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May 5, 2023

Looking for guidance on Southwest Airlines group travel to book tickets? Well, the group travel offered by Southwest enables you to get all the desired advantages while travelling. Moreover, this program offers you the extra flexibility and discounted airfare that makes your travel experience easy, affordable, and fun. Besides, passengers who come under the group travel agents with additional discounts on the provided fare through Southwest. In this blog, you will find all detailed about SW group travel policy, cost & steps to make group vacation packages & more before planning to make a group trip.

What is Southwest Airlines Group Travel Program?

Southwest Group travel program is for anyone who wants to travel in a group of at least ten people. It’s a special program to benefit the passengers travelling in groups and ease the airline to manage group travels. Southwest booked passengers in groups under one reservation. One-flight bookings make things easy to manage and store. There are some other perks, too, for passengers flying as a group.

Firstly, Southwest allows two free checked bags for each passenger in the group. Also, the group is not restricted to travel domestically, as Southwest allows groups to fly internationally also. There is no such limit for the maximum number of people on Southwest Airlines, as it completely depends on the availability of seats on the flight.

How to Get Discount on Southwest Group Travel Online?

When it comes to getting an extra discount on group rate Southwest, you need to book your group tickets on Southwest. For this, you can book your tickets by visiting the official website of Southwest. However, the process is easy to use while making group ticket bookings. Furthermore, look out for the below points that you must keep in mind when making the booking online.

  • Go to the Southwest airlines official website.
  • Then, select the round-trip option to book your group tickets.
  • Now, you will get the option to book a group travel.
  • Click on it, and enter the required information in the provided space.
  • After that, you need to select the preferred dates and times to book the tickets.
  • Then choose the advanced option.
  • Further, you will acquire the option to select the desired seats to confirm your flights.
  • Then, select the number of passengers to book group travel Southwest online.

How to Purchase Southwest Group Travel Tickets?

Southwest Airlines offers two ways to book a group with 10 or more passengers. You can use the online contact form or talk to an airline staff on call to request a group bookings. 

Southwest Airlines Group Travel form

Southwest Airlines Group Travel

  • Visit the official website and look for the ‘Groups’ at the end of the page. 
  • Click on that option to land on a ‘Southwest Group travel details page.
  • Here, find the Southwest Group Travel form.
  • Complete and submit the form, and the airline will get back to you with available reservations for your group.

By Calling Customer Service

  • Search for the local reservation number on the contact page for group bookings.
  • Dial the number, and an airline staff will connect on call.
  • Share your preferences with the person on call and seek available reservations for your group.

After completing the request, passengers will get the quotation for Group booking with complete details.

Southwest Airlines Group Travel Policy: Terms & Conditions

Before booking the Group flight, you need to learn the Southwest Airlines group booking policy. Move ahead and check out the terms & conditions of the policy.

  • Firstly, the tickets for group travel on Southwest are non-refundable.
  • Besides, the airline permits you to change, upgrade, downgrade, stand by, or change the tickets as per your need.
  • Moreover, you can only use PayPal, Credit cards, Wire transfers, and UATP to make the payment for your group reservation.
  • Remember that if you use your credit card, then the airline will only accept deposit payments.
  • Besides, Southwest does not allow you to use gift cards, LUV vouchers, e-checks, and flight credits to book Southwest Airlines group flights.
  • Once you book your tickets, the airline will only send you the e-tickets over your provided email.
  • If you’re travelling with a group of ten or more people, our Group Travel Program offers more flexibility and discounted fare to help make your experience.
  • Similarly, the airline permits you to modify the passengers’ names up to 72 hours before the flights’ scheduled departure.
  • In addition, you can claim a refund of the deposit value within five days of making the full payment.
  • On the other hand, you can choose your boarding position online at least before departure.

How does Group Travel Work on Southwest?

When a traveler plans to book group airline tickets Southwest, the airline will provide two options. Additionally, they can submit a deposit, hold their group tickets, or they can pay the complete amount and confirm their group trip. Besides, it depends on the number of passengers and your travel requirements.

Below are the details on how a Group Travel Reservation works on Southwest.

  • Submit the Deposit

If you want to book Southwest tickets for your group, you need to pay a per-person deposit of $50. Likewise, it is a deposit fee that you must pay to save your tickets once you have made your initial payment. Also, it is the sole method to pay the fee through credit cards. Besides, you must call the Southwest group travel phone number (+1-860-370-4608) and connect to the agent to pay over the phone.

  • Pay Complete Payment

Once you have done with the process of booking group tickets and provided the information of every passenger to the airline. Then, the next and last step is to make the payment to complete the booking process. To do this, dial (1-800-433-5368) and pay the full value on the call.

Furthermore, you can use a credit card, PayPal, UATP, etc. to pay before the deadline. Besides, if you wish to pay through the Wire Transfer, you have to communicate with the airline’s agent or email official customer service team at least a week before the due date of payment.

How much does Southwest Airlines Group travel cost?

