Select the “request a call back” option from the available topics and send it to the virtual representative. You will then be prompted to provide the necessary information and a suitable time for a callback.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • How can I Talk to a real person at Southwest?

You can contact Southwest General Customer Service at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) and talk to a real person.

  • Why are Southwest hold times so long?

Southwest recently changed its schedule, resulting in a high volume of calls. As a result, hold times have increased. There are various reasons, such as agents going offline or calls taking longer than usual. Additionally, A-List customers are the priority.

  • How do I chat with a Southwest Agent?

To access Live Chat on the Southwest mobile app, install version 6.1.0 or higher. Log in to your account, and Live Chat will be available.

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