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February 1, 2024

If you are looking for a trip to multiple cities of the world then choose Ryanair Airlines and look nowhere. With the low-cost airline, you can choose stopovers to more than 200 cities. Not only this, but it offers multiple city trips at the lowest possible fares. The Multi-city trip is a great option to explore multiple destinations in one go. Not only does it save you money but also saves your efforts in booking multiple cities to travel to. However, if you don’t know how to do all these then read this insightful article. It can teach you everything about Ryanair Multi-city trip policy, its booking process, how to manage booking, and much more. So keep scrolling till the last word.

How to Book a Multi-city Trip at Ryanair?

There are several methods of Booking a Multi-city flight at Ryanair that are easy through multiple booking platforms. It allows you to book through an official site, mobile app, email, live chat, WhatsApp & direct phone number or in person at the Airport. Learn the booking methods for each platform in the below lines.

Book Through Phone Number

Phone Number for Ryanair Multi-city booking is available in different languages. The languages include Polish, French, German, etc. The call facility is open on all days from 9 AM to 10 PM between Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM to 7 PM on Sunday. Know the simple booking steps through the below lines.

  • Dial the Ryanair dedicated number +35312555212 or 1-860-370-4608 for booking.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and explore the options that can connect you with a live person.
  • Enquire for a multi-city flight as soon as you connect with a live person on call.
  • Submit a Multi-city booking request and provide the necessary details for making a reservation.
  • Finally, take a review of booking details and pay the booking fee.
  • Receive the confirmation email upon successful payment.
  • Keep it safe for your journey.

Book at Airport

  • Visit the booking counter at the airport.
  • Wait for your turn if there is a queue.
  • Enquire about multi-city flights at Ryanair when your turn comes.
  • You can also ask for a price quote for selected destinations.
  • Fill in the booking form with travel-related details and your particulars.
  • Finally, pay the booking fee followed by a review of details.
  • Receive a booking receipt upon successful payment of the booking fee.

How to Modify Multi-city Booking at Ryanair?

In case, you want to make changes or modifications to your itinerary then do follow the below steps. Ryanair Airlines understands a sudden change can happen. Hence, allows you to manage your itinerary online while sitting at your comfort.

  • Visit the ‘My Booking’ page of the Airline or click the link https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/check-in.
  • Now log into your Airline Account with the login credentials such as email and password.
  • After you reach your reservation, modify or make changes to your itinerary.
  • Take a review and finally save the modification.

What are the Benefits of Booking Multi-city at Ryanair?

Booking a multi-city flight at Ryanair has many benefits. It helps save money in your pocket and reduces the effort for multiple bookings. Here are the benefits of choosing a multi-city rather than a round-trip or one-way trip.

  • Ryanair multi-city booking allows you to choose more than two cities at the price of one. Hence, ultimately you save more bucks than a one-way or round trip.
  • The multiple stops in a multi-city are part of one itinerary that requires booking in one go. Hence, it saves your effort in booking individual trips for each stop or city.
  • Definitely save on baggage fees by checking your luggage only once.
  • Gain time by avoiding unnecessary layovers or connections.
  • You can explore more destinations by adding extra legs to your trip.
  • Customize your trip according to your preferences and interests.
  • Mix and match different airlines and airports to find great deals.

Can you Book a Multi-city flight with Ryanair?

Yes, the airline provides multi-city booking at some selected destinations in Europe. You can choose stopovers in the Middle East and some parts of Africa also. Therefore, if you wish you can get more information about Multi-city flights at Ryanair by connecting with them. Ryanair is the pioneer in providing the cheapest flights for domestic and International.

What is the Best Day to Book Ryanair Flights?

If you want to save dollars on your multi-city booking with Ryanair then choose the best time and date for booking. The following days can help you get the best deal on low fares.

  • Sales and offers Days: Airlines usually provide the best deals at low fares in sales and offers. Sales like ‘Flash Sales’ can win you discounts of up to 20 to 30 percent on flights.
  • Off-Season Days: Off-season is the best time to book flights at Ryanair. It is the time when the airline receives less customer engagement. Therefore, they offer flights at a very low fare to attract fliers to travel with them.
  • Odd Times: Early morning and late evening are the times when you can get amazing deals at attractive prices. Booking on these odd times can benefit you a lot.

In addition, these days, choosing a red-eye flight can be much more beneficial. If you wish you can combine the odd timings on the cheapest days to get many more amazing deals.

How to buy two tickets on Ryanair?

If you wish for extra comfort on the flight while traveling to Multi-city then buy two tickets instead of one. The airline allows buying two full-fare seats and the second seat gets added to your reservation as extra comfort. Here is the tip that you can follow for it.

  • Visit the booking window of the airline on any platform such as online or offline.
  • Then purchase the first ticket under your name and proceed to purchasing the second ticket.
  • In the second ticket put ‘Extra’ as the first name in the column and ‘Comfort Seat’ as the last name.
  • This way the ‘Extra Comfort Seat’ will be added to your airline account for the price of two tickets.

Popular Destinations for Multi-city at Ryanair Airlines

Barcelona : Barcelona draws tourists from around the globe due to its rich heritage and warm climate. You can visit historical monuments or take part in recreational activities. The city provides you with everything to relax and enjoy on your holiday. You can rest in the luxurious hotels or can go on a thrilling adventure at stunning sea beaches.

Dublin : Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is famous for its nightlife and wonders of art. Other than this, the city has much more green space and many parks to give peace of mind. You can explore here the vibrant nightlife of the city and world-class malls. You can shop at the renowned Dublin City Centre which is a renowned shopping destination for all. In addition to this, if you wish you can head on a wildlife tour or discover the facts in famous museums.

Rome : The capital city of Italy – Rome, is famous for its rich archeological works and museums. Also, it is the hub of Roman art and culture, Roman heritage, Sculpture, and magnificent villas. Moreover, the unique traditions and panoramic views of the city will leave you in wonder. There can be no better place than Rome to experience adventure and peace together.


Ryanair Multi-city is a great choice for experiencing hassle-free journeys on Multi-city trips. So, book your multi-city ticket right now with their flexible booking system and enjoy the trip seamlessly. However, if you need further assistance then get in touch with the airline at 1-860-370-4608 or +35312555212.

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