Passengers must pay the initial deposit, which costs around $50 per passenger. Southwest Airlines will require this amount as a confirmation from the group to hold the reservation. 

  • The airline will accept the deposit payment only through a credit card. 
  • After receiving the final payment of the group reservation, Southwest will refund the deposit amount within five business days.
  • Southwest airlines no longer charges trade fees, so you can change your group’s plans without incurring extra costs. 
  • You can also earn Rapid Rewards points by booking group travel.

You can email me at [email protected]. Their hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 5:00 a.m. to midnight Central Time.

Who can fly on Southwest Airlines Group Travel?

A group of 10 people can easily plan a group trip on Southwest Airlines. Also, Southwest will allow more than ten people to form a group and travel together. But, who is eligible to fly as a group on Southwest Airlines is a question of concern. Following are the groups Southwest Airlines allow to board and fly together:

  • Group of people heading for a destination wedding.
  • School groups that include teachers, students, and other supporting staff.
  • Business or corporate groups planning a trip for official meetings.
  • Ten or more musicians/choirs going for concerts.
  • Sports group heading for competitions and championships.
  • Explorers who are willing to fly together to explore one or more destinations
  • Passengers travelling on vacation packages can club with group travel. Only possible when there are 10+ passengers in the group.
  • Twenty-five people from different places can fly to one destination as per Southwest meetings and group facility. 
  • Religious groups can also travel as Southwest groups and visit events and religious places.

How to check Southwest Group Travel Packages?

Passengers looking for Southwest Group Travel Packages 2024-2025 must visit the official site of Southwest Airlines. One can also visit the airport counter of Southwest and pick a package that suits your group’s travel requirements.

Check Group travel packages using the Southwest website:

  • On the homepage of Southwest, you can find the option of ‘Group’ under Southwest products at the bottom.
  • Get the group Travel form from southwest airlines.
  • Fill out the form with complete details about your group and requirements.
  • In case you face issues, contact Southwest Group travel services.
  • The airlines will help you with available packages that suit you.
  • You can even ask the agent to share the brochures and other details of packages for your preferred destination.
  • Also, Southwest Airlines offer customers the opportunity to customize travel packages. 

Book a flight for a group at the airport.

  • You can visit the nearby airport and find Southwest airline counters.
  • There, find Southwest staff and seek help for your group flight booking.
  • The staff will give you ample options for available packages.
  • You can choose the existing package or customize one by telling your requirements to the agent.
  • The agent will combine all your requirements and price your package.
  • When booking at the time of special offers and sales on Southwest Airlines, you can even bid for the price.
  • You can then make the payment and have your flight bookings.

Why Should You Make Southwest Airlines Group Travel?

If your group has ten or more passengers, then your group is eligible to make a group travel Southwest. Why should you book group travel on Southwest? Here are the essentials reasons:

  • Flexible Payments

The airline allows you to make payments for your group booking with various flexible payment options. So, you can choose any at your convenience to confirm your group tickets.

  • No Extra Charges

You do not need to pay any extra or hidden charges while making the reservation for your group travel. Similarly, passengers in the group can come without their tickets, as the person who booked the group tickets can check in on behalf of all passengers.

  • Modify the Name As Many Time As You Want

Southwest Airlines group travel permits the passengers to change the name of the group passengers on their tickets unlimited times. However, you need to make a name change at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • Round-Trip Ticket

If you book a group ticket on Southwest for at least 29 passengers, you will obtain a one-tour conductor ticket for free. Besides, you just only need to pay applicable taxes and fees.

How to contact Southwest Group Travel Phone Number?

The phone number for Southwest Airlines group travel 1-860-370-4608. Customers interested in booking group flights with Southwest can dial this number to get all the details. The group travel department is open Monday to Friday (5 am to 12 am IST). Reach the Southwest agent through this number and ask them for available packages to your preferred destination.

Some Popular Destinations for Southwest Group Travel

We are often not sure about the destination but want to explore some famous places. If that is the case with you, check the most popular Southwest packages. It can help you choose the best package for your Southwest group vacations. Following are the packages on Southwest Airlines that most passengers enjoy:

  • Southwest Group Travel Packages to Las Vegas
  • Southwest Group Travel Packages to Hawaii
  • Southwest Mexico vacation package
  • Southwest Group package from New York City
  • Costa Rica group travel packages on Southwest

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How do I check in online with a group on Southwest?

Check in online as a Southwest group at www.southwest.com. Click “Check In and enter the confirmation numbers and names of passengers under the reservation. Then, select the check-in for the entire group or specific passengers.

Do you earn Southwest points for booking group travel?

Passengers can earn reward points on all bookings made directly with Southwest Airlines with cash. One can earn Southwest points for flying, adding hotel facilities in bookings, buying, and even sharing points with family and friends. 

Can I book Southwest group travel using points?

Nor Early Bird check-in & usage of reward points are applicable for Southwest group booking. However, you can use points to pay for add-on facilities on your group booking.

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