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January 30, 2024

Have you missed a Jet at EasyJet? Take it easy! The airline offers an easy process to manage an Easyjet Missed Flight. It provides you with an easy rebooking facility after missing a flight. You can transfer your ticket or ask for a refund as well. 

The airline records many cases of missing a flight on each trip. Therefore, it offers various compensation to fliers that depend on several factors you can read below. The below article discusses the various policies also that are related to missing a flight. So, keep scrolling for more information.

EasyJet Airlines Missed Flight Policy

The EasyJet missed flight policy provides you guidelines on various circumstances.

  • In general, your tickets will only be useful if you are a no-show for your flight.
  • However, you will be treated differently If missed a flight due to medical illness or death to immediate family members. 
  • The airline will cancel your ticket automatically on being absent from your flight.
  • EasyJet compensates missed flights to the flyers who have purchased a ‘Missed Flight Cover’ while booking. It contains the following advantages. 
  • Seat on the next available flight to the same destination at no additional cost. 
  • A full refund of the flight ticket purchased on meeting the refund criteria.

What happens if you miss your flight easyJet?

If you miss your flight for any reason you may lose your ticket. However, several other actions could also take effect. Go through the following for more information.

  • You may lose the chance to travel on the same ticket for another flight.
  • The airline may cancel your ticket at the very first step.
  • You may lose the ticket amount as the airline does not offer refunds on missing flights. 
  • The airline may offer you a ticket for the next available flight to meet the criteria. 

What to do When Missing an EasyJet Flight?

  • if you reach the airport within two hours of departing your original flight you can transfer your ticket to the next available flight
  • You can book a new flight by paying the full fee for a fresh ticket. 
  • Claim for a refund against a missed flight at EasyJet. 

Does EasyJet refund the missed flight?

Would you like to know if EasyJet offers refunds for missed flights? The answer is yes but with certain conditions. The following refund policies will help you understand EasyJet’s refund policy more easily. 

  • The airline allows refunds on canceling flights within 24 hours of making a reservation.
  • You must note that cancellation should take effect in a time less than 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Due to serious illness; the airline will refund you when you miss a flight.
  • The airline offers refunds when you miss a flight due to a family bereavement.

How Much is the EasyJet Missed Flight Rescue Fee?

A rescue fee in the form of a penalty or extra charges enables you to travel to another flight even after missing your scheduled flight. EasyJet allows you to transfer your journey to the next available flight by paying a rescue fee. However, the next flight may be available to you only when you manage to arrive at the airport within two hours after the departure of your original flight. At EasyJet, you need to pay £110 per passenger as a rescue fee. 

How much is EasyJet compensation for missed flights?

If you want to know how much compensation EasyJet pays for missed flights. You must note that the airline will provide compensation when they are responsible for causing you to miss your flight. In case, the airline cancels your ticket because of their fault, they will switch you to another flight, offer you a full refund, or will provide a voucher for the ticket value. Go through the table to learn about some other types of compensation. 

Delay Period Compensation form  Compensation Amount
2 Hours Vouchers or Seat Amount £3 or €4.50
5 hours or more
  • Seat on flights to a later date
  • Full refund if you cancel the ticket
Overnight Delay Transport and Accommodation NA

How to Rebook a Missed Flight at EasyJet?

Even if you miss an EasyJet flight, don’t panic. The airline allows you to rebook a seat to alternate flights. The rebooking method includes multiple online and offline channels described in detail below. The online method includes rebooking through a website or official App while offline on call or in person at the airport. 

By Official Website

  • Visit the EasyJet official website.
  • Find your flight using search mode.
  • Select the flight that suits your travel plan.
  • Fill in the passenger details and add essentials if needed.
  • Take a breath! You are done. 

Through Call

  • Dial EasyJet phone number to Get in touch with the airlines at  +1-860-370-4608 or +1 646 751 8693.  
  • Follow the IVR instructions and connect with a live person on call. 
  • Lodge a rebooking request.
  • Provide them with your previous and upcoming travel-related details. 
  • Pay the applicable fee and that’s it. 

At Airport

  • Reach in less than 2 hours after your flight departure and ask him to transfer your ticket to the next available flight. 
  • However, if you arrive late, provide them with an application for a fresh ticket.
  • Hand over some valid documents on their request. It may be related to your past bookings.
  • Pay the ticket fee through a convenient payment method.
  • Greet him with a pleasant smile to save you. 

To End Up !

In the lines above, we have discussed the details of missed flight policy, refund criteria, rebooking process, and compensations. If you need more help get in touch with EasyJet Customer Service at +1-860-370-4608 or +1 646 751 8693 available 24*7. Moreover, if you already missed it and want to rebook, do it immediately by speaking with the live person. 

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